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Safe Foods Masterpost


Almost everything, really…
(But I’m listing my favourites ayy)

Napa cabbage: 12 calories/100 g

Lettuce: 15 calories/100 g

Celery: 16 calories/100 g

Cucumber: 16 calories/100 g

Zucchini: 17 calories/ 100 g

Tomato: 18 calories/100 g

Bell pepper: 20 calories/100 g

Spinach: 23 calories/100 g

Cabbage: 25 calories/100 g

Eggplant: 25 calories/100 g

Pumpkin: 26 calories/100 g

Green beans: 31 calories/100 g

Broccoli: 34 calories/100 g

Mushrooms: 38 calories/100 g

Onion: 40 calories/100 g

Carrots: 41 calories/100 g

Questionable -

Potato: 77 calories/100 g

Peas: 81 calories/100 g

Sweet potato: 86 calories/100 g


Watermelon: 30 calories/100 g

Strawberries: 33 calories/100 g

Cantaloupe: 34 calories/100 g

Honeydew: 36 calories/100 g

Peach: 39 calories/100 g

Grapefruit: 42 calories/100 g

Blackberries: 43 calories/100 g

Orange: 47 calories/100 g

Cherry: 50 calories/100 g

Pineapple: 50 calories/100 g

Apple: 52 calories/100 g

Raspberries: 53 calories/100 g

Tangerine: 53 calories/100 g

Questionable -

Mango: 60 calories/100 g

Kiwi: 61 calories/100 g

Grapes: 67 calories/100 g

Fish and meat alternatives:

(I’m pescetarian :P)

Also, everything here is Questionable™ (except egg whites since they’re awesome) because stuff with protein is usually packed with calories

Egg whites: 52 calories/100 g

Tofu: 76 calories/100 g

Fish balls: 77 calories/100 g

Cod: 82 calories/100 g

Haddock: 90 calories/100 g

Imitation crab: 95 calories/100 g

Shrimp: 99 calories/100 g

Lentils: 116 calories/100 g

Quinoa: 120 calories/100 g

Carp: 127 calories/100 g

Tilapia: 129 calories/100 g

Salmon: 142 calories/100 g

Eggs: 155 calories/100 g

Dairy products and alternatives:

(Drinks in separate category)

0% plain yogurt: 56 calories/100 g

0% plain Greek yogurt: 59 calories/100 g

Questionable -

Fat free cottage cheese: 123 calories/cup


(Snacks not included)

Shirataki noodles: 5 calories/cup

Rice cakes: 35 calories/cake (9 g)

Questionable -

Oatmeal: 68 calories/100 g

Whole wheat bread: 69 calories/slice (28 g)

Whole wheat pita: 75 calories/1 small (28 g)

Cheerios: 100 calories/cup

Corn Flakes: 100 calories/cup


Water: 0 calories

Coffee: 2 calories/cup

Green tea: 2 calories/cup

Peppermint tea: 2 calories/cup

Unsweetened cashew milk: 25 calories/cup

Unsweetened almond milk: 30 calories/cup

Questionable -

Unsweetened soy milk: 80 calories/cup


(Mostly snacks included here)

Pickles: 4 calories/1 small (37 g)

Rice thins: 7 calories/piece

Vegetable thins: 7 calories/piece

Multigrain wheat thins: 9 calories/piece

Vegetable broth: 12 calories/cup

Saltine crackers: 13 calories/cracker

Knorr’s vegetable bouillon cube: 15 calories/0.5 cube

Plain air popped popcorn: 31 calories/cup

Unsweetened applesauce: 42 calories/100 g

Questionable -

Dried cranberries: 123 calories/serving (40 g)

Quaker Chewy chocolate chip granola bar: 110/bar

Raisins: 129 calories/small box (43 g)

Vanilla, date and banana nice cream (whizzed up 3 large frozen bananas, some vanilla bean and 5 medjool dates) and topped with homemade granola, persimmons, blueberries and some fig and orange dark chocolate by tender loving cacao 💛💛  Happy Wednesday! I can’t believe mid-semester break is nearly over 😱 😳

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Bonus Recipe: Field Snack

Description: A quick snack to fuel the hungry forager.

Game ingredients: Pine Cone, Acorn, Maple Seed

This Crafting recipe restores 45 energy and 20 health. It can be obtained from Farming Level 1 and sells for 20g. 

Difficulty: Easy, 2 hours. Makes 8 bars.

This is a fairly basic granola bar recipe but I had to redo it a couple times to ensure I was getting the right portions so it didn’t turn out rock hard.

-2 cups quick oats
-1 cup rice cereal (like Rice Krispies)
-½ cup brown sugar
-½ cup honey
-¼ cup butter or margarine

Apple cinnamon:
-½ cup dried apple chips, finely chopped
-2 teaspoons ground cinnamon
-½ teaspoon nutmeg
-½ teaspoon salt
-¼ cup sunflower or pumpkin seeds
-½ cup chopped nuts of your choice (optional)

Chocolate coconut:
-¾ cup shredded or finely chopped coconut (unsweetened)
-½ cup mini chocolate chips
-¼ cup sunflower seeds
-½ cup chopped nuts of your choice (optional)

Preheat the oven to 325°F. In a small saucepan, melt the butter/margarine over low heat. Add the brown sugar and honey and continue to cook on low, stirring occasionally, until the brown sugar dissolves (takes about 2 minutes). 

In a bowl, combine the quick oats and rice cereal. Add the rest of the ingredients for the type of granola bar you want to make as listed above. If you’re making the apple cinnamon bars, leave the cinnamon, nutmeg, and salt for later otherwise they’ll just collect at the bottom of the bowl. 

Pour the honey mixture over the contents of the bowl and stir with a spatula or spoon to combine. If you’re adding the spices, do so after adding the honey mixture so it’ll stick. Give it another stir to distribute them.

Grease an 8x8in baking pan and then pack the granola mixture into the pan. It’ll be very crumbly and won’t stick together well. Don’t worry about this, it’ll set later. Bake for 25 minutes. 

Once out of the oven, the granola will still be crumbly while hot. Again, don’t worry. Place the pan in the fridge on a potholder, and let it chill for about an hour or until entirely cooled. Cut the granola into 8 bars. They can be wrapped in wax paper for on-the-go, or just eaten right out of the pan if you’re like me.

They’re chewy, a lil crumbly, but delicious and make for a great quick snack. If you like, use the base and the instructions provided, but throw in whatever other ingredients you like. Dried fruit, nuts, seeds, peanut butter, you name it. Go wild. You can also toast the coconut and nuts in the oven beforehand. I didn’t because I’m lazy. 


💓🍃🌼 princess euphie’s pantry — healthy food ideas for regressors! 🌼🍃💓

hihi fwiends ~ i am currently thinking a lot about healthy eating for personal reasons, and i thought it would maybe be fun to share some healthy snacks + meals i like that lil ones that wanna eat a lil healthier (or just have more snack choices) can try, too! i hope you like ~ 

♡ apple slices w/ peanut butter (or, a tree nut butter like almond butter or sunbutter for nut allergies!) 
♡ strawberries w/ whipped cream & truvia sweetener
♡ raw carrots & broccoli w/ ranch dressing
♡ crackers w/ whipped cream cheese, red bell pepper, & cucumber 
♡ turkey slice + non-processed cheese slice (i use provolone or baby swiss) + butter lettuce + mayo & mustard roll-ups 
♡ any flavor of cheerios! (chocolate peanut butter, frosted, & pumpkin spice are my favorites~) 
♡ yogurt parfait — lowfat vanilla yogurt, strawberries, banana slices, & organic granola
♡ frozen blueberries + frozen grapes (they taste like candy!)
♡ yogurt-covered raisins  
♡ organic snack bars (annie’s gluten-free double chocolate chip granola bar, van’s gluten-free strawberry pb&j bars, s’mores luna bars, & vanilla blueberry kind bars are my favorites!) 
♡ ½ baked sweet potato w/ stevia sugar & cinnamon or brown sugar & butter 
♡ ants on a log — celery sticks w/ peanut butter/nut butter & raisins
♡ sugar-free chocolate/vanilla pudding cup (jell-o makes them!)
♡ all-natural organic fruit leather 
♡ pb&j crackers — crackers + peanut butter + grape or strawberry jelly (you can also make these with a different nut butter like vanilla almond butter, sunbutter, etc. and different jelly/jam like blackberry all-fruit jam, lemon-blueberry jam, etc. all ways are tasty!) 
♡ scrambled eggs (egg whites only for a lower calorie option!) w/ toppings of your choice — part-skim shredded mozzarella cheese, ketchup, or my favorite: 1 ½ tbsp mascarpone cheese + chopped scallions + a bit of turkey!
♡ steel cut oatmeal cooked in ½ cup water & ½ cup milk of your choice (i use sweetened vanilla almond milk by almond breeze) w/ brown sugar + extra milk for flavor if necessary + side of fresh fruits

when i come up with new snacks, i will add them to this post ~ i hope you like these for now, though! 🍓🍌🍡🍜🍼🍒