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Active ways to cultivate positive body image:

(Because oh my god, it’s so hard, and everyone’s all like stop feeling so bad about yourself and it’s like how???) 

  • Be naked. A lot. Sleep naked. Have sex naked. Eat cereal naked. (Or naked and wrapped in a sheet. Favorite thing.) 
  • Follow beautiful, confident, (un-photoshopped) body-positive babes on the Internet. Unfollow anything that makes you feel insecure. Exposure is key. You’re not going to get it if you don’t seek it out, because the media sucks and wants us to feel like shit about ourselves so they can take our money. (Some hashtags to follow: #effyourbeautystandards #bootyrevolution #blackisbeautiful #transisbeautiful #wheelchairlife #fatkini #fatshion)
  • Lingerie. Next best thing to being naked. 
  • Self care, babe. Different for everyone. (Me? Showers, books, shaving my legs, nature walks, dark lipstick, good playlists, clean rooms, candles, sexy time.) 
  • Get ready in your underwear. Boobs = happiness. 
  • Self portraits. Be pro-selfie. Take a million selfies. Take sexy selfies. Take no makeup selfies. Take bad angle silly selfies. Take artsy tripod selfies. Take everything-is-on-point selfies. You’re gorgeous; document your gorgeousness. You don’t even need to post them. 
  • Stop with the self deprecationnnnn. Pleeeeaseeee. It’s hard to control your thoughts love, I know, but you can control what you say. NEVER insult yourself out loud. Dare I say compliment yourself out loud? (And if you can, do your best to try to body-positive-ify your thoughts too.) 
  • Sex (including solo sexy time), wine, and chocolate. In that order. 
  • Share the body love. Compliment your girlfriends. Cultivate a nonjudgemental, supportive, lift-each-other-up “we’re so cute” friend group. Everyone’s insecure. Compliment your besties. And strangers, too. Be that person that makes everyone feel good about themselves when they’re around. 

Good luck gorgeous. It’s a battle. We gotta unlearn all this societal bullshit.

Autumn ask🍂🍁

Autumn: What’s your favorite thing about Autumn?

Apples: What’s your favorite type of apple?

Apple Cider: What’s your favorite seasonal drink?

Apple picking: if you could go anywhere, where would it be and why?

Big sweaters: do you prefer the cold, warmth, or a perfect in-between?

Bonfires: Do you prefer going out or staying in on a fall evening?

Boots: Favorite pair of shoes/boots you own?

Black friday: what is one thing, if anything, you would sell your soul to own?

Candles: What’s your favorite fall scent?

Caramel Apples: Favorite Halloween candy?

Cozy blankets: where do you feel the most safe and at home?

Chilly air: what’s your least favorite and favorite type of weather?

corn mazes: do you have any secret talents/abilities?

Fairs: Have you ever been to a state fair? How was it?

Flannel: How many blankets do you sleep with in the fall/winter?

Falling leaves: you’re stranded on a desert island and here’s the twist; what three things do you NOT bring with you?

Fuzzy Socks: How do you spend a night in in the fall?

Halloween: Do you plan on going out for Halloween this year? And as what?

Haunted houses: what’s your scariest memory? (if you don’t have one/ don’t want to talk about it, what’s your biggest fear?)

Hay rides: if you could pick absolutely anything to be your form of transportation, what would it be?

Hot Chocolate: How do you make/order your hot chocolate?

Holding hands: do you believe in soulmates? 

Hot tea: when was the last time you kissed someone (if you haven’t had your first kiss, who would you like that first someone to be?)

Leaves: What’s your favorite color the leaves turn?

Mini pumpkins: How do you decorate for fall/Halloween?

Pumpkin: Do you carve a pumpkin for Halloween?

Pumpkin Spice: Is pumpkin spice worth the hype?

Pumpkin Pie: What’s your favorite autumnal dessert?

Rain: How do you spend a rainy day in?

Sweaters: What’s your favorite sweater?

Scarves: What’s your favorite album to listen to in the fall?

Scarves: if you could only wear one outfit for the rest of your life what would it be?

Smelly candles: what’s your absolute favorite scent?

Thanksgiving: what is something/someone you’re the most thankful for? any particular reason?

The color orange: do you have a specific song that reminds you of autumn? what is it?

Wool socks: what’s something you look forward to in fall?

Windy nights:if you could go to any concert whose would it be?

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Reason // Jeon Jungkook


the prompt: could I have a jungkook scenario where him and her are best friends and she’s always pointing at girls like “what about her she’s cute” or when a waitress flirts with him she’s like “hey go for it she’s into you” and jungkook is just not interested and shoves it off and he doesn’t really know why he just doesn’t find any of her suggestions attractive until one day when they’re walking in the park or wherever and she trips and lands on her face or eating something and it spills down her shirt and she’s not fazed about it at all and he’s just sweetly laughing at her clumsiness and that’s when he realizes that the reason he never thought those girls fit his standards was because they weren’t her.

words: 1616

category: fluff

author note: every time i write abt kookie i think of him as a boyfriend which is funny bc im not rlly romantically attracted to jungkook?? enjoy!

- destinee

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Autumn Asks
  • Autumn: What's your favorite thing about Autumn?
  • Apples: What's your favorite type of apple?
  • Apple Cider: What's your favorite seasonal drink?
  • Bonfires: Do you prefer going out or staying in on a fall evening?
  • Boots: Favorite pair of shoes/boots you own?
  • Candles: What's your favorite fall scent?
  • Caramel Apples: Favorite Halloween candy?
  • Fairs: Have you ever been to a state fair? How was it?
  • Flannel: How many blankets do you sleep with in the fall/winter?
  • Fuzzy Socks: How do you spend a night in in the fall?
  • Halloween: Do you plan on going out for Halloween this year? And as what?
  • Hot Chocolate: How do you make/order your hot chocolate?
  • Leaves: What's your favorite color the leaves turn?
  • Mini pumpkins: How do you decorate for fall/Halloween?
  • Pumpkin: Do you carve a pumpkin for Halloween?
  • Pumpkin Spice: Is pumpkin spice worth the hype?
  • Pumpkin Pie: What's your favorite autumnal dessert?
  • Rain: How do you spend a rainy day in?
  • Sweaters: What's your favorite sweater?
  • Scarves: What's your favorite album to listen to in the fall?

A/N: Request from anon. I love the thought of vampire!Kylo so much, seriously. So… there we go. The darker the better, right? ;-)

6th October: My possession. 👤 | feat. Kylo Ren

Words: 2459
Warnings: vampire!Kylo, abduction, mentions of violence, blood play, smut, non-con

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Hi guys :) How about this: RFA + V & Saeran stealing/ accidentally eating all of MC's candy. She finds out and plans some sweet sweet revenge hoho~

Hehe, we relate to this one on a personal level. Maybe not MC’s pettiness…actually, yeah, that too. Enjoy~


  • To be fair, he gets a lot of chocolate from fans
  • He thought your box of chocolates was his…until he actually read the sticky note on the lid with your name on it
  • He felt really guilty, so he moves the note onto one of his other boxes and hopes you don’t notice
  • Well….when you find cherry filling in the middle of your chocolate, you notice
  • You can gather exactly what happened, but instead of confronting him, you decide to play around a little
  • You run to the store and pick up those jellybeans with nasty flavors
  • You cover them in chocolate and put them in a bag which you leave for Zen on the counter with a cute note
  • When you hear a cry of disgust, you know he ate it
  • He comes running to you apologizing, because he knows exactly why you did it
  • He promises to make it up to you however he can
  • “Well…I’ve been wanting to practice some new styles with my curling iron…”
  • You can bet he was sitting in front of you the whole day while you did some weird stuff with his hair


  • He’s not even thinking when he steals it
  • You were eating some gummy bears and left it on the counter while you took a shower
  • Yoosung only saw candy and started eating it….all of it
  • You come out of the shower and see the empty bag left on the counter
  • You confront him right away
  • He just looks away and says he doesn’t know anything about it
  • You believe him at first, and just assumed you miscalculated how much you ate 
  • But a little later, he gives you a kiss goodnight and you can taste it on his lips
  • Still, you say nothing…you have a better idea
  • You buy several bags of gummy bears the next day
  • For the next week, you place a few secretly inside every one of his meals
  • By the end of the week, he’s going insane and just bursts, “Okay! I get it! Yes, I ate your gummy bears, and I promise I won’t do it again! Just please…no more…”
  • He makes it up to you and buys you a bunch of candies
  • He’ll even separate out your favorite flavors so you don’t have to dig around


  • You weren’t home and Jaehee was having some serious cravings for chocolate
  • You had a small jar of them
  • She usually didn’t take from you, but…maybe if she took one or two you wouldn’t notice
  • Too bad her week was super stressful and she lost count
  • She stares at the bottom of the empty jar, horrified at her deeds
  • She tries to run to the store to pick up more before you came home
  • But she was too late
  • She was already opening the bag to fill it when you walked into the kitchen and surprised her
  • The chocolates went all over the floor
  • You’re actually really calm about it and wave it off….doesn’t mean you’re not getting revenge
  • Throughout the weeks, you plant little tricks everywhere
  • She thinks she finds a tin of cookes?…Sewing supplies
  • Is that a box of chocolate?….filled with carrots and celery
  • You even replaced the ice cream with smoothies
  • After a few weeks, she’s begging for forgiveness and you finally let it go


  • You had made a bag of handmade chocolates for the next RFA meeting
  • You had worked for hours on them, and you stepped out for a little break while they were cooling on the counter
  • Jumin came in, about to head out to work
  • He thought the chef had made them, so he thought he could take it to work and leave them on his desk
  • He had a meeting with a large group of people, and he handed them out as little favors
  • They were all gone by the time the day was over
  • When he came home, he found a very disgruntled you giving him the silent treatment
  • It wasn’t until after dinner that you finally told him what he’d done
  • While you were still a little upset, he knew it would soon pass
  • But then the next day, he finds all of his nice ties are replaced with ones with goofy patterns
  • “MC…why are there cookies on my tie?”
  • “I don’t know…ask your employees.”
  • He just sighs and goes with it until finally you cool off and return his regular ties
  • He still keeps a few of the goofy ones though, because he finds them amusing


  • It was that time of the month, and you were PMSing bad
  • Good thing you had saved that one bar of chocolate for a time like this
  • You walked into the kitchen and found Seven had just finished the last piece
  • You were so mad, you started hitting him with the closest item next to you….a loaf of bread
  • He’s backed up against the wall, “Look! I’m sorry! I don’t track your cycle. How was I supposed to know?”
  • He tries to calm you down and cheer you up by a few tickles
  • But you are not amused
  • “You can’t solve everything with tickling!” you yell as you continue beating him with bread
  • After a few hours, he thinks you have calmed down and gone back to normal
  • Boy,oh boy, was he wrong
  • Everytime you gave him food, there was literally only a bite left…he would have to find the rest on his own
  • You’d hand him a bag of HBC with one chip in it
  • You’d give him one noodle on a plate
  • You replaced the pantry with empty cereal boxes and chip bags as well
  • P-E to the T-T-Y
  • He gets so sick of it, he orders a huge box of your favorite chocolates to appease you


  • He has no self control when it comes to sweets
  • He found your candy in the pantry and devoured it within a minute
  • You didn’t even notice until later
  • He wasn’t even sorry
  • “Well, there was no note on it saying it was yours.”
  • Oh, he wanted notes? He was getting notes
  • You literally labeled EVERYTHING in the kitchen
  • Every single container of food you wanted had your name on a stick note
  • He’s unfazed at first
  • Until there’s so many notes that they start getting everywhere
  • He just walks up to you, his sweater holding a few stray sticky notes, and tosses you two boxes of the candy he ate
  • You thank him…and also inform him that he would be the one removing all the sticky notes left over


  • He was craving a midnight snack
  • He was sleepy too, though, so he wasn’t exactly thinking or reading labels
  • So, he ate your chocolate and went back to bed
  • The next evening, when you were preparing to enjoy your little treat, the truth comes out
  • You take his camera secretly and fill it with pictures of food and candy
  • When he finds it, he apologizes for his deed
  • But he’s also kind of laughing at your ridiculous little prank
  • You really can’t stay mad at him, and he takes you to your favorite restaurant to make up for the chocolate 

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Stood up - Dom!Luke

Requested: No

Word Count: 1,900+

Warning: Smutty smut

Summary: You get stood up and end up going on a date with someone else.


  You looked down at the cream colored table cloth in embarrassment, as the snobby waiter looked down on you, “If your date doesn’t arrive soon, I’m going to have to ask you to leave.“

Your cheeks blazed in shame, "I’m sorry, I’ll just go.” Slowly you rose from the small table, knocking down a small vase that held a dainty tulip, catching the attention of the many others eating dinner at the elegant restaurant.  

Shit. As you tried to prop the vase and flower up again you heard a powerful laugh sound from behind, quickly you spun around to look at the owner of the melodic voice. With a glint in his icy blue eyes, the man extended his hand out to you.

“Hello, I’m Luke, and I believe I was who you were waiting for.”

Glancing at his awaiting palm you looked down at the ground, rejecting his gesture of kindness.

“I’m sorry but I think you are mistaken, the man I supposed to be meeting is named Clarke, although it doesn’t seem as if he will be making an appearance tonight.” Your response bitter and clipped.

Your words didn’t seem to faze the tall man, as he sat down across from you, gesturing for you to join him at the table.

Hesitantly you sat back down, eyeing him cautiously.

Raising his hand, Luke flagged over the waiter, “Can we have two menus, and your finest bottle of red wine.” The snobby waiter from before scoffing as he heard the request, “I doubt you can afford that, maybe the Denny’s down the street would suit you better.”

As you sat appalled by the waiters bad attitude, Luke stood up, towering over the short waiter, “Maybe we should. I thought I saw a rat when I walked in, but then again it may have just been you.”


Luke reached a hand out towards you, ignoring the waiters red face and attempts to fire back a retort. Accepting his hand you walked past the observant diners, lifting your head to see the women staring at the man beside you in awe.

Walking out of the five star restaurant with your heads held high, you let out a giggle, “That was quite the experience, Luke. I hope we don’t get turned away at the Denny’s, I’m quite hungry.”

Luke awkwardly scratched the back of his neck, watching his muscles flex through his black tee shirt. You had to admit he didn’t look like he necessarily belonged in a restaurant like that, but that certainly didn’t excuse the waiter for his behavior.

He was dawned in all black, black tee shirt, black skinny jeans, and black heeled boots that only added to his tall stature. Despite the casual look, he looked nicer than half the business men that chose to eat there.

“That’s never happened to me before, but did it work?” he asked with a smirk on his face.

Puzzled you asked, “Did what work?”

Luke’s smirk grew bigger, revealing his dimples. His voice dropping an octave, “Did I impress you.”

Heat rose to your cheeks, letting out a scoff that sounded more like you were choking, “As if. Maybe I’d be impressed if we actually received the wine, but alas, we are walking towards a Denny’s instead.”

In reality you didn’t mind going to a Denny’s instead, the expensive restaurant didn’t even offer bread.

“I guess I’ll have to find a way to remedy that.” Your head snapped up to look at him, the smirk never leaving his face as he winked at you. Damn him.

You walked hand in hand down the street, a comfortable silence settling over you. The night sky was black and void of any stars, looking up into the abyss you felt at ease and confident, thinking of all the times you sought comfort in the dark.

As you approached your destination you saw the recognizable, yellow and red of the Denny’s. Luke walked in front and opened the door for you, his hand never leaving yours.

After being seated by a noticeably happier waiter than the last, you sat down across from each other, smiling softly at Luke as you sunk into the vinyl booth, taking in the smell of late night pancakes and steak.

“So, Luke, what do you do for a living?” queue the awkward yet necessary first date questions – that is if this could be considered a date.  

Looking up from his menu he smiled, “I’m in a band, a rather popular one at that.”

Before you could respond your waiter returned asking for your orders. You ordered a chocolate milk shake, and chicken tenders. Luke ordered a tall stack of pancakes.

“Aren’t chicken tenders for kids?” You wrinkled your nose at his remark, you could eat whatever you want, despite whether it was typically for children or not.

“Well, I think chicken tenders are for everyone, I mean they taste amazing, and who are you to judge? You just ordered pancakes for dinner.”



The conversation flowed naturally between the two of you. You talked about his band, it was clear he enjoyed his job as he talked animatedly, the smile never leaving his lips.

“And then Calum came in the room with his phone, and get this, I wasn’t wearing pants.” You laughed in unison at Luke’s stories, sipping your milk shake occasionally.

“It seems like most of your stories end without pants, as if this a common occurrence for you.” Your eyes twinkled as you teased the man in front of you, despite how the night began you got along well and enjoyed his company.

“Well who knows, the night may end without pants again.” He stared intensely into you eyes, looking for any signs of rejection, finding none he causally raised his hand.

“Waiter, can we get the bill.”


The taxi ride back to his house was clouded with lust, you could fell his eyes on you but despite the nagging feeling to return his glaces, you held back, simply staring out the taxi window, watching the houses pass by.

You felt Luke move closer to you, one arm going over your shoulders hugging you closer to him, the other resting on your thigh, his cold finger tips making you jump in your seat.

The thought of what his hands could do made heat rush to your core.

Leaning his head down he gently tugged on your ear lobe, “I haven’t even done anything yet and I can tell you’re already so wet for me, princess.”

Before you could even attempt to respond, Luke withdrew his hand from your thigh as the taxi approached his home, extending his hand to you for the third time that night.

Accepting, he pulled you out of the car, paying the fare, and leading you inside.

Luke’s house was dark, the only light coming from the moon that shone bright outside the windows. He led you around the apparent maze that was his house, eventually finding the right door and opening it.

Your jaw fell to the floor as you walked into his room, moonlight reflecting off the walls and creating a natural glow. It was magical. You practically tripped over yourself in an attempt to reach the large windows that took up the entirety of the front wall.

All thoughts of Luke were replaced with the moon until you felt his hands rest on your hips as he peppered kisses along your neck, his scruffy beard scratching you lightly.

Your hands moved to remove the straps of your dress, moving your hair to the side while Luke slowly undid the zipper, the dress dropping to the floor. Revealing dark blue lace.

Your back remained turned to him, head tilted up to allow him more access to your neck. You felt him suck harshly, a breathy moan escaping your lips.

Luke slowly unclasped your lacy bra, spinning you around to face him. His smirk has returned to his face, his eyes hooded with lust and passion.

“Oh for fucks sake, look at my princess now.”

His words gave you a burst of confidence, placing your index finger on his chest you pushed him back towards his bed, the backs of his legs hitting the plush mattress.

Pushing him down you straddled him, connecting your lips together. His hands roamed your body greedily, gripping and kneading at your barely clothed ass.

Luke flipped you over, his eyes shamelessly devoured you as he took in your appearance, his pants tightening even more at the sight you. Kissing you again he starting trailing his kisses down, getting sloppier as he went.

Leaving one last kiss before your navel he looked up at you with cloudy eyes, before slowly dragged your underwear down with his teeth. Your breath hitched in your throat at the action, getting wetter by the second.

He teasingly stroked between your folds, spreading your wetness around with the pad of his finger, before slipping it into you, pumping in and out as he watched you writhe under his touch.  

Slowly Luke’s lowered his lips to your core, sucking lightly as he replaced his fingers with his tongue, rubbing your clit harshly.

You tangled your fingers in Luke’s long golden locks, gripping tightly at the roots, eliciting a deep grunt from him, the vibrations reaching your clit, your stomach tightening at the feeling.

Luke worked skillfully, his touches feather light and erotic. He looked up at you again, maintaining eye contact with you.

"Come for me, princess.”

With wide eyes and a shaky moan you let your orgasm wash over you, pleasure reaching the deepest depths inside you.

Recovering from  your orgasm you looked over to see Luke palming himself through his tight jeans, drawing him closer by his belt loop you started to strip him of his shirt, your fingertips dancing along his skin.

Winking up at him your hands trailed down to remove his jeans - which proved to be quite the feat - his member straining against the confining fabric. Pushing you back lightly, Luke started to pump himself, his tip flushed and leaking precum.

“You ready to ride me, princess?” With a timid nod, you helped Luke back onto the bed his head resting lightly on his pillow, still pumping himself slowly. He reached over with his other hand to the nightstand, pulling out a silver wrapper.

Putting on the condom with ease Luke, motioning you to join him. His hands met your hips, lifting you up so you were hovering over his stiff member. Giving him a nod, his hands moved you down onto him.

Moans filled the room as his length stretched you out. Giving you a moment to adjust, Luke started to guide your hips, his nails digging into your soft skin. Your movements grew faster and more fluid as you progressed. Luke’s eyes never leaving your body. You lifted your body from his and dropped down on his member, repeating the action when you felt his tip brush over your g spot, moaning loudly.

His hand went to rub your clit as his he bit his lip in concentration and pleasure. You moaned even louder than before, “Fuck, Luke, I’m gonna come.” You knew he was close too, feeling him start to twitch inside you as you dropped down again.

With a swift motion he pulled you down to his lips, kissing you again before growling, “Be a good girl and come with me princess.”

Moaning again at his words you heard him start to count down lowly, three, two, one, come.

You felt him release inside the condom as you shook around him, your second orgasm leaving you light headed and numb.

With a soft giggle you spoke, “I guess the night did end without pants, well done Hemmings, you’ve impressed me.

Milkshakes and Hidden Love

     "Jughead!“ you made your way to your best friends usual booth at the Diner. He looked behind him and gave you a small smile, and then turned his head back towards his screen. You slid into the opposite booth and watched as Jughead stared down at his laptop, his green-blue eyes darting around across the screen. You admired Jughead in this moment, so concentrated and in his zone. You loved watching him write, it was one of your favourite things to do, although it didn’t last long.

    "I know I’m ugly but there’s no need to stare.” Jughead said, looking up at you. You rolled your eyes and laughed.

    “I’m just trying to figure out what the hell went so wrong that caused you to look like that.” you teased, and Jughead smirked.

    “Ouch.” he faked offense, putting his hand on his chest. Closing his laptop, he slid to the edge of his seat and stood up. “I guess I should spare your poor eyes and leave.” You shot up from your seat and stood in front of him.

    “Oh no you don’t.” you laughed, pushing Jughead back down. Jughead fell into the seat and looked up at you. His face had shock written all over it, but quickly turned into a mischievous smirk.

    “I always like it when a woman takes charge every once in a while.” Your face turned crimson and you rolled your eyes. Jughead winked up at you, and you sat back into your seat and winked back. You both stared at each-other for a second or two, and the both of you burst out laughing.

    “You’re so weird.” you said, and Jughead shrugged his shoulders. “Anyways, like you would even know what it’s like for a woman to ‘take charge’ of you, unless it was your mother.” Jugheads face twisted.

    “Gross, definitely not an image I wanted.” Again you rolled your eyes.

    “That’s not what I mean, smartass.” He laughed.

    “You don’t know what I do on my free time Y/N. I could have the many ladies chasing after me over every night.”

    “Oh whatever, all you do on your free time is get dragged around by me and write your novel.” Before he had a chance to answer, a waiter came over and brought you your normal order. Every waiter already knew your order, a chocolate milkshake with whipped topping and 2 cherries. One for you, and one that Jughead always stole. Like clockwork, Jughead reached over and picked a cherry off the top of your shake, gave you a small smile and ate it. He threw the stem on the table.

    “You’re right,” he said chewing. “I only have time for one lady, and her name is Y/N.”  

    Damn, you thought. You felt your cheeks burn and you looked over to the raven haired boy who sat in front of you. You knew you had liked him for what felt like forever. Hell it practically had been forever, it had been your whole life. But nerves always made it so you never tried to go beyond best friend. Maybe this smooth ass motherfucker actually loved you back!

    “Well lucky for you, I only have time for one boy, and his name is Jughead.” You smiled sweetly up at him and then took a sip of your milkshake.

    It was Jugheads turn to blush, and boy did he. Jughead smiled down at the table in attempt to hide the blush rising up. Not a lot of people, or even things for that matter could make him happy, but Y/N never failed to. He glanced up to find her looking at him, her same beautiful smile plastered on her face. He got a warm feeling in his chest that he only got when he was around her, a feeling of pride that he put that smile on her, a warm sensation that he could only describe as love. He loved Y/N, he loved her a lot, but he was scared that she didn’t feel the same way, that if he were to tell her she would push him away, and he’d lose his main source of happiness in his mess of a life. He couldn’t bare the thought of-

    “Jughead? Earth to Jones.” Jughead snapped out of his thoughts and looked up. “Are you alright there?” you asked.

    “I’m fine, I’d be great if you let me take a drink of your milkshake.” he said, reaching for the glass. You pulled it towards you, narrowing your eyes and staring him down.

    “But its mine.” you said stubbornly, but Jughead caught onto the sarcastic tone in your voice. He stood up from his booth and sat on your side. He scooted over until you were pressed in between him and the wall. He put his feet up on the booth seat and leaned his back into you.

    “Ouch.” he said, squirming and pushing back against you. “These booths are not very comfortable. Dare I say they move and yell?” You pounded on his back, not hard enough to hurt him too badly, just enough for him to move.

    “Jughead, get off me!” you laughed, punching him in the shoulder.

    “They’re abusive too.” Jughead said, squirming against you. After another minute of teasing you, he moved over just enough so he wasn’t pushing you against a wall, and you straightened your hair. You looked up at the boy beside you, as he sipped on your milkshake and you laughed.

    “How the hell did you end up getting milkshake on your nose?” you laughed, picking up a napkin and reaching up to wipe his nose. “You’re using a straw, this shouldn’t even be possible.”

    “I don’t know, magic maybe?” he teased. You chuckled and leaned your head against his shoulder and looked out the window. Somehow you hadn’t noticed it started raining, and you watched as the rain drops rolled down the window. Jughead leaned his head on yours, and looked down at you, and then the window.

    “Are you sure they aren’t dating?” Veronica asked, putting her newspaper down on the table. Betty picked the newspaper up and shoved it back in Veronica’s face.

    “Yes I’m sure, and keep that up or else they’ll notice us.” Betty said, peeking through the eye holes cut out from her newspaper.

    “These newspapers were printed before I even got here.” Veronica said, looking through the paper. “Oh no, we cut the head off a puppy she when you made these!” She exclaimed and Betty shushed her. Veronica looked back up, and her and Betty watched as the two left the Diner.

    “In the words of a dear friend, they are definitely end game.” Betty whispered as she tried to look out the window.

Zach Imagine #4

Zach being secretly in love with you, his best friend.

A/N : I tried. I hope you enjoy!


“You look really pretty today, y/n.” Zach smiles at you in awe. He loves the way you have the effect of taking his breath away even when you’re in sweats and a hoodie with no make up on and a messy bun.

You punch his arm lightly, “Shut up Dempsey.” You get into his car as he drives to the nearest gas station.


“Maybe I just wasn’t good enough for him.” You cry onto Zach’s shoulder.

 “Y/N he was a douche, and you are way out of his league. You deserve the world and he couldn’t give it to you and that’s his mistake. ” Zach stroked your hair.


“Let’s make a deal Y/N.” Your ears perked and you looked at your best friend, you nodded your head.

“If we both don’t have dates by the winter formal, we’ll go together.” You agreed, little did you know he didn’t try to get a date, and he made sure all his friends kept an eye out for anyone who even thought about asking you to the dance.


“Wow,” he breathed as he saw you in your dress.

“You’re not looking too bad yourself, Dempsey,” you chuckled as you and Zach got into his car.


“He’s not a good guy, Y/N! He’s not a relationship type.” Zach yelled.

“Maybe I don’t want anymore relationships.”

“I know you Y/N, you’re a nice girl, you’re more committed to relationships than Juliet was committed to Romeo!” 

“Maybe, you don’t know me at all. Have you thought of that?” Zach walked out of her room and slammed the front door. He wasn’t going to say anything he would regret.


“How’d your non-relationship thing go?”

“I walked into his room and he was naked, I ran out of his house screaming. I am scarred.”


“Zach please talk to me.”

“Not in the mood.”

“I’m your best friend you can tell me anything.”

“You wouldn’t understand.”

“Really? Try me.”

“I’m in love with this girl. In fact, I am so in love with her, it actually hurts because I know she will never feel the same.”


“I got you something to get through your AP BIO test!” Zach smiled wide and pulled out a cupholder from monet’s.

“Zach you are a freaking life saver,” You hugged him tight and grabbed your everyday order, hot chocolate with vanilla extract, whip cream, caramel, and sometimes sprinkles.


You walked past a bunch of seniors, they whistled and hollered at you. You felt extremely disrespected and uncomfortable. You told Zach about it.

“How many guys were there?”

“How’d they look?”

“Can you describe them?”

“Zach, really, it’s fine.”

“No, it’s not. What if they do it again?”

“They won’t,” You hoped.


“Zach I think I like Montgomery.”



“Zach,” She sobbed through the phone.

“Y/N? What’s wrong?”

“He’s cheating on me,” she sobbed harder. 


“I’m going to beat your fucking ass Montgomery,” Zach said ready to charge at him. Until Justin pulled him back.

“HEY! HEY! What’s going on here?”

“He’s cheating on Y/N,” anyone could see the steam coming from Zach.

“Jesus, Montgomery. What the fuck is wrong with you?” Justin glares at Montgomery.

“She said she loved me. It’s been only 3 months,” Montgomery scoffed.

“So what? You throw her away because she has feelings?” Zach shoves Montgomery.

“She didn’t put out. Plus we all know how much you’re so in love with her,” he pauses and venomously smirks. “I guess now we both know how it feels to see someone you love ruined.”

Zach punches Montgomery in the face and leaves.


“Hey, hey. It’s okay. You’ll be okay, Y/N,” He says as he hugs you, tightly. “He’s dumb. He’s not worth your tears. You’re smart, independent, and a bonus is you’re really beautiful. You’re the most caring person, your smile could light up any room and your laugh? It’s the best song I ever heard. You’re going to find someone, someone who loves you so much and they’ll never purposely hurt you.” 

“Where does a guy like that come along?” 

I’m right here.

Best Friends - Prompto Argentum x Fem!Reader

So, I may or may not have gotten carried away here. But I am also definitely not sorry about this story. I LOVE Prompto with a passion so any excuse to write for him is so wonderful. Definitely some smut ahead. 

Word Count: 4782

And no, that is not a typo


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Snog Me Senseless 5

A/N:  Awhile ago, when I first started writing, I got a request for a story where the girl loses her virginity to Harry, and I refused to write it.  I didn’t think I had anything new to say on the subject.  But when @thisoneforthemcurls requested frat boy Harry and kissing, I started Snog Me Senseless.  Instinctively, I knew after writing the first part that a continuation of SMS had to end with our main female character losing her virginity.  So here we are at part 5, the final part.  And I’m dedicating it to those of us who wish we had lost our virginity to this Harry.  

Yes.  It’s NSFW.  In multiple places.  

P.S.  I apologize for the length.  I was assured that I would be drawn and quartered if I split this chapter.  


You haven’t been back to the frat house since that night, and Harry has made every effort to meet you at your classes or at your dorm in the interim.  But spring break is approaching, and the frat brothers are holding a party to celebrate.  Even though Harry says you can skip it, you want to support him.  This is the perfect time to demonstrate how much you’ve grown up since you started dating Harry nearly a month ago.  

Which is how you come to be holding Sophia’s hair while she’s vomiting in the bathroom.  You were the mature one and only nursed one beer while she drank the sickeningly sweet rum punch the boys had made.  Niall is standing at the doorway, his hand covering his mouth lest he get sick as well just by listening to his girlfriend puking her guts out.  When you are sure that Sophia has finally emptied the contents of her stomach, you force Niall to get a clean cloth and dampen it to wipe Sophia’s face.  The gratitude on Niall’s face as he leads Sophia to his room is enough to assure you that he will take good care of her tonight.  

After flushing the toilet and washing your hands, you find Harry casually leaning against the door as he watches Niall lead Sophia away, having given Niall a piece of his mind for allowing his girlfriend to drink so much of that “nasty shit”. 

“You’re a good friend, babe,” he says, holding out his hand to you, “and a beautiful hostess.  The boys all appreciated how you took care of everything.  But now it’s our time.”  You take his hand as he leads you out of the disgusting bathroom and through the throng of loud, smelly, obnoxious boys and girls and throbbing music towards the front porch.

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Marriage Material - Part 1 - Jim Kirk

Summary: in this chapter, you’re aren’t asked. you’re told.

Warnings: alcohol, language

A/N: this should be interesting to write. that drunk friends gettin’ married trope.

Street upon street lined with lights brighter than you’d ever seen. Reds, yellows, greens, blues— colors you’d never encountered in your life stung your eyes as they flashed over the building-sized television screens, the bulbs lining each tower, and the clothes of every creature stumbling along every sidewalk just like you were.

You imagined that’s what Las Vegas looked like back on Earth— you’d heard stories from the old bitties in your family and you’d seen pictures of its heyday, but the sight of such excess, of such unnecessary glitz was nearly overwhelming in person.

Your eyes were hooded and foggy from the drunkenness that warmed you to the tips of your toes while your steps managed a certain degree of stability, your arm looped through that of one of your closest friends.

You let your arm fall from his, catching his hand instead and pulling him closer into your side. His hip bumped against yours and you took a deep breath, feeling the cold air burn your nostrils as you inhaled. “Remind me to never go to another Chekov party. I swear the boy wants me hospitalized with alcohol poisoning.”

Jim laughed through his nose, his glassy blue eyes sliding shut for a moment. “He didn’t force the shots down your throat, starlight.”

You mouthed his words imitatively and laughed loudly when he shot you a dirty look. “You know, Nyota said she and Spock might get married.”

“What, like in the future?” he asked, pulling you along the sidewalk until he came to a brief stop before a large white marble fountain.

You sighed at the feeling of the cold mist splashing against your warm skin, shutting your eyes as he continued walking to let him guide you blindly. “No, like, soon. Like before we leave the base.”

His steps halted and you opened your eyes, nodding upwards as he stared at you with his head tilted. There was a soft red tint spreading over the tip of his nose and the highpoints of his cheeks, his blonde hair sticking up every which way from the ongoing breeze.

You were tempted to smile and pinch his cheek adoringly but stopped yourself when you read his confusion and mild shock. “What? This place is loaded with little wedding halls probably for every religious faith and culture in the Federation. We even passed one for atheists, like, fourteen feet from the junior officer barracks.” You pointed ahead of you at a plain white building which looked misplaced amongst all the excess. “There’s one for Vulcan atheists right there.”

He blew a raspberry, the sound childish and inspiring another one of your smiles. “Them getting married would be a mistake.”

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Zero to Hero? ( Pt 1) 

Alright guys, it’s not much, buts it’s a new start ! Let me know what you think ,xoxoxo.

Summ: all you wanted to do was go get some coffee and have some quiet time , but when you see someone being picked on , you can’t just turn the other way, can you?

This chapter is Wanda x reader , but upcoming will be all avengers x read ❤️ .

Warnings : swearing , slights bullying , angst, maybe a little fluff .

 The beginning of November should call for baggy sweaters and boots , not winter jackets . Apparantly New York didn’t get the memo, hell apparently you didn’t get it either .

I’m the only idiot not wrapped in a thick ass jacket . I’m pretty sure my tits are frozen off. Omg is that even possible?!? I feel like I should know this … your walk the hospital entrance to your car was rough . You’re seriously regretting Only wearing scrubs and a semi warm zip up sweater . After a 12 hour day of work , this is not what you wanted . All that’s going through your mind right now besides how stupid you are , is how good hot chocolate from the cafe on your street sounds .

 15 minutes later you find yourself walking into the cafe, the scent of coffee and cookies hits you and you have to bite back a moan . The barista smiles and nods as she begins your hot chocolate, making you laugh knowing she’s memorized your order from how often you’re here . After you have the cup of hot gold in your hand, you plant yourself in your normal booth, sliding down as try to give your drink a minute to cool off. But patience doesn’t seem to be in your cards right now..

“ ahhh!” You nearly drop the cup from the pain of your burned tongue .

You hear a soft giggle and look around . You see a young girl, with long reddish brown hair and a stunning smile trying to hide her giggle . She looks down immediately when your eyes meet.

She looks so familiar . I can’t believe she laughed at me! Actually yes I can, I probably look like a weirdo .

A couple minutes later , your Facebook creeping gets interrupted by a frantic voice .

“ you’re kind are not welcome here . ”

You look up to see an aggravated woman leaning over the girl you caught giggling . What does she mean your kind ?

“ miss I don’t mean any harm-” the young girls voice was soft, almost sounding sad .

“ like you didn’t mean any harm in Lagos when you blew up that building ? Or how about sokovia ? Out. Now.” The older woman shouts .

Who is this chick? Lagos? Sokovia? Who the-OH she must have something to do with the avengers! Right? I really need to pay attention to the news..

You look around , everyone else in the cafe just watching the dispute quietly , some smiling in support, others look indifferent. You can see tears rolling down the young girls face as she frantically starts to pick up her thingsfrom the table . Before you can even think you’re standing up and storming over there .

“ I’m sorry but who the hell do you think you are ?!” You question the woman, causing wanda to pause and look at you wide eyed .

“ I’m the owner-”

“ obviously . I’m not an idiot. I mean who the hell are you to speak to some one so cruelly? Especially someone who has fought to keep people safe?! ” You bellowed . The owner takes a step back from you , fear flashing over her features

“ her kind caused-”

“ her kind? She’s not a different species ! SHES HUMAN, just like everyone in here . Maybe a little cooler than the rest of us, but human is human . She’s a hero , she has caused more good than bad . So why don’t you pull your small minded head out of your ass, an apologize . ” you snap . By now you’re   chest To chest with her.

The woman stood her ground though,“ i will not . Her and her team of so called heroes wreak destruction on our city, on our world . I will not allow some monster to be in my cafe. You can take your ‘hero’ and get the hell out.” Her tone was cold, and The glare she sends wanda makes your anger fully snap

“ you have some fucking nerve . This city wouldn’t be standing if it weren’t for her team, hell this world probably wouldn’t either. I don’t see you risking your life to save us ! So unless you want to strap up and get your ass out there fighting aliens or guys with giant guns why don’t you keep your rude ass judgments yourself . I will gladly take her and get the hell out of here . You don’t deserve to have a hero anywhere near you. ” You growl. You extend your hand out to the girl, well young hero, and smile at her when she takes it then tug her towards th door.

 Before  stepping out the door you stop,“ next time New York becomes a target , and we all know the likely hood of that, and your praying to be saved , know that you don’t deserve it . Because the ones saving you will be the avengers , the ones you just referred to as monsters . I’ll be sure to pass along your thoughts to them miss. Have a great fucking day.” You state with a shoulder shrug 

Once youre out , you pull her with you until you find a bench . You plop down, groaning as you do. You glance up, catching a confused, but amused look on her face .

“ you didn’t have to do that . Thank you.” She says quietly as she drops down next to you.

“ you’re welcome . no one deserves To be treated like that. I’ve never done anything like that before .It’s kinda giving me an adrenaline rush .” You laugh . You extend your hand and introduce yourself ,“ I’m y/n.”

She shoots you a wide smile while shaking your hand ,“ I’m wanda maximoff,it’s nice to meet you .”

You finally get a solid look at the girl you defended, and as her name leaves her mouth your eyes snap wide open in realization .HOLY BALLS .

* * @kindnesswins  @greeneyedgal20 @bucky-bear-barnes  @curlycals @existentialmalaises @misshyen @buckyappreciationsociety @bywonater @rosecharlotteweasley @pinetree111 @yknott81 @mysanityisgone27 @melconnor2007  @hollycornish   @red-writer13  @chloeaacole   @wildestdreamsrps @stucked82 @cate-lynne   @film-it-fuck-it-live-it–abigail @katykyll  @agentmstark  @prostheticsoldier @frickin-bats @maygenjayne1 @thischickrocks8245 @xuaniexuan  @ohlookitsabi   @midtownsciencenerd @elaacreditava @sammnipple @sophiiev @aknerdchick @letsgetfuckingsuperwholocked @skeletoresinthebasement @frozenhuntress67 @dacianamusik23 @mrssierrarogers @colette2537 @buckys-shield @stuff-from-biomed-life  @marvelandwinchesters927 @baskinrobinsalwaysfindsout @elyza-jeanette  @debzybrazy @cutely-prettily @parkerit @italy-kun27 @sexy—tardis @luna-mellark  @aweways @smolbutfullofcrazy @iceteaart @kapolisradomthoughts  @rivinrit @factorfreshness  @fangirl81422 @the-winter-avengerrrrr @frolicsomefawkes @girlwonder86 @elitafuckingone @angel-hunter-winchester @imjustafuckinggirl @deamonsgold @michelle-hemmings18  @cashewboys @winter-prime  @tattooideasforthefuture @marykate55 @marvel-fanfiction @dl9311   @but-the-trailer-tho @e-g-b-o-k @kayla-mayhem @milleniumxhan @ragequitthatshit @opaque-daydream @travelwithwords @thedyingrose16 @netherqueen23 @foreverybodythatunderstands23 @icantevendothemerengue @sukanya99 @the-league-of-hot-assassins @wolfkingsqueen  @the-amaranthine @anorborg  @evyiione @scarlettsoldier @ariminiria   @sun-setl @purplekitten30  @do-you-mind-if-i-slytherin1 @emilarose @everlasting9   @thiscuriouslymiss @zuni21798 @graysonmalfoy @amazing-fandom-freak @iamwarrenspeace  @clumsy-idiot7 @courtneychicken @widowbite-legit @barnesandnoble13 @omlmariah  @elizabethduhh @amazonprincess-diana   @hopelessaddictions @brerdedpeach @klmilk-spnfamily @fangirling-all-the-way-tbh @polarbearnamedpanda @wantingtobekorra @dontlovemeimbroken @andyl394 @psychicwitchphilosopher @meganlane84

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Kiss the rain

Originally posted by kpopidolaegyooo

Pairing: Jimin x Reader
Genre: Angst
Word Count: 1111
Summary: Rumors and idol life put a strain on your relationship with Jimin.
A/N: Requested by my dearest Mong J

The morning had started out well. You met with your boyfriend Jimin, whom you teased for wearing sunglasses and a black leather jacket that only made him more conspicuous. The two of you squeezed side-by-side in a corner booth of a cozy cafe. It was raining, so you both ordered hot chocolate with marshmallows, warming your hands around the mugs while he told you stories from his group’s recent tour stops.

But the whines and obnoxious laughter of a gaggle of student from a nearby table made it difficult to concentrate on your chat. Unwillingly, you heard the topic of their conversation: BTS’ Jimin and Red Velvet’s Seulgi. These rumors had been going on for months. You tried forcing yourself to listen to Jimin’s story, but once you heard the gossiping students, they seemed impossible to unhear—how Jimin and Seulgi sent each other signs through social media like other idol couples had before being discovered, how they wore couple necklaces and bracelets, how Jimin had become so much more charismatic and confident after the rumors started… helped by his hot idol girlfriend.

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My North Star (Pt 1)

Originally posted by fuckboyjohnny

Author’s Note: This is my first fanfic and I apologize for the mistakes I’m bound to make.

Genre: Fluff/Angst

Characters: Jin x Reader (ft Hoseok)

Word Count: 1357

Summary: You’ve been in love with your best friend for as long as you can remember. He’s been the one constant in your ever changing life, *until there’s a new girl in his life. (As if there isn’t many other fanfics with this same idea)

P.S. Jin isn’t even my bias BUT I just figured this concept in my head would fit better with Jin as the main. Enjoy peeps!

Life has a way of throwing curve balls at you. In fact, you didn’t know life as being calm. Your life was changing constantly, much to your chagrin. You never asked for these changes, especially since a lot of these changes weren’t good at all. 

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No Money - Archie Andrews

listen to the song here

Sorry I ain’t got no money I’m not trying to be funny but I left it all at home today

You can call me what you wanna I ain’t giving you a dollar this time I ain’t gonna run away

You might knock me down, you might knock me down, but I will get back up again

You can call it how you wanna I ain’t giving you a dollar this time I ain’t gonna run away

What is most important to you? The question was bold, standing out against everything else on your page.  It was sitting there blank, the only question you had skimmed over.  Sure, at first glance it was easy.  My friends, you thought.  Betty, Veronica, Jughead, Kevin… Archie.  But that was easy.  Every other applicant trying to score a job at Pop’s was bound to say the same tedious answers.  My family, my friends, my education… blah blah blah.  You wanted to stand out.  Every other question you answered above and beyond (Jughead tutoring you for free in English was just about the best thing that ever happened to you) and wanted to make your application a star among clouds.  

You were currently sitting in a booth alone at the diner you visited oh so frequently visited.  Normally you were here with at least one of your friends, but today you needed some peace quiet and french fries to get you through this paper.  You’d been tapping your pen against the tabletop for the last ten minutes, eyes reading the words over and over.

“You want your usual milkshake doll?” You looked up to see Pop there, smiling kindly at you.  “Filling out my job application for here?” You nodded.

“Just one left” You pulled a smile, as he scribbled down your order.  Chocolate milkshake, as always.  He looked over the empty lines on your form.

“Tricky one for ya?”

“Too easy” You replied with a sigh.  Pop chuckled, sliding his pen behind his ear, and his notepad into the pocket of his apron.

“Friends comin’ tonight? You’re never here all alone”

“Yeah I came here by myself.  Needed some calm”

“Your one pal’s real quiet.  Not the loner one with the laptop, the one who comes here.  Probably writin’ poems or somethin’ he’s always singing” You laughed quietly at his mention of Archie.

“Yeah, Archie’s looking to be a singer now”

“Really? Pro athlete all star boy? Wants to be a musician?” You nodded, still smiling softly.  “He any good?”

“He’s great” You said genuinely.  “Really great.  He has some serious talent”

“Is that a blush I see creepin’ up your face?” You looked away quickly.  “Wow, it’s redder than your boyfriend’s hair”

“Oh he’s not my-”

“I’m not her boyfriend” You jumped, turning as Archie had just walked in, wandering towards your table and sliding in the booth across from you.

“Boy how did you even know-”

“We have this conversation all the time” You said, cutting off Pop.  Because it was true.  Everyone always asked ‘what the lovely couple would like to eat’ or ‘how long have you been dating?’ or ‘you have a lovely girlfriend sir’ even your grandmother once asked if you and him were together yet.  You’d laughed and shook your head but looked away, trying to hide the slight frown on your lips.

“I’ll have a burger” Archie said with a signature grin to Pop.  He winked, and walked off.  “So.  Why’d you come here all alone?” Archie asked, folding his hands together, and putting his arms on the table and leaning towards you.  His eyes flickered down to the paper between the two of you.

“It’s my job application… to work here” You told him.  No one knew, just your parents, and Pop.  So you weren’t actually sure how he would react.

But you weren’t expecting him to break into  a grin the size of the moon, and clap his hands together before holding yours firmly.  Your eyes widened slightly at the gesture, and he was still smiling.

“y/n that’s great!”

“I-it is?”

“Yeah you love it here! Plus free food! And extra cash!” You giggled softly and nervously at that, looking down at the table so he wouldn’t see the blush that rose to your cheeks upon his hands clasping onto yours.

“You’re right” You said, and gently pulled your hands out of his.

“Took you long enough to admit it” You smiled a little, already going back to your paper.  “Need help?” You shook your head, and Archie nodded, watching you intently.  You were quiet, this didn’t go unnoticed by him, but he knew it was because you were in a deep concentration.

Your eyes were swallowing the words on the page, wide and full of curious thought.  Every once in awhile your nose would crinkle up, and your lip would curl at the end.  When it wasn’t curled, your bottom lip was being tucked in between your teeth.

He thought it was utterly beautiful.

After an hour, you’d finished up the form, and your meals.  Pop had gleefully taken the application for you.  Telling you that the odds of you getting the job were highly in your favor.

“Thank you so much Pop” You said with a big grin as you pulled on your hoodie.

“No problem toots” The man said, before walking back behind the counter, and going back into the kitchen to finish up his orders.  Archie walked up next to you, and you smiled up at him

“You want to go to the drive in?” He asked, and you nodded, letting him put his hat over your head, until your ears were covered.

“Thanks” You mumbled, and you both walked out of the diner.

“I drove the truck” Archie said, revealing his keys before grinning.  “And I brought a bunch of blankets too so we can set them up in the back and stuff” He unlocked the doors, and you both climbed in.

“It’s been awhile, since we’ve seen a movie here” You said.  “You should text Betty, and Ronnie” You said.

“I did” He replied quickly.  “Veronica’s figuring out stuff with her mom and Betty’s staying back in the projection booth with Jughead” You nodded.

“Well that just means one on one time for me and my favorite ginger” You said with a giggle as you bumped your elbow against his arm.  Archie rolled his eyes, but smiled genuinely towards you.

The theatre wasn’t very busy, there were so manyother things that tenagers found to do than go sit outside in the cold watching old movies.  But you still saw the magic and was always entertained being at the Twilight.

You couldn’t remember the last time that you were there though, it seemed like it had been ages.  But you’d been so wrapped up in the anxieties offered by life, that you had barely spent time outside of school, and your room.

“Hey, hey y/n” You jumped slightly in your seat, looking over at Archie.  “We’re here.. You alright? You pulled a tight smile and nodded.  Then unbuckled your seatbelt, and heading to the back of the truck.  You stared up at the screen, playing trailers and ads as Archie laid blankets over the back bed of the truck.

“Hey Archie?” You called, and he looked up at you.  Both of you on either side of the car.

“Yeah?” You bit your cheek, thinking for a moment.  But staring at him and his green eyes, you couldn’t find the right words.  Suddenly, ‘I’m sorry I’ve pulled away from us’ just didn’t feel right.  “y/n?” Archie gave you a concerned look, but you shook your head, tucking your hair back behind your ear.  “Hey… what’s going on?” He straightened out the end of the blanket and walked over to you.  “And don’t say nothing, cause I know that’s a lie”

“I don’t wanna lie”  Archie nodded, hands curling on your wrists and tugging you to the end of the truck.

“Alright, well I’m here to listen… whenever you want to talk” You nodded your head as he pushed himself up onto the bed.  Then turned around, wrapped his hands around your waist and pulled you up too.  “Do you want to?” You nodded, crawling back towards the the mountain of pillows.

“Yeah I just don’t know how to start” He nodded, and you pulled your knees towards your chest.

“Well… I’ve got all night” Archie said, and you nodded, wrapping your arms around your legs.  “Come here, lean over” Archie held his arm out, and he could see the deep blush creeping up your cheeks.  But you did, leaning your head onto his chest, and letting his arm drape around your shoulders.  “It’s okay” His hand rubbed circles on your waist.

“It’s not”

“It is” He grew quieter, as the movie began to play.  “No matter what, it’s gonna be okay” You took in a shaky breath, and watched the movie silently for a few moments.  You tried to calm your thoughts, and slow your rapid heart beat.  “Would this have to be about Grundy?” You scoffed.

“No, no it’s not”

“Okay well anything that could result in me being mad at you is out the window so now there’s really nothing to be worried abou-”

“I had sex with Chuck” His head turned to you so fast, it was just a blur of red hair in front of you.  His eyes were wide, a hard green that sprung tears in your own.

“Did he-”

“No… no it was consensual” His green orbs instantly softened.  “Two weeks ago I was at the Blossoms, for Cheryl’s party?” He nodded, prompting you to continue.  “Add uh… Ronnie was off making out with Betty… and I was just around Chuck and Reggie cause I don’t know…  they’re your football friends and um…”

“I’m not upset” Archie assured you, cupping a hand around your cheek, trying to comfort you best he can.

“He asked me if I wanted to go upstairs… and I wasn’t drunk or anything I knew what he wanted and I just wanted to get over… I told him I wanted to”

“What were you getting over?” You shook your head, looking away and causing his hand to fall from your face.

“Just life” You said weakly.  Alright, so maybe him and Grundy has been eating at you a bit.  You let out a sigh.  “I don’t want to lie to you Archie”

“Then don’t, you don’t have to” He responded.

“Okay then- then I have to be really honest about something” His brows raised momentarily, but nodded, silently telling you to continue.  “I uh- wow this is embarrassing”

“Trust me, I’ve done some weird things I doubt you could say anything that could shock-”

“Archie I’m sorta in love with you”

You proved him wrong in an instant.

“Sort of?” You blinked at his response.

“That’s it? That’s all you have to say I just told you like, my biggest secret ever and that’s all you have to say-?”

“I only ask because I really like you” You stopped talking.  “So if you only sorta like me then I don’t want to push you to do something you don’t want to do” You stared at him, trying to get a read from his expression.  A gentle look, soft features, the slightest ghost of a smile on his lips.

“So it might not be sorta… it might be a lot” You told him, and Archie pulled up a smile.

“I can work with that” He said, and leaned forward, eyes flicking from your lips to your eyes, as though asking for permission.  You nodded, and met him halfway.

It wasn’t like anything you’d experienced before, or heard or read or watched.  It wasn’t fireworks exploding behind your eyes.  But it was magical, in some way.  In the softness, the sweet and gentle touch.  It was his warm hands cupping your face and it was his vanilla tasting lips on yours.  It was his rapid heartbeat against your chest, out of sync with yours but just as fast.  It was your shaky breaths when you’d part for the shortest of moments.  It was the way you laid down on the bed of the truck, in a comfortable, and non-prompting way.  (you were in public this couldn’t escalate any further anyways) But you could just lay there on your sides, kissing softly and lightly.  It was like you were both experimenting with your feelings, relishing in how good it felt to touch the other.

“Knock knock hookers” You jumped, seeing Kevin standing next to the truck.  Instantly your face flushed a red pink color, and Archie just groaned as he sat up.  “Thought I’d come join you, but I don’t want to be a cock block so say the word and I’ll be on my merry way” He smiled cheekily, and you rolled your eyes.

“Get up here Kev” You said to your friend, sitting up next to Archie.

“What’d I miss in the film?” He asked, climbing up to sit next to you.  You looked at Archie, having no idea.

“Don’t look at me I wasn’t paying attention” He shook his head as he whispered.

“That’s alright, watching you two swallow tongue was entertainment enough for me” Kevin said, causing you to roll your eyes again.

“We didn’t even-”

“Don’t even bother” You said to Archie, letting your head fall onto his shoulder.  “It’s Kevin we’re talking about.  He only speaks dirty” Kevin winked at you, and seductively swiped his tongue over his top lip.  You rolled your eyes (again) and slapped his arm.  Then settled back against Archie.

There were probably still conversations to be had and questions to be discussed, but you could put that off till later.  You were far too comfortable where you were now to ruin it by talking.

But it was you and Archie.

How bad could it be?

This time, this time

This time, this time I ain’t gonna run, run, run, run…

Not this time, not this time

Astro Reaction: “Were You Waiting?”

Characters: Astro / Reader
Genre: Fluff
A/N: i couldnt think of a title excuse me xD


Myungjun (MJ):
He would have been out with one of the boys, probably Jinwoo, at a cafe when he saw you. He noticed that you keep glancing at your watch; two cups of coffee on your table. After half an hour, Myungjun sees you sigh, packing your things. You’d apologize to the waiter, who had been a bit annoyed with you. He recognizes the look on your face as embarrassment and immediately walks up to you, smiling.
“Honey~ were you waiting long?”

The two of you would get closer as time goes on, despite the fact that he wasn’t your date.

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Jinwoo (JinJin):
Like Myungjun, he was at the same restaurant as you and had been for well over half an hour. Jinwoo would notice how you kept glancing at the door and would feel bad for you. You had obviously dressed up, expecting somebody; disappointment radiating off of you. He couldn’t deny you attractiveness, although he blushed a lot when one of the boys pointed out that he was staring. When you had been sitting at your table alone for an hour, he finally stood up and went to you.
“Hello, I couldn’t help but notice that you’re alone. Is this seat taken?”
This man boy would try to be smooth but would fail, stumbling over his words cutely. It wouldn’t take long for you to feel better after being stood up.

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Dongmin (Eunwoo):
Unlike his hyungs, Dongmin would actually witness you being ditched by your date. After watching your date leave, he would see how hurt and embarrassed you were. Upon noticing the amount of people who were staring at you, he’d walk up to your table, guiding you toward the exit.
“Forget him– let’s go get some coffee. I know this great cafe down the road.”
Although you’d be a bit wary when he walked up to you, you’d warm up to him after realizing that he was just being nice.

*i’m screaming omg eunwoo is a perfect human being i swear*

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Bin (Moonbin): *am i the only one who was confused over his name*
When he walked into the restaurant with the boys, he wouldn’t immediately see you. He’d only notice you after they walked passed your table. Astro just so happened to sit behind you, so he was able to hear you talk when your phone rang. He’d eavesdrop without noticing, raising his eyebrows at your angry tone. When he found out that you were stood up he’d leave his own table, confusing the hell out of the boys, and sit across from you, smiling awkwardly.
“ It’s nice to meet you I’m Bin, but you can call me Moonbin.”
“Um, I–”

While you appreciated the thought, you’d probably send him back to his table after seeing how awkward and subtly stressed the boy was. Before you left, you’d ask for his number, claiming you wanted to buy him a drink in return for trying.

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Minhyuk (Rocky):
Honestly, Minhyuk went to the almost empty cafe because he had a bit of a headache and didn’t want to talk to anyone. His mindset would change when he’d notice you quietly crying at your corner table. Literally no one else was in the cafe except for a few workers behind the counter. Slowly, he’d walk to your table and cautiously sit down.
“Hey, are you okay? I’ll buy you a drink, what do you want?”
“It’s fine–”

After ordering two hot chocolates, despite your protests, he’d listen to your story. He’d do his best to make you smile, his headache the last of his worries.

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He just wanted his burgers when he and the boys arrived at the fast food restaurant. He’d notice you sitting across from a guy who was on his phone. Sanha would probably be a bit weirded out; why were you so dressed up at a fast food place?? When he was nearly finished his burger, the two of you began to argue over the quality of your dates. After the guy dumped his drink on you, storming out, he’d make his way to you to ask if you were okay.
“Oh my gosh, that was so rude of him… are you okay? Wait of course you’re not okay, you just got a drink dumped on you–”
He’d get nervous and shy after realizing he walked up to an attractive af person, but he’d still be worried about you.

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Daddy issues

What happens when you can’t pay for your 5 doughnuts and one hot chocolate order, because you forgot your wallet at home? You find yourself a sugar daddy. Or that’s what happened to a grumpy Min Yoongi.

Chapter one | Chapter two | Chapter three | Chapter four | Chapter five

Pairing: Min Yoongi x Jeon JungKook | ft. Kim NamJoon

Word count: 4977

Warnings: Maybe swearing and future smut

A/N: Another fic that was originally posted on AO3. I plan on finishing it over here because I really love the idea and in all honesty, I think it’s my favorite that I’ve written. Also in here JungKook is older than Yoongi. Hope you’ll enjoy!

“One hot chocolate. Three doughnuts. One chocolate pretzel…hmmm…and…huh…you know, make it 5 chocolate and cherry doughnuts…” Yoongi said to the cashier dressed in a rumpled bright green uniform with a mustard yellow shirt underneath. She had a small name tag attached with a safety pin that said “Mindy”. He felt kind of bad for her, but at the same time he didn’t have much time to meditate over the thought, because guilt was creeping into his mind, thinking about what he just bought.

“Crap! I’ll regret this later…for sure I’ll end up a closet with four doors…shit! I don’t fucking care for now, actually. This is for later!” he said to himself, trying to avoid the unavoidable confrontation with the cold truth. He was binge eating. Again.

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