chocolate verrine

Little cups of heaven: Chocolate Verrines No.1 featuring dark chocolate ganache, mascarpone whipped cream and cacao nibs tuille.

As my mother’s chocolate tart exams near, our house is overwhelmed with leftover ganache, glaze, cream and tuile. Her beautiful, delicious solution was the ever-flexible dessert Verrine, simply made by layering each component on top of the other like a parfait - beginning with the heavy whipped cream, then the lighter dark chocolate ganache, then the mascarpone cacao whipped cream piped in tiny balls around the side of the glass to create space for a round “lid” of cacao nibs tuile. 

Just some leftovers: Chocolate Verrines No.2

When my mother wondered what else you could do with leftover dark chocolate ganache, mascarpone whipped cream and cacao nib tuile, the obvious answer to her was a chocolate dessert verrine. That wouldn’t have been my first answer, but I’m glad it was hers - these beautiful little cups are tiny, light but absolutely delicious and decadent treats, with the tartness of the raspberry providing the pop that just cuts through the bitter sweetness of the dark chocolate and the smoothness of the whipped cream.