chocolate tortes

Die Prinzregententorte is a cake from Bayern (Bavaria), consisting of at least 6, usually 7, thin layers of sponge cake interlaid with chocolate buttercream and a topping of apricot jam. The exterior is covered in a dark chocolate glaze. It’s very popular in Bavaria, available in shops and cafes year-round. The cake is named after Prince Luitpold, who was prince regent of Bavaria beginning in 1886. Its exact origin remains in dispute; among those claimed as its creators are the prince regent’s cook, Johann Rottenhoeffer, the baker Anton Seidl, and the baking firm of Heinrich Georg Erbshäuser.


Strawberry Coconut Torte

Are you familiar with the feeling when there is no real occasion for a cake, but you feel there should be? I have opted to call this phenomenon ‘cake emptiness’ (with a slight nod to the Manics). It’s a particularly common on Fridays. I know I cannot be the only sufferer, because on Friday my mother sent me an email asking if I was going to bake something for the weekend. Of course I only have to see the word 'bake’ followed by a question mark, and I will start thinking of recipes. At first, she asked for something with mango, but then my sister was adamant they taste like grass and said she would not eat the cake. 

So, I went for the safer option of coconut and strawberries -  the fact that coconut is a recurring ingredient in my cakes is partly thanks to the fact that my sister is a supertaster (or picky eater in normal English). I came across a nice recipe with the two ingredients: a cake with coconut mousse and strawberry jam. But hey, I thought, why not switch it around and turn it into a strawberry mousse with coconut jam instead? I made the jam by mixing 75 gr of shredded coconut with a can of coconut milk, and boiled it down until it had thickened. I turned off the heat after half and hour an added white chocolate and and a few tablespoons of coconut liqueur, stirring it in until it had dissolved. I spread the jam on the cake base and made alternate layers of coconut and strawberry mousse.

Even though I rarely use strawberry in baking (except for fresh strawberries) I was pleasantly surprised at the sheer deliciousness of strawberry mousse. I think my low expectations of anything strawberry flavoured is due to the strawberry yogurt, ice cream, and sweets I consumed as a child. Personally, I feel strawberries should get a protective status and the food industry should be prohibited from using strawberry on packaging, so as to finally separate artificially flavoured strawberry garbage from the real thing. They simply need to invent another name, such as 'starberries’. In Dutch, strawberries are affectionately nicknamed zomerkoninkjes - little summer kings - whereas their common name aardbei doesn’t sound half as appetising. So for my part, the food industry can keep using aardbei, while we continue to use their cute nickname. Problem solved!

“I’m about to broil some catfish fillets; yesterday, i made a chocolate torte. Lots of cooking lately, although i don’t really like to eat all that much, just to pass the time. But yes, i’ve been baking naan, roasting birds and beasts! In fact, just yesterday, I made a lamb curry with whole apricots. i need to expand my repertoire a bit , though, especially in the side dish department. I mainly just like to prepare things.”

Elliott Smith

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