chocolate toast


This is going to be the longest cupcake explanation but IT HAS TO BE THIS WAY!!! I just finished the most amazing Fall treat. First, I made a graham cracker crust mixture and packed it into the bottom of a cupcake liner. Second, I filled the liner with a Pumpkin cake batter and baked it.

After the cupcakes cooled I scooped out a little bit of the center. I loaded my piping bag with the marshmallow cream I made yesterday and filled the center.

I added heavy cream and milk chocolate to a sauce pan and made a ganache that I drizzled over the top of the marshmallow I had piped. Then I sprinkled graham cracker crumbs over the top. I threw some big marshmallows under the broiler to toast them.

Finally, after the marshmallow was toasted enough, I placed it on top of the cupcake. Viola! Pumpkin S’more Cupcakes!!!!


throwback to a very toasty day…wholemeal walnut toast, dark chocolate peanut butter tofu mousse, peanut butter, chocolate quinoa granola, tahini, raspberry jam, almonds, cacao nibs ;)

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Cheer Up Post #4785 - Shibuya Honey Toast Edition

A toasted brick of bread filled with ice cream and honey, possibly a divine experience.

Food Masterpost

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Aesthetics & Color Palettes

Aries: volcano, fireplace, red lipstick/nails, grapefruits, canyon, leather, campfire, lava lamp, melted chocolate, roasted/toasted marshmallows.

Taurus: trees, coffee/hot chocolate, Christmas sweaters, water lilies, pink roses, presents, autumn leaves, pancakes/crepes, paved streets, comfy blanket. 

Gemini: tornado, yellow cabs, crowded citiy, lemons, joker card, sand clock, clouds, roller coaster ride/funfair, ice cream, trains. 

Cancer: pearls, old books, woollen scarfs, pocket watch/clock, dried flowers, the Moon, ocean, tearful eyes, babies, lip balms. 

Leo: the Sun, champagne, theaters, gold watch/jewelry, crown, lions/felines, sunflowers, fireworks, candies, glitter clothes. 

Virgo: libraries, bathrooms, anatomy/medical books, mountains, ice/snow, grey sky, organized desk, forest, cactuses.  

Libra; cotton candy, marshmallows, flowers, swans, fans, sculptures, peace sign, macarons/pastries, tutus/ballerinas, sunglasses.

Scorpio: red apples, blood stains, satin sheets, dark streets, abandoned mansion, dark sky/thunderstorm, dark chocolate/coffee grounds, lace, candy canes, potion bottles.

Sagittarius: airplanes, tropical jungle, arrows, cinnamon/spices, dark blue starry sky, haunted house, vinyls, mountains, road signs, cars.

Capricorn: suits, black eyeliner and eyeshadow, wine bottles, pillows, guitar, notebooks and office supplies, coffee, newspapers, boats, blackboard. 

Aquarius: dreamcatchers, butterflies, smartphones/technology items, jellyfishes, rings, feathers and birds, neon lights, dark lipstick, tattoos, quotes/pictures about freedom. 

Pisces: mermaids, ocean/lake/water, shells, tears, paintings, fog, mosaic, bed and sheets, dolphins, poetry books.