chocolate tiffin


couldn’t stop mucking about in the kitchen after baking the snickerdoodles so i whipped up a cheeky tin of chocolate tiffin! i consulted a few different recipes to get a sense generally of how to make it, but then sort of went rogue and improvised my own adapted version. the basic idea:

  • melt ¼ of a stick of butter (this is like…. 28g i think?), 1 tbsp maple syrup, and a big bag of semisweet chocolate chips in a saucepan over low heat, stirring often– don’t let the chocolate burn!
  • in a large bowl, crush up about 200-250g biscuits (i used plain mcvities digestives, around half a package or so) until you’ve got a mix of crumbs and small pieces
  • add to the bowl a few handfuls of the dried fruit of your choice. i used raisins, but dried cherries or probably even cranberries would work too i guess! i didn’t measure this but just added enough to have an even distribution amongst the biscuit crumbles
  • then add crushed up nuts of your choice if desired– this isn’t necessary but it’s kinda nice. i did crushed raw pecans, though macadamias probably would’ve been ideal if i’d had them on hand. 
  • after mixing all of these together well, pour the “sauce” into it and mix it up until the chocolate sauce and the dry ingredients are evenly combined
  • line a baking tin with parchment and add this mix into it, making sure the height of the mixture is basically level throughout the whole pan. around 1" tall is ideal. 
  • in a saucepan, melt some more chocolate into liquid. i used semisweet again. probably about 140g worth is enough. once it’s melted, pour it over the tiffin in the pan, evenly distributing it as a top layer/coating. 
  • chuck that baby in the fridge for a few hours! after like 3-4 hours it’ll be all solidified and you’ll probably want to let it sit out a little while to come to room temperature before trying to cut it into slices.