chocolate strawberry muffins

TONIGHT! My last episode of Steven Universe boarded with the wonderful @jeffliujeffliu! Hope you enjoy and thanks for all the support! It’s been a huge honor to be able to board on the show and I hope you look forward to all the great episodes yet to come! 

For the episode I made an ube roll from scratch with Christy Cohen, our amazing production coordinator and resident sugar witch. Ours wasn’t quite as good as a real Filipino ube roll (my fault) but we did pretty good for our first time I think! 

<3 you all, hope you enjoy!


Custom made AU Sprites for @candy-undertale!! I made (mainly) the bosses of that world, with a few extras here and there~

This was a lot of fun to make and I hope you enjoy them Abbie! Free to use! ~<3


what have i got myself into 


Drew a thing for my favourite au! muffet and alphys are my favourites aaa

I added a lil whipped cream annoying dog too ^^ I really hope you like it!!

AHHHHHH THIS IS GLORIOUS ;;v;; Like seriously, this is awesome! I commend you for doing such a big picture! Everyone here looks really well-done and amazing! There’s like, so much I wanna say, like how you added the Annoying Dog (and whipped cream is such a nice idea!), Mint’s candy-cane knife, Undyne and Alphys, and the skelebros! :D It’s all amazing, thank you!