chocolate strawberry i guess

All Bottled Up

Here’s Part 2!

Part 1:

“We really should’ve let the cookies cool down.” Keith said, lifting the ice cream sandwich to hus mouth before it drips to the couch.

“Ya think?” Lance laughed on the floor, fervently licking at his hand for every drip of the melting ice cream.

“You guys stick with your ice cream, while I enjoy my doughy, warm goodness.” Shiro gave up on the ice cream sandwich and grabbed a bowl from the counter. There he dunk his share of the cookies and mashed them together. He ate the warm cookies with a spoon and seemed content with it.

“I have an idea!” Lance crawled towards them, grabbing the tub of ice cream on the table and his share of warm cookies. He kneeled in front of them on the couch and waved for Shiro to hand over his bowl.

“What are you planning, Lance.” Shiro raised a brow at Lance, refusing to hand over his bowl. He saw the mischievous glint of Lance’s eyes, he knows the idea was a bad one.

Lance rolled his eyes at him. “Keeeeith, your boyfriend won’t hand his goods!” Lance whined, pawing at Keith’s shoulder.

“Pfft, Lance, you can’t just say things like that!” Keith laughed, burrowing even deeper on Shiro’s chest. They occupied much of the couch’s space where Shiro sat at the corner and Keith languidly leaning on Shiro’s side with his feet on the remaining space.

They look comfy, Lance thought as he tried to grab Shiro’s bowl.

“No! You’re gonna ruin it with your ice cream!” Shiro refused to hand over the bowl, enjoying the way Lance tried to reach for it.

Shiro has to admit that it was fun hanging out with Lance. It was like he was friends with him too.

They’ve been eating cookies and ice cream for a while now, and he very much enjoyed Lance’s company. Of course it’s also a plus how Lance made Keith smile. He can see now that Keith and Lance truly had years of friendship connecting them in a way that it’s fascinating to watch. Whenever Keith would recall a certain event in their younger years, Lance would smile wide and continue the story with much enthusiasm that all you could do was listen and smile back.

Given the fact that they had a rocky reunion, you wouldn’t know that they just had a confrontation a while ago with the way they were talking to each other. Keith was relaxed in his arms, laughing and eating melting ice cream. That’s all he could ask for.

“Cmon, Shiro. Pleeease?” Lance leaned in further, his hand digging on the sofa’s surface between his legs and his chest near his. His face was close too and he was struck with how blue his eyes were.

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anonymous asked:

Being "bisexual" is for attention and whores. You've only ever had boyfriends so you're just faking it because you're a slut. Quit being a fake queer who can't decide.

I’ve saved answering this question for today, because it’s time for me to speak up about it.

Bisexual. We should be one of the easiest sexualities to understand, but even we sometimes don’t understand it ourselves. But it’s time we made it not about labels, but how we feel as people.

You, anonymous person, don’t think I don’t know who you are. You’re the representation of all those that people who are different from you fear. Yet, you do not have the privilege to define us. And let me tell you why.

Being bi is not a choice.

I repeat, being bi is not a choice.

In the same way being a lesbian is not a choice. Being gay is not a choice. Being anything but straight is not a choice. I don’t choose to like chocolate covered strawberries, but guess what? I’d never insult anyone for not liking chocolate covered strawberries because it’s not their choice they don’t.

It’s difficult to be anything but straight. Difficult to accept, understand, define, like society demands we must, to justify and explain out differences when, hell, we hardly understand them ourselves. Why would I make the choice to make things difficult for myself, when I could just have it simpler? I’m not looking for attention; I’m not a whore. I’m a fucking human being, a person who loves and hurts and burns in agony because no one can accept that I have too much love to restrict it to one gender to satisfy people like you.

I refuse to pigeonhole myself into the labels you deem to be real. I carry the universe inside of me. I am the worst nightmare and the best dream. My worth is not determined by your narrow-minded ideals and stereotypes.

And you, you anonymous person, you wonder why I don’t go screaming my sexuality out to the world? Because I don’t want my sexuality to define me. I don’t want it overpower me. I don’t want people to introduce me at “the bisexual one”. Because all the hate I get is someway related to my sexuality. And while that doesn’t stab me through the heart with a stake, I just can’t be bothered to respond to it on a daily basis.

I am so much more than just my sexuality. For so many people, their sexuality consumes their whole being, and they spend much more time thinking about it than a straight person. And that’s fine. But that’s not me and it will never be me. I love whom I love, and their gender shouldn’t matter to anyone but them and me.

So, my anonymous friend, here is your response you wanted to trigger. It’s not what you expected, but then again, I am the unexpected. Open your eyes, maybe you’ll see. Our worth is never dependent on whom we love, but on how we treat each other.

🕰⏱⏲⏰ so to catch up Louis has posted his warning selfie after being placed publicly in Malibu as of last night at least. Stunt 1 - Briana is out and about on snapchat posting pics with a caption Malibu and stunt 2 - Danielle prefers the new Instagram feature of posting pics yesterday of chocolate covered strawberries at the beach. Wow can I possibly guess next steps? Can’t wait to see the next instalment of this novella, will it be a romantic day at the beach with Douis or an awkward custody exchange in a beach carpark? Stay tuned!!!!!!! DM has so many options to run the same recycled story

shadowlotus  asked:

i had a dream that you were RTX or some other con, selling official RWBY merch for RT. you were having so much fun. especially with the ice cream flavors

That’s a pretty cool dream.

“Ice cream flavors”? Was I selling OFFICIAL RWBY ICE CREAM!? Cause that actually sounds delicious wtf. 

Like you’d have
Ruby: Strawberry
Weiss: Vanilla
Yang: Lemon Sorbet
Blake: Dark dark chocolate

BUT THEN you’d have ladybug (raspberry/nutella) freezerburn (cake batter) white rose (literal rose ice cream, or bubblegum? something pink) and bumblebee (banana/chocolate), Checkmate (white/milk chocolate fudge), and uh, I guess also strawberry sunrise, which would be Mango/Strawberry

this got out of hand but team JNPR is …. mostly shaved ice…. 

Jaune is butterscotch
Nora is cotton candy, natch
Pyrrha is tiger blood
Ren is kiwi

arkos = pineapple, renora = watermelon, pyrrha/ren = black walnut, pyrrha/nora = fruit punch, nora/jaune = wedding cake, jaune/ren = green tea