chocolate skin


Sadly the tumblr staff felt that my Amara La Negra appreciation post(which proudly received over 7,000 notes)  needed to be deleted & I don’t know why:( …. Well here’s a new one,enjoy(:


Man it’s been so many time where I came across thinking about changing myself, in order to get attention like other girls do. Even to feel as loved as other girls do. So last year I resorted to a deep depression where I was stuck. I began to tell myself That I’d never be pretty as her ; Or I’m pretty but will never be pretty enough for him. I felt like if I didn’t have a slim waist, long hair, or this curly big hair, like some of these exotic dark skin girls on Instagram, I wasn’t shit. I felt like being a plus sized, dark skin girl, would be the last thing some guy I was attracted to, would go for. At the end of the year I began to put up shields with people who had my best interest ; mostly guys who liked me. At times id be happy, feel beautiful, then see this girl and ask why am I not that pretty. Or when I wanted to wear things I wanted to wear, it reminded me of times when I was little and bullied. “ oh that shirts to bright for you ;You are to dark.” Or in middle school : “no id never date girls like her, she’s too dark.” I would be lying my ass off, if I said I always felt this pretty. People all ways ask me why am I so nice. My friends always telling me I be tripping when I call another girls pretty ( who they think Isn’t so pretty, or not at all). But when I began to do that, it felt so good. It made me realize that I deserve to feel like the way I just made her feel. That I deserve to feel that pretty. Moral of my story is, love the skin you are in. If you would like to change, understand you can’t hate yourself into this ideal of this person you want to be. Stop trying to be like someone else. Stop saying what if ? Stop questioning your beauty, and just say fuck it . Love yourself, I promise you are beautiful. I promise you there’s many people that see what you try to see in yourself. Any who’s …