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“It’s for Valentine’s Day”


“You must be lonely?”


And now I’m just imagining Derek Hale at the supermarket at like nine at night on Feb. 13, innocently going through the checkout with his cucumber…..


It’s nine at night on February 13 when this hot-like-burning guy in a leather jacket comes up to Stiles’ lane at the supermarket and plops down a single cucumber and a crumpled dollar bill on the belt.

Stiles hefts it. “Uh, just this?”

The guy nods and offers, “It’s, um, for Valentine’s Day.”

Stiles blurts, “You must be lonely,” because this is his brain on less than three hours of sleep, ladies and gentlemen of the jury. College sucks.

Cucumber Guy’s eyes widen behind his thick-framed glasses (glasses that do nothing to diminish his attractiveness, unfortunately) and he just stands there staring at Stiles, color flooding to his cheeks.

Stiles replays what he just said in his head and mentally slaps himself. “No, wait, that’s not—”

Cucumber Guy just shakes his head, takes his cucumber and his receipt, and walks away.

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Seasonal cupcake - Cherry, from Sunshine Seasons located in Epcot’s Land Pavilion.


Golden Trio Era Imagines:

- Bill Weasley

   - “The wedding”

- Blaise Zabini

   - “Awkward and clumsy”

   - “Beautiful”

- Cedric Diggory

   - “Quidditch match”

   - “Pregnancy”

   - “The aftermath”

   - “Fighting”

- Charlie Weasley

   - “The Weasleys’ plot against Charlie”

- Dean Thomas

   - “Unaware”

   - “When Seamus has had enough”

   - “Of Gryffindors, Hufflepuffs and Slytherins”

   - “Nice to meet you”

- Draco Malfoy

   - “Obliviate”

   - “When Pansy and Blaise get involved…”

   - “Secrets”

- Fred Weasley

   - “Drunk”

   - “Astronomy Tower”

   - “Saving you from Umbridge”

   - “Teased”

   - “Hogsmeade”

   - “Break-up”

  - “Thinking out loud”

- George Weasley

   - “The new prankster”

   - “Christmas in the Burrow”

   - “Mama”

   - “Stunning Spell”

   - “American student”

   - “I don’t want to marry her”

   - “Jealous brat”

   - “Fred’s death”

   - “Scars and fireworks”

- Harry Potter

   - “The broomstick ride”

    - “Felix Felicis"

- Hermione Granger

   - “You are beautiful”

   - “Strong yet chill”

- Luna Lovegood

   - “Looking back”

- Neville Longbottom

   - “Your gentleman”

   - “Flustered”

   - “Herbology tutoring session”

   - "Heal”

-Oliver Wood

   - “Injured”

   - “Cold as ice”

- Pansy Parkinson

   - “To hell with it!” (F/F) Part 1 / Part 2

   - “Push” (+ Drarry)

- Remus Lupin (adult)

   - “Meeting Molly’s friend” 

    - “The Professor’s daughter”

- Ron Weasley

   - “Watching Disney”

   - “About bloody time!”

   - “Of vanishment essays and slytherins”

   - “Jealousy”

   - “Oblivious”

   - “Snowy date”

   - “Stay safe”

   - “You keep me going on”

   - “Cuddles and sweets”

- Seamus Finnigan

   - “Explosions”

   - “5 attempts”

- Sirius Black (adult)

   - “My treasure”

   - “I’m back, love”

   - “12 years”

   - “Daughter”

   - “The muggle and the dog”

  - “July baby”

- Weasley Twins

   - “The three pranksters”

  - “Moth”

Marauders Era Imagines:

- Arthur Weasley

   - “Muggle things”

- James Potter

   - “The seeker and the chaser”

   - “The Ravenclaw girl”

   - “Pure Blood Party” - Part 1 - Part 2

   - “What makes you beautiful”

   - “Cheerleader”

- Lily Evans

  - “Jealousy”

- Marauders Friendship

   - “The challenge”

   - “Truth or dare”

- Peter Pettigrew

   - “Sometimes all you need is encouragement”

- Regulus Black

   - “Horcruxes”

   - “Brotherly love”

    - “Sweaters and chocolate frogs”

   - “Evans sister”

- Remus Lupin

   - “I dare you to kiss”

   - “Divination exam”

   - “Nightmares”

   - “Two werevolves, together”

   - “Can I call you boyfriend?”

   - “The first day is the worst”

   - “Various confessions”

   - “I’m willing to find out”

   - “Drunk confessions of a Yule Ball night”

   - “Summer with you”

   - “Thunderstorm”

   - “Reckless”

   - “Skipping class”

   - “Cheering you up”

   - “The hottest couple of the Yule Ball”

   - “Set me up on a date”

   - “Squirrel”

   - “Misunderstanding”

- Sirius Black

   - “Definitely, Remus was going to kill him”

   - “Christmas at Hogwarts isn’t that bad”

   - “Getting you back”

   - “No one can resist the Black’s charm”

   - “My best friend’s sister is my girlfriend”

   - “Hickey”

   - “Ilvermorny girl”

   - “Pretending”

   - “Opposites attract”

   - “Just cuddle me” (M/M)

   - “Smoking” Part 1 - Part 2

   - “Bets”

   - “Animagus”

   - “Towel”

   - “Our baby”

   - “Disowned”

   - “Common Room”

   - “Comfort”

- Severus Snape

   - “Sometimes you could find friends in the most inlikely circumstances”

   - “Nothing more than a friend” - Part 1 - Part 2

The Marauders and Lily’s reaction to the HP movies

- Part 1

- Part 2

- Part 3

- Part 4

- Part 5

- Part 6

- Part 7

Next generation imagines:

- Teddy Lupin

   - Library Paradise

Bakery selection in Les Halles Boulangerie-Patisserie located in Epcot’s France Pavilion.


Valentine’s day HC

Since the chapter 187 , I like to think that sometimes , ZZX helps GS to do his homework. Let’s say they become good friends.
One day , at ZZX’s home , GS finds a box on his desk. A chocolate box. From his sister (bc brother complex). ZZX proposes him to have a taste and hands him one. GS bites into it. He likes it. He gives him the other half and , little by little , they end up sharing them mouth to mouth. They finish the entire box like that.

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Potter Prompt: I hc Merton Graves (cellist of the Weird Sisters) as aro! -H

Chocolate Frog Card description: Plays cello with the popular wizarding band The Weird Sisters.

In music, Merton, who prefers to go by Graves, can both lose himself… and find himself. In music, Graves can tune out the pressure from his parents and grandparents to “find a nice witch and settle down”. In music, Graves can feel a true connection to the world around him. In music, Graves can ignore all the voices telling him he’s wrong or broken. In music, Graves can build his own path and people will follow him.

“C’mon, Graves. Yes or no? Music or school? We’re getting opportunities now. We can’t wait a couple years to get big; the opportunities might be gone.”

Merton knew he should stay in school. It was what was expected of him. 

But heck. There were so few schools and they basically just handed out diplomas to anyone who attended. If he missed a few days, really. What would they do?

Besides. To be honest. Graves wasn’t a great student. If music didn’t work out or when it stopped paying him, it wasn’t like he was going to be a great academic or do some job that required a ridiculous amount of training.

“I’m in. It sounds like a great gig,” Graves grinned. 

“Then you’re officially a Weird Sister,” he was welcomed.

Graves’ grin widened. He had a gig! But more importantly, he was officially a part of a team of friends that never once judged him for being aromantic or pressured him into having a relationship.

~Hufflepuff Mod

BOIIIIIIIIIII I just got some new makeup (Too Faced) AND IT SMELLS LIKE MF COCOA I CAN DIE HAPPY. I’M JUST LIKE “bitch smell my face I smell like happiness”. 

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Star Wars cupcake (vanilla with Oreo cream filling and chocolate swirl buttercream) from Contempo Cafe located in Disney’s Contemporary Resort.