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cocoademon  asked:

If Kylo was a candy, what do you think he'd be? My money's on a dark chocolate sea salt caramel - a sticky and sweet center, offset by a bitter coating topped with potentially stinging crystals.

This is so well thought out! I was just going to say SUPER dark chocolate, that 80-90% cacao that’s bitter and dark and almost feels somehow punishing to eat. But I like your additions much more – very on the mark.

More Hogwarts House Aesthetic
  • Gryffindor: Dancing ridiculously; procrastinating to no end; pounding music; thunderstorms; supermarket raids at midnight with their friends; bonfires; yelling across the room; outdoor concerts; complicated handshakes
  • Hufflepuff: Unexpected hugs from the back; cuddling in front of a fire; oversized sweatshirts; wind chimes; polaroids; cuddling in blankets; new recipes; baking at 2am; just cuddling in general; fairytales and short stories; wishing on dandelions
  • Ravenclaw: Playing an instrument or two or three; singing under their breath; finding people who listen to their book rants; study playlists; calligraphy; binge watching tv shows until 4am; ink splatters and unkept journals
  • Slytherin: Lighthearted teasing; sharing secrets; 3am texts; playing with their hair; leather jackets; museums; dark chocolate and sea salt; having someone who stays up with you on those restless nights
  • Neptune: Is there any reason your team leader ordered me to stop you from eating anything with sugar at all?
  • Nora: Nah, Jaune-Jaune's just a joker. Ooh, so many j's.
  • Neptune: I mean it Nora. Jaune is the most chilled person on Remnant. If he gave me an order in such a strict way, it's serious.
  • Nora: Pfft, nah, seriously. I mean, sure, I broke down some nice restaurants before when I got a bit of sugar, but I'm FIIIIINE now. No problems from me.
  • Neptune: I'm starting to question if it really was a good idea to go on a date with you
  • Nora: This is a date? Jaune told me you were making sure I was away for a surprise party.
  • Neptune: But Jaune told me you wanted to go out with me!
  • ---
  • Jaune: use neptune as a norasitter. youre a genius ren
  • Ren: *nods*
  • Pyrrha: Hey, do you hear that?
  • Jaune: ye, silence is so odd now im thankful
  • Ren: No...I hear something.
  • *door breaks down*
  • Jaune: frick
  • *Jaune's scroll buzzes, he checks it*
  • Neptune: "Guess who let slip that they had a chocolate bar in their pocket!"

Horned Sea Star (Protoreaster nodosus)

Also known as the Chocolate Chip or Knobbed Sea Star, the horned sea star is a species of oreasterid sea star that occurs in warm, shallow waters in the Indo-Pacific. Like many other sea stars P. nodosus is an opportunistic carnivore and will feeds mainly on sessile invertebrates and other slow moving invertebrates. The “horns” which give P. nodosus its common name are used mainly to deter potential predators by making it look less palatable.


Animalia-Echinodermata-Asteroidea-Valvatida-Oreasteridae-Protoreaster-P. nodosus

Images: Kareji and Marta Maria Rubio Texeria