chocolate rum balls


Wooooo ok so @sweetiron, @ponykind, @pelenor and I had an Undertale themed party last saturday! 

1. Flowey made by me, vines hung by @sweetiron I enjoyed making this a lot it’s probably going to stay up in our house forever (or until the next house inspection or party)

2. A useless pile of snow! Yeah ok this makes me feel… a little bad but we needed somewhere to put drinks! There’s an ice wolf stuck a little higher up the wall. 

3. Spider bake sale!!
I designed cider labels, had them printed on sticker paper, peeled the labels off some alcoholic cider bottles and stuck these on. There’s even little Muffet faces stuck on the top of the caps. This was one of the main things I wanted to do for the party and I still have a bottle sitting on my desk that I can’t quite bring myself the drink. 
Croissants were just bought ones, but the lovely @sarahttaylor decorated the spider donuts and gave them to us even though she couldn’t stay for the party. She’s the kindest friend too pure for this world. 

4. Simple snacks! The friendliness pellets were these sugar covered marshmallows which sounded great, but they tasted really strange. After a while you got used to them but we thought it was very appropriate for a Flowey themed thing.

5. Cinnamon bunnies (I tried to ice them with bunny faces but it didn’t quite work so I gave up and just put a bunch of icing on), Snowman pieces (white chocolate rum balls) and Temmie Flakes (honey joys made by @sweetiron)

6. Dog treats (shortbread) and abandoned quiches (mini quiches that we bought)

7. Hot Dogs! Well, cocktail frankfurts with no bun… we got a little lazy but Sans would approve! Also little mini Spaghetti nests! Plus Glamburgers, which were a little rushed (at this point I had been cooking for almost 8 hours and the party was in full swing) but I’m happy with them! Rock salt for glitter!

8. Sans’ pet rock cake. It’s covered in sprinkles. And OF COURSE the obligatory Butterscotch Cinnamon Pie.

We also had a lot of characters printed out and stuck around the house, pretty sure we had every fight-able monster at least. Plus some of the bead sprites I made! 

The whole thing was so much fun even if I tired myself out by cooking so much!


Herbe Rumkugeln

Zutaten (ca.30 Stück): 150 g Schokolade, zartbitter (dark chocolate) - 50 g Butter, weich (soft butter) - 1 EL echten Kakao (real cocoa powder) - 2-3 EL Rum (tablespoons rum) - 75 g Schokostreußel, zartbitter (chocolate.. bits? :D)

Jason has been cooking since before he could properly reach the top of the stove.

From the first time he managed to turn his unappetizing, cold canned ravioli into steaming hot, cheesy goodness, he was hooked.

He makes a point to have a fully stocked, transportable spice rack that can be quickly moved between his safehouses in case he needs to leave in a hurry.

Jay loves food, he loves grocery shopping, and he loves preparing food. He’s great at bringing comfort foods to the next level. His Macaroni n’ cheese is made with four types of gourmet cheeses and coated with crushed red pepper. It’s absolutely divine.

But Jason’s true calling is baking. He makes a truly inspired soufflé. And his chocolate rum balls are to die for (just don’t ask him how much butter he puts in those things).

Jason stress bakes, which might sound amusing but is really more along the lines of terrifying. He’ll stalk around the kitchen with wild eyes, wielding a sharp cooking knife with dangerous proficiency.

By the time the baked goods are in the oven, flour will be smeared across the sharp cut of his cheekbones in a way that resembles war paint more than anything else.

Jason also never truly gets over the excitement of having ready access to fruits and vegetables. He incorporates veggies into almost all his meals. And he’s always snacking on a piece of fruit. Jay revels in the ability to afford the more expensive fruits like pomegranites and dragon fruit.

But his favorite fruits are the succulent, juicy fruits like plums and peaches that drip down your chin, the ones with juices that you have to lick off your fingers.

Drunken Marimos (chocolate rum balls)

• 3 ¼ cups crushed vanilla wafers (measure after crushing)
• ¾ cups confectioners sugar
• ¼ cups unsweetened cocoa powder
• 1 ½ cups chopped walnuts
• 3 tablespoons light corn syrup
• ½ cup rum
• green sugar (approx. 2.25 oz.)

Stir together the crushed vanilla wafers, confectioners sugar, cocoa, and nuts. Blend in corn syrup and rum. Shape into 1 inch balls and roll in extra powdered sugar. Store in airtight container for several days (1 week recommended) to develop flavor. Roll in green sugar before serving.

Note: If you are having difficulties getting the green sugar to stick, try brushing the rum balls with water or rum to wet the surface, then roll them in the sugar.