chocolate raspberry muffins

Alright everyone come on this journey with me IMAGINE

Harry Styles is in his coziest joggers and a giant well-worn jumper.

His fireplace is blazing and he goes to his built-in that houses his vast vinyl collection. He drags his fingers along a few shelves wanting to decide by impulse, by touch, until he gets to the P’s (of course they’re alphabetized. Anything else would be chaos!). He gets that buzz of good energy he’s been hoping for.

Harry pulls out a vintage Elvis Presley album and tugs the left side of his mouth up into grin. His impulse was right. This is exactly what he wanted.

As the music crackles to life through his custom sound system, he sets back to preparing his batch of white chocolate raspberry muffins, bobbing his head and gyrating his hips just like the King when the moment feels right.

Muffins in the oven and dishes all soaking, he flings himself onto his sofa. It’s his corner - the seat that’s finally starting to wear into his shape like he’d hoped when he first got it but never had the time to break in. He crosses his feet at the ankles, feet still moving to rhythm of the song.

And right after he’s sung out a line in what Harry must admit is a pretty spot on Presley Impression, he brings out his phone and tweets:

“You can shake an apple from the apple tree.”

And then puts his phone away, locks his fingers behind his head and closed his eyes.

It’s Saturday afternoon. And Harry Styles has nothing to do.


Yes, I love baking. I would love to absolutely nothing but sleep, bake and eat. 

This time I made Vegan Chocolate Chunk, Raspberry & Blueberry Vanilla Muffins! They turned out quite ugly (they kinda look like old people) but there was some that were kinda pretty. Just look at those swirls, wow. They were delish though so that’s what’s most important. Ugly food tastes the best, right?