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leeroythelusterror  asked:

"Don't tell me about what?" Looks like he heard his name, but not much else, and he's curious, and kind of concerned. "Is that spectre bothering you?"

Neb hadn’t expected Leeroy at all, and was surprised by his voice. He let out a loud squeak, and looked somewhat panicked, blush still highly evident too. “L-Leeroy?! Oh s-stars, i-its nothing! N-not like anything b-bad or something!” Neb fidgeted with his scarf and moved his arms abruptly as he spoke, not doing a very good job of concealing anything from the other. “O-oh, well…They aren’t necessarily b-bothering me….I-I mean, I guess I d-did tell them something I-I shouldn’t have….b-but it’s nothing to w-worry about!” He let out a nervous chuckle, hoping Leeroy wouldn’t question things too much.