chocolate porter beer


In my ongoing and utterly hopeless quest to try ALL the beer I sometimes neglect peeps I’m already a fan of, like Manchester’s Marble Brewery, whose beers have been brewed at The Marble Arch pub since 1997 and are a cornerstone of Manchester’s beer scene. So, in a measly, half arsed excuse for an effort I picked up a couple o’bottles o’their brews, one I’ve had the pleasure of previously, the other entirely new to me.  

I’ll start with the familiar. A silky smooth dark ale that takes inspiration from dark milds and porters, Chocolate Marble is sweet and malty with flavours of cocoa, coffee, and caramel, undertones of dark dried fruits, and hints of liquorice. It’s semi-dry to finish, light-med bodied, and softly carbed. A quality brew, tasty without being a flavour bomb, which just helps it go down all the easier.

Ginger “5.1” is a ginger, coriander, and clove infused amber coloured bitter. There’s unsurprisingly plenty of lovely fresh ginger in the aroma and taste, the subtle floral and citrusy hops, spices, and malts all working together nicely to bring balance whilst still allowing that ginger to shine. Medium bodied, softly carbed, and medium-dry, it’s a refreshing and really quite charming easy drinker. 

I like Marble. Everything I’ve had from ‘em to date has been, well, solid. If you’re in the market for a couple of tasty, effortlessly well made, mooreish English ales that stray a little from the all too common (here at least), I’d recommend these in a heartbeat. Cheers y’all, and have a great weekend!