chocolate pencils


Tiny room in a 20x20cm wooden box.

I filled it with vintage things I’ve collected, put in wallpaper and a carpet and made the bedding and the tiny bear.

Paint Me A Picture

(Play Me A Song)

Group: BTS


Excerpt: “Wait a second,” your eyes had begun to adjust to the poor lighting as you watched Yoongi turn to look at you in interest, “are they still trying to set us up?”

Genre: fluff, teacher au

Length: 1.9k

A/N: draw me like one of your french girls

Originally posted by milky-melon

The staffroom was always quiet on Fridays, the teachers working without pause to complete all of their marking before the weekend for a welcome break. Usually, you would have been finishing off the last of your lesson plans during this time, but the tinny sound of music from headphones was distracting you. You looked across your desk at Yoongi, frowning as he nodded his head to the beat, writing notes on the song.

As an art teacher, you disliked Yoongi mainly because the art and music departments never got on. You had often shared many a heated argument about which subject was better and students would often laugh when they caught you mid-rant during a lesson.

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This drawing is a gift for @terassaras! It is Sakuma, Tazaki, and Amari posing as themselves in front of the cafeteria wall in Greater East Asia Cultural Society. The pigeons, Frate, and Yoru are having fun photo-bombing. 

Bonus Drawing:

Nino from ACCA is in a fancy restaurant, holding a banquet of flowers (hydrangea and tuberose). I know it is kind of hard to see but the left table in the front has iced tea in glass cups, sweet desserts on plates, and potato chips in a bowl. Yummy!

It took longer than expected but the results were priceless! :)


My uncle asked me to draw myself in cute clothes so he could color it. But he wasn’t satisfied with his color choices so he asked for another one with a few change in the clothes. Then again. And again. Till the whole page was full! He really like flowers so I was asked to put some in most outfits and he also kept in mind that green is my fav color. For most of them I was looking at him while he colored but in the end he asked me to close my eyes so i’ll have the surprise. It was fun!

Last pic is my birthday cake! Each year my uncle cut numbers in cardboard but this time I decided to make a drawing instead. We were talking about angels, which inspired me. I like to imagine angels look pretty and human enough (+ wings) at first but then you notice… something weird about them.


I doodled @georgetheblob ’s Chara, because their dumpster is amazing, you should check it out :)

It intrigues me how thier beautiful murder child differs from my tragic narrating young tween. It’s interesting to see all the different opinions of chara, especially such good art of this mysterious character!


Little New 2016-2017 year gifts for my pen-friends and set with Patreon pencil cards :’) Actually I sent more 2 cards, but their photo quality is….. to tell the truth, I made it at night, so the photo didn’t turn well. Nevermind. 

All characters belong to their respectful owners. 


~What’s in My Sims Bag (by @aroundthesims) & Sim Q&A~

I believe I was tagged by @vicarious-sims for both of these, so thank you love!

Rules: Choose a Sim of yours, post a picture of their bag content and tag 10 of your friends/followers/favorite Simblrs! Please tag #inmysimsbag. (It can be done with any Sims game & you can do it as many times as you want.)

What’s in Lana’s bag?

Coin purse / Wallet / Sun Glasses and Case / Phoenix’s Cat Plushie / Phone / Yoga Membership Card / Note Book and Pen / Pack of Gum / Deodorant / Keys / Hand Sanitiser / Baby Lips Chapstick / Hand Cream / Lube / Birth Control Pills / Condoms / Bar of Chocolate / Pencils and Drawing Book / Knitting / Bottle and Diapers for Fleetwood / Tampons

Q&A under the cut…

1. What is your sim’s favorite food? Veggie Supreme pizza from Pizza Hut 
2. What is your sim’s favorite color? yellow, brown and black
3. What is your sim’s zodiac sign? Taurus
4. Does your sim believe in “love at first sight”? not really, she didn’t feel that way when she first saw Chayton…
5. What is your sim’s sexuality? pansexual
6. Is your Sim a cat or dog person? (or both?) oh definitely a cat person!!
7. Adding to the previous question, if your sim were to have a cat and/or dog, what kind/breed(s) would it be? (When pets comes out) Lana has a Ragdoll named Sugar Man and a Manx Cat named Lazzarus
8. Does your Sim have a best friend? yepppp, her mom and Vada
9. Does your Sim have a favorite life stage? uhh… toddlers I guess
10. What is your sim’s ethnicity? well her grandparents from her dad’s side are Greek and her mom is Canadian, so yep…
11. If your Sim could travel to anywhere in the world, where would they visit? Greece for sure!!
12. If your Sim was a castaway on a distant, uncharted island, who would they bring? Chayton…. ahsjdskfd sorry Phoenix and Fleetwood
13. Does your Sim have a favorite tv show and/or movie? her favourite tv show are Gilmore Girls, and her favourite movie is Empire Records duh!!
14. Does your sim believe in the “simulation theory”? lmaooo, nope 
15. Does your Sim have a favorite kind of clothing to wear? Jeans and sweaters
16. Does your Sim have a lucky charm? well she is pretty #blessed
17. What kind of music or singers does your sim listen to? ahhhhh!! her music taste is my music taste because I am her god ok but stuff like the smiths, the cure, bread, america, fleetwood mac, rodriguez, neil young and the list goes on and on….
18. Does your Sim have a favorite family activity to do together? she loves spending time at her parents house, just relaxing and eating food with her babies and lovess when her brother comes :’^)
19. What is your sim’s age? technically she is 29… according to my game (which is currently based in 2020) but in 2017 she is 26…
20. Does your Sim have a dream job? she always wanted to be a professional artist but being a mom is a dream come true for her ;~;
21. What is your sim’s favorite beverage? ice tea
22. What is your sim’s favorite dessert? a good chocolate bar is her favourite
23. Does your Sim have any siblings? If so, do they get along with all of them? yeah!! her brother ed, and they are super closee
24. What activity/hobby makes your sim the happiest? drawing, painting and her new hobby is knitting :’^)
25. If you could meet your sim, would you be friends with them? agsjdkf i hope so!! i would be super obsessed with how cool she is but idk if she’d like me ;____;

anyway that was fun!! I’ll tag @mummasim, @femmesim, @early-grape, @wildlyminiaturesandwich and @bratsims if you guys want to??? 

The Ides of March

by: mldrgrl
Rated: PG-13 (language)
Summary:  The product of multiple Stella/Hank requests combined into one.

When he was in college, surrounded by pretentious fucks who thought they were being funny, ‘beware the Ides of March,’ was how they told him ‘happy birthday.’  Very original.  Secretly, he was quite proud of the connotations associated with the day of his birth.  This year, like every year, he had certain expectations.  Number one, a morning blow job to wake him up.  Number two, a call from Becca.  Number three, dinner out with Stella.  Number four, Stella for dessert.

Well, he didn’t get his wakeup blow job, but that was because Stella god called into work at the ungodly hour of five a.m. when only garbage men and vampires should be awake.  He had rolled over and stuffed his head under the pillow as she hurried through her morning routine.

When he roused at the more decent hour of ten a.m. the house was quiet, save for the light tap of rain against the window.  It stayed dark and foggy the rest of the morning into early afternoon.  He wrote some.  He read the paper; the murder of an American student was on the front page, which must’ve been why Stella was called in so early.  And, he waited for the call from Becca.

His phone rang at seven, but by that point, he’d already abandoned all hope of dinner out.  Stella hadn’t been in contact all day, which meant she would be coming home exhausted, if she came home at all.  Which also meant dessert was most likely off the table.

“How you holding up, Sherlock?” Hank asked in greeting.

“Seven o’clock and all’s well, Watson.”

“Is it?”

“Could you possibly run to the wine shop and pick up a bottle of Sangiovese?  I believe we only have Merlot in the house and I would really appreciate a glass of Sangiovese right now.”

“That kind of day?”

“Well, it’s over now.  But, I should be home at half past.”

“Sure, I’ll run out.  Should I get anything else?  Run you a bath?”

“Just the wine.  We can order delivery when I get home.”

“See you soon.”

Stella hung up first, as usual.  He checked his phone just in case he missed a call or text while they were speaking, but it was clear.  The rain had stopped hours ago, but the streets were still damp.  He turned the collar up on his jacket and shoved his hands in his pockets as he walked to the wine shop.

The whole trip took less than fifteen minutes, but it was long enough for Hank to fall into a melancholic slump.  He also didn’t care whether his birthday was celebrated or not, but to go a full day without it even being acknowledged, made him feel lonely.  Times like these he used to fix himself a strong drink, find something to snort or smoke, and top it off with a woman willing to share a few hours with him, whether he had to pay for it or not.

He knew, though, that he would come home and Stella would be there soon and he would kiss her, make love to her if she was agreeable, if the day hadn’t sucked all the energy from her, and he would remember that she was better than all the vices he used to use to not feel so lonely that never worked in the first place.

He was surprised, when he came home, to find Stella already there.  She was standing in the kitchen with a smile on her face.  Still had on her cream colored blouse and chocolate pencil skirt which told him she’d only arrived a few minutes ago otherwise she’d be in her robe.  Her heels were off though and she glided across the floor in her stockings to greet him.

“Close your eyes,” she said, putting her hand up and across his face.  She took the bag with the wine from his hand and twisted her hips out of his grasp when he tried to hold her.  “Keep them closed.”

He heard her set the bottle down on the counter and then there was shuffling and squeaking.  He squinted and fought the urge to open at least one eye to see what she was doing.  If he was lucky, he thought maybe he might open them to find her in the lingerie he’d given her for Valentine’s Day.  Or something new he’d never seen before.

“All right, you can open them,” she said.

It was the last thing he expected, but maybe the best present he’d ever received.  “Becca!?” he murmured in surprise.

“Happy birthday,” Stella said, giving Becca’s arm a light squeeze before she stepped away as Hank bent to hug his daughter.

He knew she hated when he did it, but he lifted Becca off the floor with his embrace and squeezed her tight.  She groaned, but she also laughed, which was his favorite sound in the world.

“Put me down!” she said.

“Never,” he said, even as he put her back on her feet.  “How did you manage to pull this off?”

Becca glanced at Stella.  “She thought we should surprise you,” she said.

“You did this?” Hank asked, turning his cheek to the top of Becca’s head so he could look at Stella.

“I had the idea.  It just worked out.”

Becca pulled away from Hank.  “Stella was just going to show me the guest room.  There’s something in my bag for you.”

“Sure, sure,” Hank said.

“Come.”  Stella held her arm out to Becca and led her over to the stairs.

Hank smiled to himself as he shrugged off his jacket and draped it over one of the chairs at the counter.  Becca liked Greek and there was a Greek place that delivered around the block.  He searched the drawer where they kept the delivery menus.  Stella came back downstairs alone.

“She wanted to call Karen,” Stella said.  “Let her know she got in okay.”

Hank grabbed Stella at the hips and drew her in to kiss her.  He backed her up against the counter and lifted her up.  She smiled against his mouth and held his head, finally pushing him away when he began to lay her back.

“Mm mm mm,” she murmured, a hand on his chest and the other in his hair.  “Your daughter will be down in a minute.”

“I thought you’d forgotten,” he said.

“Of course not.”  She draped her arms over his shoulders and laced her fingers together at the back of his neck.  “I’d even set my alarm fifteen minutes early to make sure you got your favorite wake up call.”

“You planned a birthday blow job for me?  I think I might cry.”

“I sincerely apologize.  I was not expecting to be called in this morning.”

“Can I still collect a belated birthday blow job?”

“There’s a fairly good chance for that.”

“Mmm.”  Hank growled softly and kissed her again.  Stella sank her teeth into his bottom lip and held it in a soft bite as he pulled away.

“Happy birthday,” she said, letting him go.

“Best birthday ever,” he whispered, laying his forehead against hers.

“Even without the blow job?”

“I didn’t say perfect, I said best.”

Stella laughed.

The End

Happy Easter!

So since it’s Easter and I go back to school tomorrow (ugh) I decided to, make a short one shot for my favorite fan artist on here… @bunny-yams ! Hope this doesn’t seem odd I just love your art! 


Nights at the office lately have been long and almost never ending for Alex. Course, to him, it was worth it, saying as he now had Sunday and Monday off to spend with his family. He had arrived home a bit late last night, seeing Thomas asleep on the couch.

He had waited till Pip had gone to sleep, hiding some colorful plastic eggs inside and outside of their house. Alex almost stepped on one, narrowly avoiding it as he placed his case down.

The TV was on quiet, a big purple basket sat on the opposite couch, coloring books, pencils, paper, chocolates and a new little pair of converse in it. A small stuffed puppy sat in front, paws crossed and eyes staring innocently.

Alex smiled at his husband, running a hand through his hair softly, placing a kiss on his forehead. Thomas stirred, eyes peering sleepily at Alex.

“Hey baby,” He sat up, smiling at his husband.

“Hey,” Alex crawled onto the couch, Thomas laying back down as he pulled the shorter of the two onto his chest, wrapping his arms around his waist.

“How early do you think he’ll be up?” Thomas’ voice was muffled, face buried into Alex’s hair.

Alex snorted, “Crack of down? Maybe earlier.” 

Thomas nodded, letting his head lay down on the pillow, Alex’s laying between his collar bones, eyes shutting slowly, the soft sounds of Moulin Rogue playing on the TV.

~     ~     ~

“DADDY! PAPA!” Alex and Thomas jumped, Alex’s head hitting Thomas’ chin, both men wincing as they tried not to fall off the couch in vein.

The two, tangled in the back blanket, sat up, Alex between Thomas’ legs as Philip ran downstairs, giant grin plastered on his face.

“Daddy! Papa! Look! The easter bunny came!” 

Alex smiled, Philip jumping into his arms, curls bouncing around wildly. “I see Pip, look, what did he put in your basket?” 

Looking curiously where Alex was pointing, his eyes lit up and he rushed forward, immediately grabbing the stuffed puppy and holding it to his chest. “I’m naming them Burp!”

Thomas snorted and Alex raised his eyebrow. “Burp?”

Philip nodded eagerly, setting the puppy down carefully to go through his basket. “Ooo! More paper and pencils! Daddy! I can make more drawings for you and - and Uncle Jemmy!”

“That you can darlin’.”


“For dessert Philip!” He pouted, placing all the items in a neat pile. He sat on the couch, bouncing up and down.

“Am I allowed to find eggs now?”

Alex smiled, standing up and stretching, Thomas following suit. “Do you not want breakfast first?” Philip shook his head, determined look on his face.

Thomas laughed, “At least let Papa and I have some coffee.” Philip growled softly under his breath, and Alex laughed.

“My little tiger, it won’t be longer than five minutes.”

“Five minutes is too long! I could find a billion eggs in five minutes!”

“A billion? You think the easter bunny hid a billion eggs!” Philip considered then shrugged.

Thomas and Alex shared an amused look before Thomas gave in. “Alright darlin’, we can go easter egg hunting first, then breakfast and coffee.”

“Yes!” He fist pumped, diving behind the couch to grab his basket, running out already having a pink egg in his Batman basket.

“Daddy! Papa! Let’s go! More candy! And money!” He ran around the living room, missing a few but after Alex and Thomas “subtly” hinted at them. By the time he collected all eight from the living room he’d run into the kitchen.

“Did you put money in any of them?” Alex whispered to Thomas, who shrugged in return.

“Some change, a few ones, maybe a five? C’mon baby, what’s a six year old going to do with money?”

Alex rolled his eyes, following as Philip raced out of the house, running to search in their garden.

“Do you think he buried any?” Philip questioned, voice innocent as he grabbed one off of his swing.

“Um, I doubt it.” Alex brushed it off.

Philip’s eyes widened, “But we don’t know for sure!”

Alex said nothing as he sat back up a few decorations Philip bumped into, turning around when Thomas yelled at Philip.

“What is - “ He cut himself off, laugh busting out of him.

Philip had - in the two seconds Alex had been turned - begun digging in their small flower area, face smudged with dirt, hands filthy as he stared innocently at his dads.

“What?” He wiped under his nose, leaving a smudge of dirt, “We didn’t know if they planted an egg here!”

Alex covered his mouth to keep from laughing as Thomas tried to come up with a way to explain why he knew without giving away the truth. “Um, well I know he didn’t.”

“Yeah but how?”

“Well, the easter bunny, along with Santa and the Tooth Fairy are friends with parents. They tell them what they got the kids and where they hid eggs so the parents didn’t accidentally do the same thing.”

Philip nodded in understanding, standing up and brushing a tiny bit of dirt from him. “Okay! Um, sorry about your garden Papa…”

“It’s okay Pip,” Alex laughed, “Let’s just go finish finding the eggs.”


Hope that was cute! Anyway, I have a few more requests I will get to work on soon!

Also, hope you liked it @bunny-yams sorry it’s not the best (I’m no Lin with words lol)

Too Close For Comfort

SKIN: @makeupforeverca Ultra HD foundation Stick #makeupforever +@smashboxcanada photo finish primer +#tartecosmetics Shape Tape Concealer_
BROWS: @anastasiabeverlyhills brow pencil Chocolate #anastasiabeverlyhills#abhbrows + @maccosmetics false lash maximizer __
EYES: Liner - #katvondbeauty trooper Liner + Lashes - @yourlashesofficial Aria __
LIPS: @maccosmetics #maccosmeticsvelvet Teddy lipstick

Fashion & Beauty Look by  osobbeauty

Space (and Waffles)

(For Day one of Jane Foster Week: space)

“So,” Jane said.

“Yep,” Darcy replied.

“This isn’t good,” Jane said.

“I’m so glad you recognized that,” Darcy said sarcastically. “Now maybe use that big brain of yours to get us out of here.”

The comment stung a bit, but Jane couldn’t really blame Darcy for being angry. “Here” was a “safe room,” one of the many that dotted Stark Tower… Except, for reasons Jane couldn’t explain, instead of being in Stark Tower like it had been a few seconds ago, their safe room was floating in what appeared to be an empty swath of space. Sure, Jane could probably explain it given adequate data but sadly that data was unavailable at the moment. She and Darcy were basically floating in zero-g inside a box, and the only equipment they had available was a pencil and a few notes Jane had managed to snatch as Darcy dragged her into the safe room after the alarms went off.

Jane would be angry herself if she wasn’t still stuck in the denial stage of “holy shit we are lost in space and about to die.”

“Uh… yeah,” Jane said, frantically wracking her brain for anything, literally anything, that would help them. All she was coming up with were Douglas Adams quotes. “At least Stark built these safepod things really… well?” It was kind of a miracle they weren’t dead already.

“How long until our oxygen runs out?” Darcy asked.

“Oh, don’t worry about that,” Jane said. “It’s not lack of oxygen that will kill us. Carbon dioxide buildup is a more immediate concern.”

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