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Too Far

Prompt: Someone insults/disrespect batmom in front of the boys and they defend/protect her.

Words: 151

          You glare at the front page of the Gotham Gazette before your eyes go to your sons. “You went too far,” you finally say.

           Jason just laughs, “I think we didn’t go far enough.”

          Dick smiles, “We gave him two black eyes, Damian poured chocolate pudding down his pants, Tim hacked and exposed some rather scandalous things, and he’s not even bringing up a law suit because he’s afraid of what would happen if he did.”  

          You stare at them, “I could have handled it.”

          Tim shrugs, “You’re our mom, no one calls you Bruce Wayne’s whore, asks you how much you cost a night, and gets away with it.”

          Damian smirks, “Honestly, you should be worried about what father will do when he gets back from his mission.”

          You lean forward, “You will not tell him about this.”

          Jason’s smile widens, “Don’t have to, Alfred already did.” You just groan.

I worked long and hard at this Pitches! Both the picture and the fic. Please do let me know if you like them. I’m pretty proud of them, and the picture gives me so many Bechloe feels. SOMEBODY HAD TO DO IT!!

It had been an exhausting day for the girls. Even though they had all graduated in July, they reunited shortly after so that they could keep their close friendships and continue singing together. Hours upon hours of rigorous cardio and choreography practice had left the girls practically dead on their feet.

Fat Amy had collapsed onto the nearest chair, sweating and panting, begging the co-captains to stop for the day, the other girls agreeing vehemently with the Australian.

“If I have to go through that routine one more time today, it will officially be worse than the time I wrestled a croc after he took my chocolate bar!” Amy panted out, emphatically waving her arms about in emphasis, almost smacking Stacie in the face.

The taller brunette gave Amy a dirty look before looking at the two co-captains, her breathing not as erratic as the blonde. She pointed her perfectly manicured nail at them, her cheeks glowing with sweat.

“Amy is right Beca, Chloe… was this really necessary? The last time we were run this ragged was with Aubrey in our first year and no one, I repeat, no one… enjoyed that!” Stacie dropped to the floor as gracefully as she could, one hand resting on her breast, simply lay there and caught her breath.

Chloe looked to Beca, the two girls having one of their usual silent conversations, and wondered if they truly had gone too far in their determination to beat their opponents.

Cynthia-Rose, who had been nodding at the taller woman’s words, now stood gazing in appreciation at the view she was offered of the brunette’s heaving chest. Jessica and Ashley both smacked her to get her attention, knowing where the dark-skinned girl’s thoughts had gone.

Cynthia, realising where she had been blatantly staring, looked away in embarrassment, mumbling that it was a sin to waste the view she was being presented with.

Beca quickly gazed a Chloe, before turning her attention back to the other girls. “You’re right guys, I, we, are both sorry if you feel we have been overworking you all.”

Flo scoffed, “Pfft. ‘Overworking’ is an understatement. I was once arrested for stealing two chickens to give to my family after we had been robbed, and they made me run 10 miles with a dog chasing me. This was worse than that!”

Emily, who had been standing next to the Guatemalan, looked at her in shock and slowly shuffled away from her.

Chloe, who had been watching Beca with a small smile adorning her lips, turned to the Bellas enthusiastically. “We really are sorry girls. I am so proud of all of you. Becs and I promise that we are only doing this because we are going to Greece in 2 weeks and we don’t know what kind of groups we will be facing there. We just wanna make sure we win!”

Lily murmured something under her breath that no one caught.

“Lily just said that she feels bad her aca-sister Amy missed out on lunch, and that, to make up for it, we should all go to Morellis for some ice cream.” Amy interjected hopefully.

Lily had a blank expression on her face as she turned to face the Australian, who avoided looking in her direction.

Chloe walked over to where both her and Beca’s bags lay; Billie was sleeping peacefully next to them on a blanket she had brought with her.

“That’s a great idea, right Becs?!” She said with a smile that lit up her whole face. The smaller brunette had never seen anything more beautiful.

“Let’s do this nerds!”

The girls gathered onto the bus and settled down knowing that it was a 45 minute drive to get to Morellis.

Beca took the seat just in front of Chloe, mutually deciding to not sit directly next to each other. They had decided not to tell the other girls that they were together just yet. It’s not that they didn’t trust them or that they were scared the other girls would tease them. It was mostly because they liked their privacy… and maybe because Beca secretly entered the Bellas’ “Bechloe” bet and wanted to win the collective $1000.

The bus ride was mostly silent, unless you include the girls vehemently forbidding Amy to tell stories of her and Bumper’s… intimate moments. They were stories no one wanted to hear… no one.

As the bus stopped at their destination, Beca heard Flo hissing at everyone to be quiet. Turning to look at the smaller girl, they saw she had her phone out, taking a picture of something. What she saw took her breath away.

Chloe was fast asleep, Billie snuggled up close to her. Her small head was tucked under the redhead’s chin and resting on her shoulder, looking directly at Flo. The girls were cooing and “awww"ing at the sight, having taken their own phones out to capture this precious moment.

Beca couldn’t hold back her smile. Her two favourite girls were melting her heart all over again, taking away her breath once more. God she loved them. She couldn’t help herself from giving up their ploy in favour of following her heart.

Unbeknownst to her, Stacie had been closely watching her reaction from the start and was filming her with a big smile on her face.

Beca had unbuckled her seatbelt, never once taking her eyes off of her redhead, and stood up slowly, trying to not make any loud noises. She crept forward, hoping not to startle Billie and therefore wake Chloe. Luckily, Billie saw her coming and stayed still, if anything snuggling closer to the redhead, who, in turn, tightened her arms around her baby girl.

Beca leaned forward, putting her face close to Chloe’s, her eyes roaming over the beautiful face in front of her, her heart swelling with so much love. She leaned her head, close to her girlfriend’s, not quite touching, but close enough that she could feel her breath on her neck.

Being this close to Chloe was making her feel so emotional, she could feel the tell-tale signs that tears were about to start welling up, and knew she had wake her up. Knowing the Bellas would give her all kinds of grief, and potentially use this as blackmail, she leaned up and very gently kissed Chloe’s forehead.

The other girl tensed slightly, a small smile forming on her lips, and her eyes fluttered open landing on Beca. The smile grew bigger and she was soon beaming at her small DJ, her cheeks wide enough that they could burst.

"Hi baby.” Chloe murmured, her voice husky from sleep. Keeping one arm wrapped around Billie, she brought her free hand up to softly caress Beca’s cheek. It was only then that the sound of high-pitched squeals could be heard within Beca and Chloe’s little world.

“Let’s go and get some ice cream.” Beca smiled at Chloe.

oh man i’m making dinner and it includes both quinoa and kale

who have i become

Make Me (M - Jimin)

*Lowkey have requests are open*

Combined:  aaa can I have a smut with jimin where for the whole day you’ve been teasing him(but like you didn’t notice and they were many light things) and just can’t take it anymore? &  hey, can i request a scenario where jimin gets turned on by his gf sucking on a popsicle and his gf takes advantage this. thanks!

Word Count: 1,915 words how did this happen

Mornings were bright and delightful, the sun glowing against your skin and he could only look at you in awe. The birds chirping as if your awakening was the cause of it. If he were a bird, he would follow you and chirp at the sight of you, your beauty invoking the only thing a bird could do.

He looked at you, your arm covering your eyes and your hair sprawled in different directions. He examined your sleeping body, one of your legs peeking out of the covers and overlapping the covered leg. You complained about not being able to sleep under or over the covers, settling with one leg out and the other under.

He chuckled at how silly it sounded but you looked mesmerizing this way. You scrunched your nose, mumbling something that he couldn’t catch but you turned your head the opposite direction. He poked your cheek, you scrunching your nose again and he looked at your dewy eyelashes. He wiped them away gently; the softness of your eyelashes against his skin was beautiful to him. He poked your cheek again, only this time you caught his finger in your mouth. Your eyes snapped open and you bit him.

“Ow, ow, angel, I’m sorry.” You licked his finger before releasing his finger and pouted at him.

“Don’t poke my cheeks, Jiminie.”

“But I like your cheeks.” You pinched his, pulling it while he begged you to stop.

“It’s not likeable now, is it?”

“You’re more peaceful when you sleep.”

“You watch me sleep?”

“Ah, n-no.”


“It looks really sunny today, doesn’t it?” You sat up, looking out the window and admiring the morning sun. A few clouds in the sky in the light blue sky and it was coaxing you out of bed. He couldn’t take his eyes off you, your shirt hung low, your hair still a mess but you were still gorgeous. Your bra strap teased him, it was his favourite set of lingerie you owned, the silk bra just begging to be touched. You looked at him with a smile on your face, forgetting the slip up he just had.

“It’s beautiful, Jiminie.”

“Just like you.”

“Ah, it’s too early to be this cheesy.”

“Then, why are you smiling, huh? Why are you smiling?” He tickled you, your head throw back in uncontrollable laughter and you pushed him far enough to run out the bedroom. He found you in the bathroom and tickled you until you surrendered. You two brush your teeth, bumping elbows with each other and getting toothpaste all over each other’s mouth. You walked out the bathroom, his eyes scanning your legs as you left and he eagerly followed you.

“Y/N?” He walked into the kitchen and you were sitting on the counter with your legs crossed, a serious expression on your face.


“Baby, what are y-” You put a finger to his lips and he looked at you.

“You know how much I love your hair, right?” You looked at him while your hands ran through his hair. He loved it when you touched his hair, the way you gripped it while he ate you out or when he would plant love bites on your neck or when he kissed you.

“Where are you going with this?”

“So direct. I like that.” You leaned in, your lips brushing against his and he put his hand on your neck, preparing to pull you in for a kiss but you pulled away.

“What do you want for breakfast?” You hopped off the counter, searching for bowls and he just looked at you. He was so used to teasing you; he hadn’t thought you would ever return the favour. You stopped looking for bowls when he didn’t answer and looked at him instead.

“Usually, you say cereal. Do you want something else?”

“Cereal and a kiss.” You went over to him, planted a kiss in his cheek and went back to fixing his bowl of cereal.

“That’s a kiss?”

“You didn’t say where. Here.” You handed him his bowl and took your bowl along with you to the living room, enjoying your cereal on the couch and he glanced at you. You ate slowly, licking the spoon when you were done.



“You have cereal on your lip, stay still.” You took a tissue and wiped his lip. He was more focused on the fact he could see down you shirt and your breast was pressing against you.



“What is up with you? I teased you once and you look like a lost puppy.”


“If you were listening, I asked if you were going anywhere today?”

“I have the day off with you.”

“Great.” You changed it to your favourite show and sat close to him, his arm around your waist and your head resting on his shoulder.

The plot bored him, the two main characters fighting over a silly problem and they were too stubborn to apologize to each other. He wandered to you, noticing the finger in your mouth as you intensely watch the screen. You were biting your finger, nervous of what would happen in the school and you dropped the remote.

“Shit.” You reached under the coffee table, bending over and he had a clear view of your butt in those sinfully silky panties. God, would he love to slip those off you with just his teeth. You got back on the couch and your hand reached near his crotch, making him almost slap your hand if it wasn’t for what you said.

“Your shirt has a stain in it. Take it off.”


“You heard me.”

“It’s fine, angel.” You pulled up his arms, tearing it off him to leave him shirtless and you went to toss it in the hamper. He was bewildered by your sudden instinct to clean, you began cleaning and dusting while he sat just silently watching. You tied your hair back, he loved seeing your hair tied up, unable to hide your face in your hair as he complimented you until you were extremely flustered.

He watched TV, not wanting to be caught staring and you called him in the kitchen after a while.

“Can you get that for me, baby?” You were on your knees against the counter, his thin black shirt barely covering your bottom and you ass jetted out in its perfect curve. He grabbed the glass platter you wanted and you kissed his cheek again.


“What are you pouting about?”

“I want a kiss. Here.” He pointed to his lips like a child and you giggled at his childlike attitude. You peck his lips and kicked him out the kitchen, getting back to whatever you were doing.

“Babe, do you want a popsicle?”

“Sure!” You came out with a chocolate popsicle and sat beside him again. He was once again consumed by his thoughts of you and looked at you as you slowly licked the sweet treat. Your tongue licked from top to bottom before you stuck it in your mouth. You sucked on it, the chocolate popsicle just melting in your mouth and you caught him.



“Your popsicle is melting.” He noticed the chocolate stain on his pants and you shook your head. You unzipped his pants and his hands stopped you.

“I need to wash them, Jimin.”

“I’ll t-take them off myself.” He was down to his boxers and you bit your lip while looking at him. You noticed his bulge, sparked by all your teasing and walked off.

He caught you and pulled you into the bedroom, tossing you on the bed.

“What, you’re just going to leave this? You caused it.”

“It’s not my fault you’ve been watching me all day, Jiminie.”

“Fix it, baby.”

Make me.” He kissed you hard, his lips fuelled by his passion and lust for you. His hand on your neck while the other played with the hem of his shirt on you and he pulled away to strip it off you.

“You’re so beautiful, baby.” He muttered before planting kisses down your jaw, his delicate lips placid against your delectable skin. You tugged at his soft strands of hair when he sucked on your neck down to your collarbone, leaving his trail before slipping off your bra. He became less gentle as his cock palpitates against his boxers.

He tugged on your nipples with his teeth, your loud moans exiting your gorgeous lips. You whimpered when his hand smoothed over your panties, the silk revealing the wetness of your cunt.

“You want me here, baby?”


“You wanted to tease me, baby, didn’t you?”

“Y-Yes.” He slipped between your legs, his hands holding up your legs as he breathed against you and you shudder.

“Jimin.. Please..”


“Please.. I need you.”

“Get your ass in my lap.” You did as instructed and his hand came down on you. He listened to your sinfully delicious moans as you stutter out the number of every slap and he also didn’t want to stop.

“What do good girls do?”

“They don’t tease.”

“Right. You get a reward, baby.” He plunged two fingers inside you, your back arching and he held your ass down. You muffled your moans into the sheets as his fingers continued to drive inside you.

“A-Ah-Jimin..” He kept going until you warned him of your orgasm, signalling for him to stop. You moved over, slipping down his boxers and pulling out his red cock, a harsh red due to you. You licked him, invoking his groaning response and sucked his tip.

“You don’t get to tease, baby. Take my cock like a good girl.” You bobbed your head, your nose tickling where his v line is and he groaned your name. Your mouth was so warm, the hot saliva coating his cock and your tongue felt so good around his girth. Your mouth alone could make him lose it. He stopped you, wanting to cum with you around him and you popped off. You grabbed a condom from the night stand and slipped it on him, straddling his torso.

“Are you going to ride me like a good girl?”

“Yes, Jimin.” You breathed out as he guided your hips to sink down on his cock. He loved how constrictive your cunt felt, squeezing him as his tip pressed against your G-spot. You found your pacing after adjusting to him, making you both moan each other’s names.

“O-oh, Jimin.”

“You like that, baby? You like my cock filling up your pretty little cunt?”

“Fuck y-yes.” His hips worked faster than yours, wanting to hear you scream his name instead of your breathy moans.

He wanted to watch you lose control, your face contorted in absolute bliss. Your voice hoarse from screaming his name, your hair a tattered mess while he continued to pound into you. Your hands gripping his hair and your lips on top of his while he hits all the right spots.



“Say it.”

“I want to c-come..!” He powered his hips, rocking the bed with his thrusts and you desperately gripped his hair like he wanted. He caught every whine and whimper in his mouth, swallowing them as if they were delicious bites of food. You let out a scream as you climaxed but rode him off into his high.

He slipped off the used condom, tossing it out and joined you on the bed.

“Do you want another popsicle, Jiminie?”

~Admin Blake

anonymous asked:


Ooh yay, attention!

7. Do you think you’ll be in a relationship two months from now?
I can hope so! But unless someone asks me out probably not. I’m too shy to take the first step and ask someone out.

11. What does the most recent text you sent say?
“ok” that’s so boring but tbh I don’t text much mostly chat through other stuff so I’m more interesting than I seem. Promise!!

70. Names of your best friends?
of people who are on Tumblr Nico ( @luigiking3000 ) and Max ( @enby-scientist

73. Do you sleep with stuffed animals?
No I don’t but only cause I toss and turn so much in the night that they would fly off the bed.

77. Chocolate or vanilla
Ooh hard one… Chocolate!

80. What colour pants?
If the American pants - wine red
If the British pants - white and lacey.

Professor Asshole (Joel Heyman/Reader)

hislendercry said: Ok so. Teacher Joel x student reader. Forbidden love. Smut.

Word Count: 1,584

Warning(s): Cursing, sex

Summary: You weren’t very happy about having to take economics in college, until you started talking to your professor.

Author’s Note: I literally saw this prompt and did the real definition of the word ‘Joeled’. I saw, it, I read it, and I went “IT IS THE GREATEST THING TO EVER HAPPEN TO YOU. EVER. AS IN, ‘OH GOD! I HAVE BEEN JOELED!’”

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Helsa for my sister lisuli79 !!!
I was inspired by Man Ray cello girl, so I did the cello’s F with chocolate on Elsa’s back and my sister said “the last time Elsa was playing cello: now Hans plays Elsa” ahahahahaha!!!!
I love Elsa’s expression, very “what are you looking at?!”, like Madonna in “Vogue” XD

EXO Reaction when you spill coffee on their fav clothes

Here’s the last Reaction of the night! I hope you guys like it! Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/

Chanyeol: *Depressed* “It was my favorite leather jacket.. now I won’t be able to use it again.. I will miss you jacket…” *Drama boy*

Kris: “It’s just a hat, don’t worry! It will look fine when we wash it!” *Never looks the same again but he doesn’t notice it*

Sehun: *Tries to be angry but it actually was funny how you fell and spilled the coffe on him* “Pfffft!!”

Tao: “Oh no! You will have to buy me a new jacket! Gucci please!” *Demanding boy*

Kai: “Did you just poured coffee in the sweater my granny made for me? Apologize muggle!” *Sassy Kai*

Xiumin: “Is that chocolate on my pants. Coffee? Ew it looks like….” *Shocked*

Baekhyun: *Judges you so badly* “How could you!” *Forgets about it in an hour*

Luhan: “It’s the third time I buy this one! I can’t believe it!” *Has really bad luck with that shirt*

Chen: *Pours milk on your black dress* “Now I’m not the only one who looks that just did some naughty things under the table” *Mischievous Chen Chen*

Kyungsoo: *Runs all over the place* “It’s hot! It’s hot!” 

Lay: “She didn’t… no she didn’t” *Not sure how to react*

Suho: “It’s okay Jagi.. it’s not ruined. We can wash it later!” *He is really a nice guy*

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30 with bokuto !!

‘Too quick, mumbled into your scarf’

The frigid air nipped at the skin of your hands making you wish you’d brought gloves with you but, Bokuto proved to be useful in warming your hands by stuffing one into his coat pocket with a content smile plastered across his face. He’s always been like this, knowing exactly what you needed without uttering a word despite being oblivious to other implications.

“It’s freezing! Do you think we could stop by that café for a little while?” Your teeth chattered as you spoke, dreaming of the taste of hot chocolate and the warmth on your chilled skin.

“Anything for you babe.” Bokuto laughed, leading you down the sidewalk where a quaint cafe was located, one in which the two of you frequented quite often, especially in the colder months.

It was as if the ice melted from your body in a heap of steam as soon as you crossed the threshold into the warm building. The fireplace was burning in the center, and the room was filled with the sweet aroma of coffee and the soft murmur of the acoustic guitar in the background. It always felt like home when you came here.

“Do you want me to order for you while you grab a seat?”

“Yes, that’d be great!” Leaning in to give him a quick kiss before turning away to get a seat, hopefully by the fireplace, completely missing the blush that tinted his cheeks.

By the time Bokuto returned with hands full with hot beverages, you had already removed your coat, and the colour finally returned to your cheeks.

“I’ve been looking forward to this all day! They have the best hot cocoa I’ve ever had.” And indeed it was, even Bokuto agreed. His face was confirmation enough.

“Me too, but I’ve wanted to see you more. We haven’t been able to spend time together lately.” He looked dejected at the thought, but it was understandable. You missed the times you spent cuddling together and simply enjoying one another’s company.

“I know Kou,” He leaned into your touch as you caressed his cheek. “But we’ll make up for lost time.” And almost immediately his demeanour perked up with excitement.

It was quiet for a moment, but not the uncomfortable type. It was the kind where no words needed to be exchanged, it could all be told through the soft gazes of his golden pools. Bokuto took advantage of the silence to admire you. He would look at you all day if he could.

It was adorable when you would giggle at one of his owl puns, or the playful pout that was painted across your face when he’s tease you. He grew fond of your antics, or even the way you slept, even if you did hog all the blankets.

He…loved you.

Woah, he loved you.

The realisation hit Bokuto like a train and he nearly doubled over causing you to sputter over your drink with concern.

“Are you okay? Did you spill hot chocolate on your pants again?”

He mumbled a quiet ‘no’, burying his burning face into his scarf, refusing to meet your eyes, even when you placed your hand on top of his.

“I love you.” It was far too quick and quiet to be heard and you leaned across the table to hear better.

“I didn’t heart that.”

“I said I love you!” Finally his declaration was out in the open. You could accept of decline, but either way, Bokuto was in for a whirlwind of emotions.

You say back, face contorted in disbelief at his confession. The man you loved returned your feelings! How could you not be happy? You had wanted to say it before, but felt as if you were rushing things. I guess, Bokuto became too impatient.

“I love you too.”

And there was nothing sweeter than the taste of chocolate on his lips and the warm feeling in your heart.