chocolate nut balls


one of the best thing that i’ve ever made i swear, i’m really proud of them you can’t understand! 

CHOCO-COCO BLISS BALLS, recipe entirely made by me, inspired from the traditional:

  • 64 grams of almonds;
  • 64 grams of dates;
  • 52 grams of raisin;
  • 3 tps unsweetened cocoa;
  • 3 tps shredded coconut;
  • a pinch of salt to exalt the flavors

all you need is a good blender and the patience to make perfect balls with your hands but you can help yourself with a teaspoon, expecially if you have long nails like mine. left this delicious bunny poop in the fridge for about two hours and then eat it so you can feel heaven in your mouth. your belly will be thankful ♡