chocolate mint icecream

TSinktober Day 5 - Halloween Treat Pokemon!

Hermint, the frosty fresh crab pokemon - type: ice - abilities: shields down, snow warning

Where i live, halloween isn’t hugely celebrated - kids go trick or treating but it’s nothing like it is in America (and the rest of my family really isn’t big on it either) so I don’t have much halloween treat experience but I saw some really cute witch themed mint choc icecream cones and really wanted to use them as my theme for today!


Mint chocolate chip nicecream!!!!
blend up 3 frozen bananas with 1 cup of frozen spinach and add in some mint leaves and mint extract

blend till smooth
then sprinkle in some cacao nibs and whatever topping u like! can’t go wrong with dates :)

Voltron as things I've said/done with my cousins

Lance: *grabbing the strawberries* Your body is a temple.

Hunk: nOT TODAY *grabs cheesecake*

Pidge: *standing on pegs of a bicycle for what seems like hours, feet getting sore*

Lance: *biking faster and purposely swerving into bushes and trees*

Pidge: *scream singing* lETS gET dOWN tO bUsiNESs tO dEfEAT tHe HUnS

*White Chicks playing*

Lance and Pidge: *uncontrollable laughing and screaming at iconic scenes*

Shiro: *scolding Lance about hitting Pidge* What’s wrong with you?? Look how small she is

Pidge: *crying*

Lance: it’s not my fault she’s small

Rolo: *talking nonstop*

Hunk: *whispers to other paladins* maybe if we ignore him, he’ll go away

Keith: *grabs and eats tub of mint chocolate chip icecream with only a couple spoon scoops left*

Lance: *sees Keith with last scoop* *tries to take the scoop away*

Lance and Keith: *wrestles for the last scoop of icecream*

Lance: *grabs icecream with hand* HAHA! *eats icecream in front of Keith*

Keith: *thinking of ways of how to get away with murder*

Keith: *looks around him sneakily*

Keith: coast is clear *takes chocolate malt icecream from the freezer and hands it to Hunk*

Keith: I don’t want the others to see

Hunk: *takes out cones and opens icecream, ready to scoop*

Keith: *sees Lance and Pidge* hIDE THE EVIDENCE *takes tub of icecream and shoves it in the freezer*

*Lance and Keith watching The Flash and Supergirl Musical Crossover episode*

Keith: If they just have to finish the musical, then all they have to do is kill everyone and they’ll go home right?

Lance: just keep watching

*gunshots, Barry and Kara gets shot, everyone else is dead on the ground*


Lance: *legs over Pidge*

Pidge: *gives up to move Lance away*

Shiro: Why is he sitting on you

Pidge: I don’t know

Crayon insisted we bake a cake for his birthday!

“I chose all the stuff to get the most colorful cake in the world!”

So we mixed the batter, and colored it all. Doesn’t this look beautiful? Such soft pastels!

“But I wanted BRIGHT colors, mom!!”

Patience, sweetheart!

So we filled the cake tin…

And watched it bake together.

“IT PUFFED UP LIKE A BALLOON!!” *crayon puffs up his cheeks*

“… But it deflated when we took it out.”


Told you, sweetheart!

We filled it with strawberrys and cream, iced it, and then I mixed a special batch of…


It’s not frozen!

“Mom made such a terrible mess!! It was fun to watch the colors go all over the place!”

“Can I eat all of this myself??”

No hun, you don’t want a tummy ache, do you? Here, let me get you a slice. Share the rest with your friends, alright?

“Oh, yeah, sure!”

Happy birthday, sweetheart!