chocolate mint cupcake


Remake of the cupcake series I did three months ago \ owo /
Changed some flavors & tried to take extra time for proper coloring, details, etc. so I won’t cringe anymore like I do when I see the original version T-T
The RFA want to do Jaehee a favor and start working at her cafe. She then creates special Cupcakes based on their personality and everytime someone orders one of their cupcakes, they have to serve you personally, sort of like a maid cafe. (bring some time lol)

Saeran: Ice Cream filled Mint Chocolate Cupcakes + happy tomato version
Zen: Rosewater Cupcakes
Yoosung: Marshmallow Cupcakes
Seven: White / Dark Chocolate Surprise Cupcakes - as requested or randomly chosen, he acts differently towards the customer based on the chocolate (like the Valentine’s DLC). 
V: Cinnamon Cupcakes
Jumin: Dark Chocolate Cupcakes - very bitter (not like Seven’s dark chocolate), cause apparently he doesn’t like sweets + I think it suits him
Jaehee: Coffee Cupcakes
Vanderwood: Secret Menu Cupcakes - I don’t even know

I really wanna draw comics based on this, so many cute moments haha


Left At The Altar - Part 4? (Bucky x Reader, Steve x Reader)

Title: Left At The Altar (Part 4?)

Pairing: Bucky X Reader, Steve Rogers X Reader

Genre: Angst?

Summary: Steve and (Y/N) have good news to share. But Bucky doesn’t seem too pleased. 


Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 5

(Y/N) paced around the hangar, fingers fiddling with her cellphone. Natasha called with news that although the entire team was on the way back from the mission, there were some injuries sustained. (Y/N) managed to attain permission from Pepper to leave the office early to go wait for the quinjet’s arrival.

As the quinjet touched down on the compound’s hangar, (Y/N) waited anxiously for its passengers to alight. The sound of heels clicking from behind her caused her to turn to see Jenny hurriedly making her way to where she was standing.

Settling herself next to (Y/N), Jenny whispered harshly, “God will you please just stop hovering around your ex-fiancé, my boyfriend. There’s a reason why you were left at the altar alright. And I’m telling you, its got to do with how suffocating you are.”

(Y/N) stared at Jenny, looking aghast at what she was hearing. She was nothing but polite and civil to this bitch that seduced her ex-fiancé and she decided to drag her?

Just as she was about to teach Jenny a lesson or two about the consequences of messing with the wrong person, the door to the quinjet opened and Sam was the first out.

“Hey pumpkin, we’re all back in one piece and I’m killing for some of your homemade double chocolate mint cupcakes,” Sam said as he made his way to give (Y/N) a hug.

Giving Sam a once over to make sure he was unscathed, (Y/N) replied, “I got worried the past week so I made dozens trying to help distract myself. I’ve filled the fridge, Sammy.”

“Thanks, sweetheart! Now, go look after your darlin’ ol’ captain.” he said, throwing her a wink.

(Y/N) frowned at that, her mind wandering to the worst possible scenario. Did Steve do something stupid again? Jump of another freaking vehicle? God forbid that he ran into another collapsing building.

Every ticking second made the girl more antsy than the last. The sound of boots on metal caused her to look up to see Steve hobbling out of the quinjet with Tony helping keep him upright. Right next to him was Bucky supported by Vision.

Just as he stepped out of the quinjet, Bucky’s eyes landed on (Y/N). Memories of when she used to wait for him post-mission resurfaced and he angled his body to walk towards (Y/N) - he wasn’t sure if it was muscle memory or if it was the sense of comfort he had with her.

“Shit! Steve! What happened?! We need to get you to the med bay right now.” (Y/N) yelled out, breaking Bucky from his reverie.

“Language, doll! And I’m back on time and in one piece for the date you promised me.” Steve teased.

“Goodness Steven Grant Rogers! You are going to be the death of me one day. And James Buchanan Barnes! You as well! Both of you off to the med bay!” (Y/N) chastised.

A small smile formed on Bucky’s face as he heard the worry in (Y/N)’s voice. The girl was probably too nice, she shouldn’t be worried about him at all but here she was fussing about them both.

He looked longingly at the girl who looped Steve’s arms around her, helping him walk. Jenny stalked over to Bucky and demanded his attention.

“Bucky! Your girlfriend is right over here, hello?” Jenny yelled, pulling Bucky’s attention back to her.

Bucky let out a sigh and turned to face her, “Hey Jen, follow me to the med bay?”

In the med bay, Bruce and Doctor Cho worked simultaneously on the two super soldiers. Steve had (Y/N) sat next to him, his hand intertwined with hers. On Bucky’s side was Jenny who fussed over Doctor Cho who was examining his wounds.

“Hey, you. Cho? Was it? Will you please stop touching Bucky everywhere?” Jenny demanded, causing Bucky to close his eyes in frustration.

“Hey Bruce, will you change with Doctor Cho, please? I think she’s about to implode.” Steve suggested, rolling his eyes at Jenny’s antics.

As the super soldiers were getting treated, FRIDAY’s voice came through the med bay.

“Ms (Y/N), your friends are contacting you once again regarding your high school reunion this coming weekend. They require an RSVP by tonight. Would you like for me to do so for you?”

(Y/N)’s grip on Steve’s hands loosened slightly making the captain frown.

“Thank you, FRIDAY. I will follow up accordingly.” (Y/N) replied the AI, her eyes brows knitting in frustration.

“Trying to avoid the questions about your failed wedding, (Y/N)?” Jenny questioned causing Bucky to grunt in disapproval.

The man dragged her out as he mumbled an apology to the red-faced (Y/N).

Showered and changed, Steve had (Y/N) sit in front of him between his legs as he helped the girl towel dry her hair. Deciding that it was a good time to breach the subject, Steve wrapped an arm around (Y/N)’s waist and settled his chin on her shoulder.

“So, what this thing about a reunion I hear?” Steve murmured into her shoulder.

After a short moment of silence, (Y/N) let out a sigh and replied, “It exactly what you’ve heard. I have a reunion coming up and I’m not sure if it’s a good idea to go.”

Turning her body slightly towards Steve, (Y/N) rested her legs on Steve’s thigh as the man tightened his grip on her waist.

“I know I shouldn’t be afraid of what others have got to say. And I know it isn’t my fault that my wedding didn’t happen. But, I just can’t help feeling as though I’m flawed and that why it happened to me. Being left at the altar was such a drama cliche that I didn’t think would ever happen to me. And some of my classmates were right out there waiting for my wedding to happen! This is such a mess.” (Y/N) ranted, her eyes filling with tears.

Pulling the girl closer to himself, he stroked the exposed skin of her waist, trying to offer a sense of comfort to her with his presence.

“Doll, if you’d like, we can go for this reunion together. It has been almost a year since the wedding and I’m sure most have forgotten. But I’ll be with you every step of the way. And if, only if you would like… I could… I could go with you as your… your…boyfriend?” Steve offered, his face and neck a bright red.

Fully turning to face the blushing captain now, (Y/N) has her eyebrows raised as she looked at Steve to try and find any ounce of joke on his face. Finding none, (Y/N) rested her hands on the sides of Steve’s face, her thumbs lightly brushing against his cheeks.

“Steve, if you would have me for who I am. The girl who worry too much sometimes. Who would fuss around to make sure everyone is well. Who binge watches Disney even though she’s all grown up. The girl that was left at the altar. I’ll be more than honored to have you.” came her reply, her smile contented and sweet.

“Oh thank God.” was all Steve said as he landed a kiss on her lips.

Sunday came by in a wink and (Y/N) was getting ready for the reunion she was heading to with Steve. The sundress she had on was a simple lilac color and as she was finishing up with her makeup, Steve came into her room looking as dashing as ever.

Helping him straighten his tie, (Y/N) said teasingly, “You look absolutely dashing Captain. Do I have to be worried about anyone stealing my boyfriend later?”

“Not with you by my side doll. Everyone would be too busy marveling at you.” Steve replied giving her a quick peck on her lips.

The couple made their way to the common room to inform the group of their plans for the afternoon and was met with Tony and Natasha staring intently at the screen in front of them.

“Hey, guys, (Y/N) and I are heading out for her reunion so we will be back late,” Steve said, causing Natasha to snap her attention to the couple.

“Reunion?” came Bucky’s voice from behind them.

“Dol-(Y/N), you can’t possibly go for this reunion. They-they’ll want to ask you questions and… Just please…” Bucky pleaded.

“Look, I can go with you and we can… we can pretend that everything is alright and that the wedding is simply postponed!” Bucky offered, his voice loud and rushed. Somewhere deep inside Bucky was pleading the Gods to make her accept his offer so he could spend one more day as her to-be husband.

Steve resisted the urge to place himself between (Y/N) and Bucky, knowing that the girl was more than capable of protecting herself from this jackass he couldn’t even recognize as his best friend.

“No James. We are not going to pretend to anyone. If they have questions, I’ll answer them, with the truth. I was left behind on my wedding day and that’s the fact. I’m not blaming you for it. I’ve stopped trying to find someone to blame months ago. It is what it is and we’ve all got to face it. You found your someone and I have too. Steve and I, We’ll protect each other and face whatever is to come together.” (Y/N) replied with determined eyes as she moves to grasp Steve’s hand in hers.

“You’ve got your chance at protecting her and you gave it up. Its now my duty to watch over her, Bucky.” Steve said, locking eyes with Bucky.  

Giving Bucky a final smile and Steve’s hand a little squeeze, (Y/N) turned and made her way out with the captain.

“I am not too familiar with karma myself but I’ve heard some stuff about it. It seems like karma’s here for your ass Barnes.” Natasha said, her tone unforgiving.

“You left her hanging to face the music with family and guests on her wedding day. She let you off good, ya know? I had a whole series of revenge plans made out for her but rejected them all and said she understood where you were coming from, I mean seriously? That girl’s crazy. So don’t get all soppy about her leaving you behind now.” Tony said with a roll of his eyes.

Bucky trudged back to his room and as he stepped in, he was greeted with Jenny rummaging a cardboard box. Glancing at its contents, he noticed the framed photo of (Y/N) and himself smiling widely at the camera, the backdrop a bright blue ocean - a picture taken from their trip to Hawaii two years back.

“I’m going to get rid of this box, Buck. That girl came by to drop it off even though I told her you wanted nothing of hers.” Jenny huffed.

“Leave.” Bucky’s voice was deep and cold.

“But Buck-“

“Leave and get out. Now.” the finality of Bucky’s voice sent a chill down Jenny’s spine as she hurriedly left the room.

Bucky sat on the corner of his bed, hands clutching the framed photo, as his first tears since the winter soldier fell. The tears kept dripping on the picture as he whispered out to himself.

“What have I done?”

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@evil-rainbow-sunshine it’s completely unedited, and kind of rushed because I need to leave for an interview in five minutes, but I heard you were sad and wanted to do something to cheer you up, just like your promptis videos always, without fail, manage to cheer me up.

Happy Birthday. You’re awesome.

He’d considered, really, telling Noctis. He had. But Noctis had been very busy lately, with his royal obligations, and Prompto had known that he wouldn’t be able to make time to see him, and he’d known that Noctis would inevitably feel bad.

He’d opened his mouth, had hesitated, and had, in the end, said nothing. Only wished him a great weekend, and ‘I’ll see you on Monday, Noct, and I am so gonna beat your high score tomorrow!”

So this year, October 25th is going to be spent like any other day. Like the year before and the year before that.

He’s going to spend his birthday alone. This is fine. He’s used to it.

On the way home, he makes a small detour to his favourite café – the one with the mint-chocolate frosted cupcakes he likes so much but indulges in so very rarely. One of these days, he’s going to have to bring Noct – Prompto is sure he’d love it. It’s a quiet place; more of a hole-in-the-wall, really. A remnant of the time when Prompto was slightly more of a low-burning candle than trying his hardest to be a 100 watt light bulb; when he was still the quiet, reserved boy who’d sit quietly in the back of that café, looking through his photos.

The barista hands him the cupcake in a brown paper bag. “On the house,” she says. “Happy birthday!”

Prompto smiles. It should be enough, for one person to remember.

(It’s not, but he wants it to be. Prompto doesn’t want to be selfish.)

When he gets home, he places his bag on the chair at the dinner table, slips out of his tie and loses his jacket.

He takes a shower first, and then, hair still wet and wearing the most comfortable shirt he owns, he grabs a small plate for the cupcake and opens the bag.

There’s a birthday candle stuck in the frosting, and really, Prompto vows to tip more the next time he goes to that café.

He gets a lighter from the drawer in the hallway, and lights it. Sits at the table and stares at the flame dancing on the pink and white wax.

“Make a wish,” he tells himself, corners of his mouth lifting ever so slightly. He closes his eyes, thinks of blue eyes and raven hair; of laughter and warmth and videos games played in an apartment too big for one single person, and blows the candle out.

And when he opens his eyes, he adds, almost in an afterthought, “happy birthday to me.”

Cupcakes are really hard to eat, actually, without making a mess. He considers getting a spoon for the frosting, but then shrugs to himself, and just takes a bite. It’s really not like anyone’s going to be seeing him get frosting all over his face.

Except the doorbell rings.

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After a day of ditching school with her friends, Ember figured she might as well sit down and do some homework to make up for it. 

She had recently found out there was a cute little bakery that just opened in town and decided that it would great to eat a cupcake or two while she’s at it! 

????: One chai tea and a mint and chocolate cupcake for … oh shit - hey Ember!