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Jirachi vanilla-mint chocolate chip-vanilla banana split for sleepyjirachi

Serperior key lime pie & two lime sorbet scooops for myself

Ninetales hot white chocolate w/ whipped cream&caramel syrup for crimsontentacles

Rapidash cheesecake w/ whipped cream, waffle cone and orange syrup for DenaJarawr 

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Caught my love in the arms of another and I've been dying since that day...💔 May I request for any sweet Renji date scenario pls? A comforting snuggle date perhaps if it's ok with you? Been seeking comfort from all your stories here, thanks for all of them 😊

Anon, I am so sorry this happened to you. I’m grateful my little hobby has provided any comfort to you during this time. I hope this is sweet enough and hits the spot to bring a smile to your face. 

Renji – Arms of Safety

Tonight is the first time you are going to see Renji in over a month. His mission ran longer than expected and you’re bouncing on your toes with excitement to see him. You wanted to wait for him at the senkaimon but figured he would appreciate it if you didn’t attack him with kisses in front of his captain.

So instead, you’ve opted to wait for him at his quarters, his favorite dish simmering away in a pot on the stove, dessert already set in the fridge and you decked out in comfy shorts and one of his shirts; he always says he loves it when you wear them because they smell like you after you leave. Just as the main dish is about finished cooking you feel his reiatsu approaching. Setting down the spoon and turning down the heat to simmer you scamper to the living room to await his entrance.

You see his silhouette through the sliding door and a moment later it opens revealing your love. His eyes land on you, a wide grin spreading across his face chasing away any traces of fatigue left over from his work and journey home.

“Welcome home Renji!” you squeal running forward and jumping into his waiting arms. He squeezes your waist tightly as you wrap your arms around his neck. He’s a bit dirty from whatever he’s been doing but you don’t care; he’s safe, he’s home and he’s with you again. For a moment neither of you speak, simply enjoying being able to hold one another after such a long time apart. 

His arms have always been one of your favorite features about him. Their strength to wield Zabimaru, the tattoos signifying his accomplishments and the shoulders connected to them that carry the burdens of his squad. But above all else, the way he loves you with them makes you melt. His secure hold, the warmth of his skin, the masculine scent that wafts around you when you buried within his embrace, all of it brings you to a place of complete peace and safety.

“I’m so glad you’re here,” he says into your hair, inhaling deeply to gather your scent and drive away the darkness of what he’s had to deal with the past four weeks without you by his side. He’s glad you weren’t assigned to this mission; he’d have fared much worse than he did were he to be worrying about you.

“I would have been at the gate but thought Kuchiki-taichou wouldn’t appreciate his lieutenant being mauled by his girlfriend in his presence,” you say giggling.

He chuckles and kisses your cheek. “I much prefer having you all to myself,” he admits before finally kissing your lips gently. He trails his hand through your hair to the back of your head, deepening the kiss making you moan into his mouth. Oh how you’ve missed this! When his other hand reaches under your, or rather his shirt, you giggle again and pull away.

“Not that I wouldn’t appreciate that,” you say winking, “but I think it would be good to let you get cleaned up and have some dinner. You must be starving.”

“The only thing I’m starving for is you,” he returns huskily but kisses your nose as he lets you go. “But I do need a shower and I can smell you’ve made my favorite stew.”

“We’ve got double chocolate mint cheesecake too,” you add and he smiles.

“All my favorites in one place? Why do I ever leave?” he asks drawing you back into his arms.

You look up to the ceiling in feigned appearance to think before looking in his eyes again and saying, “Because if you didn’t Byakuya would have your hide.” He laughs, kissing you once more before letting you go to finish up dinner while he heads to the bathroom to get cleaned up.

In little time at all he’s back, his hair down and still wet, towel drying it as he walks. He hasn’t put a shirt on yet and you have to control yourself not to pounce on him right here in the kitchen. You’ve worked hard on this meal and you want the two of you to enjoy it. Serving out two bowls coupled with cheddar biscuits you head to the table, setting down the food. Renji’s behind your chair, pulling it out for you and assisting you to get seated.

“Such a gentleman,” you murmur over your shoulder.

“Don’t say that too loud, I have a reputation to uphold,” he teases taking a seat across from you.

After giving thanks for the food you both dig in, conversation light in favor of indulging in the comfort food you’ve prepared. Eventually you begin to talk, filling each other in on what’s been happening in your respective lives while you’ve been apart. For you, it’s been business as usual at the fourth division. For him, the mission took longer than expected because the hollow they were hunting had exceptional cloaking abilities.

When you finish the meal and the dishes are stacked in the sink you make your way to the bedroom lying down in each other’s arms and just staring into one another’s eyes. You never thought you’d been so connected to someone as to physically hurt when they were gone but that’s how you feel being with Renji. He’s everything you’ve ever wanted in a boyfriend; strong, dependable, can be silly, loves to make you laugh, to make you smile, holds you close when you cry and drives away your fears, and loves you with you an intense burning passion of a caliber you’ve never experienced before.

“Oh, I almost forgot, I got you something while I was there,” he says getting up and heading to the living room where his bag is still sitting by the door. Returning he has a small black box in his hands. Lifting the lid you inhale sharply; resting inside are three charms to add to your collection on your bracelet. The bracelet originally was a gift from Renji when you had been dating for six months, a little number 6 charm on it both for the time you’d been together and for his division. Since then he’s obtained new charms whenever he’s been away in the living world without you, which is quite frequent since you’re in different divisions.

This time he’s brought back a lightning bolt (representing his tattoos. He’s been searching for one every time and finally found it), a sun (“because you are the center of my universe”) and a diamond. The last makes you look up curiously at him to find he has a look bordering pensive on his face.

“Renji, what’s wrong?” you ask.

“Nothing, I…this last one is kind of a risk because…you deserve a lot more but seeing as you love your charms and all, I thought it appropriate to get this. But we can always get something else, I mean, in addition to-“

“Renji, what are you talking about?”

He grasps your hand and looks you in the eyes. “______-chan, I love you with all my heart, I can’t ever see loving anyone as much as I love you. Would…would you do me the honor of becoming my wife?” Your breath is caught in your lungs, your eyes wide with shock. “______-chan, will you marry me?” he asks, leaning up to kneel on both knees beside where you lay on the his bed.

Launching yourself upwards you hug him around the neck and say, “Yes, yes, yes! Of course I’ll marry you!”

His deep laugh rumbles against your chest as he embraces you back. Lying you down, he rolls over top of you, kissing you hard, long and deep. As he begins to trail his hands under your shirt you gasp out, “Wha…what about dessert?”

He grins and whispers in your ear, “You are my dessert.”

I hope you enjoyed dear anon! Much love and hugs to you!

-Admin Jade


I follow a lot of people and i always see with the people i follow and amongst my followers posts about how they are feeling really crap. I know what it’s like to feel really bad and for long periods of time. I don’t won’t any of you guys to feel like that, because god, it is shit. So i thought i would make a master post for when your feeling really shit. I know there are couple of these floating about but here is my take on it. Feel Good 101 - This is an advice series by an amazing youtuber called Emma Blackery. She deals with such topics as depression, bullying, looks and ambition. She gives great advice and i personally found them really helpful.  Yoga Postions - I think that yoga can be very relaxing and take your mind of things so this is just a link to basic yoga positions.  Breathing Techniques - When stressed, angry or upset breathing tends to get fast and out of hand, so here are two links to some breathing techniques to calm yourself down. Mindfullness - I did mindfulness at school, and thought it was a big joke. Looking back i was an idiot because it is actually really helpful and i wish i paid more attention. Link to exercises and their website.  Free audiobooks - Sometimes listening to an audiobook is a relaxing way to wind down. Links to websites and youtube channels with free audiobooks. 1, 2. 3. 4. 5
These are just websites to get links to the shows you watch. TVMuse is only very good for newer shows, and it relies heavily on links from people in the comments but apart from that good for links to new shows quickly. I know some internet providers (in the UK at least) have blocked some streaming websites, but these are three i am pretty sure work.  watchtvseries TVMuse  iwatchonline Free books and book related things - To help you relax and to escape to another world
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MOVIES MOVIES MOVIES - Because they really do help
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That Looks Bad//An Ant-Man Imagine

Oh hey everyone! You’ve probably been wondering where the hell I’ve been. I promise I haven’t been neglecting this account, but it’s been so damn hard for me to think of anything to write about.

Since seeing the movie, I’ve been wanting to write something for Ant-Man. The other day, one of my friends jokingly said, “Hey, since you work at Baskin Robbins, why don’t you write about working with Scott?” And I was like, “That’s an incredible idea.”

So here we are.

Yes, I’ve been working at good old BR for about five months now, and I’m very excited to write this with complete accuracy. :)

This is probably going to be a two or three part series.

Let me know what you think?

Note: Prices, sizes and flavors are 100% accurate. Some of the details may not make sense to anyone who hasn’t worked at Baskin Robbins, so most of it is just for my own sense of accomplishment.

It’s kind of lame and really doesn’t make sense but I missed writing. <3


Title: That Looks Bad

Character/Celebrity: Scott Lang (Ant-Man)

Word Count: 1326

Rating: T

Warnings: language


“Ugh, why do they put the calories on there?” You look up at the customer that has broken you out of your train of thought, a fake smile plastered on your face.

“I know, right?” You respond. “You’re buying ice cream! There’s absolutely no reason to care about calories.”

“Damn those federal laws.” She says, smiling back at you. “Anyway, I’ll have a double scoop in a cake cone of rocky road. And a single of pistachio almond on a sugar cone.” You nod and reach for the four-ounce scoop.

“Sounds good.” You expertly scoop two scoops of the rocky road and place them on the cake cone, pressing down to make sure they don’t fall. You do the same with the pistachio, and hold them out across the dipping cabinet to give to the customer. “I can check you out down here.” You move sideways to stand behind the register, but your shoulder slams into a hard mass.

Oh, yeah. Scott.

You’ve been training this new guy (late twenties/early thirties, way too old to be working at Baskin Robbins, probably has a kid), Scott, for this whole shift, and, yet, you keep forgetting he’s there.

“I got it.” He smiles at the customer and hits the touch screen a few times. “That’ll be $7.77.” He tells her.

“What a weird price.” Her smile is fake now. She’s flirting with him. Gross. He’s not even that cute.

“I’ll go wash the blender pitchers.” You say, absentmindedly, as Scott prints out her receipt and gives it to her, reading out the coupon at the bottom. Scott gives no indication that he hears you, but you grab the dirty pitchers from behind him and head for the sink anyway.

Grabbing the detachable sink head, you blast hot water into the three pitchers, the smells of mint chocolate chip, strawberry cheesecake and cookies and cream all combining into one. You pick up the sponge to wash the sides of the pitcher, making sure to get all the chocolate off. After rinsing it a damn third time, you dropped it into the bin of sanitizer.

“Have a good day!” Scott calls as the woman leaves. He turns the second she is gone and the smile disappears. “She wrote down three different contacts.” He says, holding up a piece of receipt paper on which she had, indeed, written down her work number, personal number, and email address. You roll your eyes as he crumples it up and tosses it in the trash can.

“Not going to call her?” You ask. He shrugs and doesn’t say anything.


The store has been dead for almost an hour. You decide to grab some batter and make some waffle cones. You mix the batter with water and cinnamon (mentally reciting the 1-1-1 ratio, even though you’ve done it a thousand times; one pound of batter, one cup of water, one spoonful of cinnamon) and turn on the waffle cone baker.

While you’re waiting for it to heat up, you watch Scott restock the cups. He’s desperately trying to figure out which cups are the singles and which are the doubles. You have to admit that, when you first started, it was pretty hard to tell, especially when they’re all stacked in a plastic bag. You open your mouth to help him, right as he figures it out and presses some into the dispenser.

When the baker beeps to tell you it’s heated, you grab a ladle and fill it up with batter. After pouring it in the center and tapping off the excess, you press the top down and start the countdown of 52 seconds. The store fills with the smell of cinnamon and you smile in spite of yourself.

“I didn’t even know you knew how to smile.” You glare at Scott’s sarcastic tone. He’s in his early thirties with a child, working at Baskin Robbins. Who is he to say anything about anything you do?

“Oh, ha ha.” You say, irritation clear in your voice. He chuckles.

“I’m only joking.” He says. “But seriously, you should smile more. It looks good on you.” You blush in spite of yourself and turn back to the task at hand, only to find that the timer has already gone off and your cone is burning.

“Shit.” You mutter to yourself, pulling on the top and grabbing the tongs to pull the slightly burned cone from the baker. But that isn’t what happens.

Instead, your hand slips and your arm collides with the top half of the baker. A searing pain shoots through your forearm and you let out a choked yelp. Scott’s head shoots up and he runs to you.

“Are you okay?” He asks. You nod, cradling your injured arm in your opposite hand. You aren’t okay, because it burns like a bitch, but you sure as hell don’t need help from someone on their third day. “No you aren’t. Let me see.”

“I said I’m fine.” But he doesn’t listen, and manages to grab ahold of your wrist, pulling your arm toward himself.

“That looks bad.” He says. “Here.” He gently pulls you with him over to the sink. He turns the water to its coldest setting and lets it run over your arm. You look at it and, sure enough, an angry red mark spreads across a good portion of your arm. It really does look bad. When you look up at Scott, you see his face screwed up in concentration as he tries to make the cold water as gentle as he can.

“There’s a first-aid kit in the back.” You tell him. He catches your eye, probably surprised that you’re talking to him, and nods. You gesture with your head in the general direction of the kit and he retrieves it.

“Come here.” He says simply, patting the cake-decorating table a couple of times. You move your arm from under the water, biting your lip when the heat returns.

You climb up to sit on the table in front of him, and he opens the first-aid kid. After a moment of searching, he finds burn cream, gauze and an ace bandage.

“When my daughter, Cassie, was four, we bought her a heating blanket because she was always cold.” You look up at the beginning of his story. “It ended up shorting out and catching on fire. Nothing got damaged, but she burned her leg pretty bad.”

“Was she okay?” You surprise yourself when you ask the question. He seems surprised too, but nods.

“Yeah, she was fine, but I remember how much it must have hurt, and how strong she tried to be.” You blush. You wonder if he can tell how much it really hurts when his thumb rubs the cream into your injury. You feel like he probably can. “Anyway, my point is, there’s no use trying to be strong all the time.” You hate that his words make it sound like he’s known you for years.

“That’s all I know how to do.” You mumble. He acts like he didn’t hear it, but you know he did.

“Alright.” Scott says a moment later as he ties off the bandage. “All done.” You’re immediately surprised that the burn has already stopped hurting as much. He holds out a hand to you and you smile as he helps you off the table.

“Thanks, Scott.” You mutter. He smiles.

“You’re welcome.” Before you can stop yourself, you stand on your toes to kiss his cheek. He seems surprised, but, when he turns, his face holds a smile. He leans down, like he’s going to really kiss you, but the bell on the door rings, signaling someone has come into the store.

“I got it.” You say quickly before he can say or do anything else.

“Okay.” There’s almost no emotion in his voice as you move past him to greet the customers.

“Welcome to Baskin Robbins!”


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