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Peculiars + present day Valentine's Day

Fiona: grows flowers that Hugh’s bees especially like. Of course, for Hugh she’d give him a painting of them together (I’d imagine her to be an amazing painter and artist)

Hugh: old but gold, he’d shower her in every single chocolate known to man; KitKats, kisses, crunch bars, Hershey’s, boxes of chocolates, those nice raspberry chocolate bars near the cash register at Nordstrom, absolutely everything! He read that chocolate improves moods and makes people happy and all he wants is for his gf to be happy

Enoch: I imagine him to write Horace a nice love letter. Enoch, not being able to fully grasp his emotions tries to write it out instead, but it comes out a bit awkward and confusing if not cute and dorky. Also a nice pillow for Horace to rest on :)

Horace: he’d definitely shower Enoch in pastries! Much like Hugh, but instead of chocolates, mini cakes and all of Enoch’s favorite sweets. Also, some nice clay sculptures that he made secretly. (It absolutely melts Enoch’s heart that Horace tried to make clay sculptures for him even if he can’t tell what they are!)

Millard: decides to make cards for miss peregrine, Bronwyn and Olive and Claire. With his neat, organized handwriting, his calligraphy skills are on point and he makes Miss Peregrine smile as well as make Olive, Bronwyn and Claire smile too

Olive: makes Bronwyn a cute drawing of the two!! Makes Bronwyn tear up as the messy mix of paint and the smiles of the drawings make her day

Bronwyn: Gives the girls boxes of chocolates and gives Millard a nice card. They both don’t have a valentine so they figure it’s best to celebrate their friendship over cards.

Claire: makes Millard a “painting” which is really just a mix of glitter, pink paint, and blue paint “what I think you look like!” Claire says as Millard tears up

Emma: gives Jacob warm kisses and prepares a nice picnic for the two. They’ve wanted some alone time to relax and what better idea than a picnic

Jacob: gets out his favorite camera and phone and takes pictures and selfies of him and Emma!! After the picnic they go to the pharmacy and dispense the film into pictures to make a “Valentine’s day 2017” album!!

cuddles-and-chocolate-cake  asked:

Can you do a Feysand fic where Feyre is a cake decorator at a bakery, and Rhys comes in to buy a cake and...? :)

Feyre’s putting on the finishing touches of the last cake of the day, a round dark chocolate cake iced with midnight blue frosting and a solar system covering the top she’d stenciled and painted herself, when she hears the bell jingle in the front room of the shop.

“Just a minute!” she calls and pushes her hair from her forehead with the back of her hand.  She sets down the icing she was using and wipes her hands on the apron around her waist.

The cake slides easily into a box and brings it out to the front counter. It almost slips out of her hands, though, when she sees the man casually flipping through the book of cakes next to the cash register. He’s beautiful: dark hair that somehow looks styled and messy all at once, tall and well built, hands in the pockets of what looks like an expensive dark blue suit.

“You must be…” she looks over the receipt that goes with the cake. “Rhysand?”

“That’s right,” he says with a smile. His voice is deep, rolling over and through her, and his smile makes her knees go weak.

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