chocolate milk with marshmallows

🌟 🍧 Milkshake Magic 🍦🌟

for when you still want to work a little magic in desert, for when you have a sweet tooth!es! here’s just a couple of suggestions with ice cream flavours, toppings and their correspondences, but you can totally come up with your own ideas!

here are just a few recipes / ideas:


3 scoops vanilla ice cream, milk, caramel sauce, salted pretzels
for cleansing and positivity


3 scoops mint ice cream, milk, chocolate chips, chocolate syrup
for love and wealth, fortune


3 scoops strawberry ice cream, milk, crake crumbles, fresh strawberries.
for friendship and young love


3 scoops vanilla ice cream, milk, brownies, 3 spoonfuls of peanut butter
for frivolity and general happiness/prosperity


3 scoops cookies ‘n cream ice cream, milk, 3 spoonfuls cream cheese, crushed oreos
for youth and memory


3 scoops vanilla ice cream, milk, mini marshmallows, crumbled graham crackers, chocolate syrup
for domestic magic, and familiar bonds


3 scoops vanilla ice cream, milk, 1 banana, ½ packet vanilla pudding mix
for prosperity, protection, and happiness

The idea of Harley and Joker having a baby is both adorable and horrifying at the same time...
  • Batman: "Babies can't live on a diet of chocolate milk and marshmallows!"
  • Joker: "Not with that attitude..."
  • Harley *in the background*: "What are you doing, sweetie? DON'T TOUCH THE GRENADES!"
  • Batman: *heavy sigh*
V Headcanons

•Actually really likes sweets, but won’t admit it.

•Strawberry shortcake is his favorite dessert.

•His favorite drink is tied between Chocolate Macadamia coffee with soy milk and hot chocolate with whipped cream and marshmallows.

•The cacti he gets are usually the small, broken ones because no one else would buy them and he think they are cute. A damaged cactus deserves love too.

•Animal lover. Loves all animals. Seriously, ALL of them. Ask him to pick just one and he’ll go slight OOC and panic mode. “Just one?!? I can’t…I…they’re all amazing…IF I PICK ONE WHAT ABOUT THE OTHERS???”

•Once thought about being a photography/art teacher at a college.

•Has a crap ton of scrapbooks filled with pictures he has of him and Jumin. Jumin did something embarrassing when he was a tot, but won’t admit it? Don’t worry, V’s got the receipts.

Middle things I like

😘 Hugs and Kisses
🤗 Tickle attacks!
😴 Taking naps when I’m tired
👽 Spaaaaaaace!
🤖 Robots? Robots. I love robots.
🐶 Animals
👑 Being treated like a princess
🦄 Believing in the unseen
🎋 Japanese culture/merch
🐻 My plushies (stuffies)
🍝 Spaghetti
🍫 Dark or White chocolate
☕️ Hot Cocoa with extra marshmallows!
🐮 Chocolate milk
🌮 Taco Tuesdays
🍪 Freshly baked cookies
🎧 Listening to music helps me cope
📽 Hayao Miyazaki/Mamoru Hosoda movies
🎮 Video Games! I LOVE VIDEO GAMES!
📺 Cartoons/Lighthearted Anime
🏺 Old, Vintage, Antique stuff
🛍 Shopping dates!
🖌 Art/Drawing
📖 Reading
🌐 Internet
🎵 Singing when I’m alone/nobody can hear me


Easter Rocky Road

Well, Jane’s Patisserie has a lot to answer for for creating this recipe! Wow!

It’s got marshmallow, chocolate, mini eggs, Creme eggs, biscuits, butter, syrup…everything you shouldn’t have…but when it’s mixed like this? Well, you aren’t gonna say no are you?

For the recipe please copy this link into your browser:

Kageyama Winter Headcanons

• Always has to wear gloves to protect his precious fingers. He hates it when they feel cold and stiff, so he has high-quality, grade-a gloves, with the pads so he can still use his phone. If it’s exceptionally cold, he’ll stuff two small hand warmers in his gloves.

• On days were he can afford it or decides to treat himself, he’ll stop by a cafe on his way home and orders a hot chocolate (he’s not a tea or coffee person). He holds the cup without the sleeve to warm his hands up.

• “Can I get a large hot chocolate with extra milk and extra marshmallows, please?”

• He doesn’t like it when his hair is messed up, so he skips the beanies and hats and settles for earmuffs instead.

• Finds in charming when he sees someone’s cheeks flush from the chilly winds. He’s tempted to press his hand warmers to their cheeks.

• Pets every dog he passes that’s waiting patiently for their owner in the snow.

• His favorite meal during the winter is any kind of spicy soup with tofu in it.

• Before bed, he always warms up a cup of milk and adds a small amount of cinnamon.

• Also before bed, he slaps on like three layers of extra moisturizing lotion all over his body, especially his hands and knees.

• Likes leaving the door open slightly because his room faces the Christmas tree in the living room. He falls asleep more easily when his room is dimly lit with rainbow lights. The rest of the year, he makes sure the door is closed and locked.

Voltron Characters as Drinks

Shiro: A tall glass of water. Everyone likes water, everyone needs water, and it quenches your thirst. And water’s clear, so it has nothing to hide, right? riGHT???

Hunk: Hot chocolate with extra marshmallows. The good kind too, made with milk instead of water. So warm and comforting and yum!

Pidge: Looks like sweet iced tea, but is actually the bitter kind without sugar. Because Pidge looks all sweet and innocent but they’re totally a troll.

Keith: Something labelled as super spicy and you’re sure it’s fireball or some other alcoholic drink but nope! It actually tastes like cinnamon hearts, like there’s a hint of sweetness to it? What happened?? Everyone is confused

Lance: Beer. One of those cheep summer beers that’s like low alcohol so it barely counts. But it’s also one with a refreshing flavor so it’s great for summer at the beach. The rest of the time, not so much.

Allura: Super fancy super delicious super expensive wine that you will never be good enough to drink. Even the bottle is too pure for you to look upon

Coran: Veggie juice. Really good for you, lots of colour, only wants what’s best for you. But the taste…takes some getting used to. Eventually, though, you can’t help but love it.

Zarkon: Battery acid

Haggar: Poison. Will kill you just as dead as the battery acid, but is more subtle about it.

musicsbox  asked:

i offer coating your childhood in refined sugar, polly pockets left abandoned in gingerbread dollhouses, taking baths in chocolate milk bubbles, your old crib stuffed full of marshmallow fluff. i offer aching unattainable nostalgia for a syrup-coated infancy.


ask-dragon-flavio  asked:

Why don't you chocolate??? I'm just really curious cause I don't think I've ever met someone who's said they hate chocolate

I just don’t like the taste ?? I mean idk how else to describe it? I mean I’d compare it to a gross medicine if anything?? like it’s so bitter? 

honestly I’ll eat it if it’s got a lot of caramel or peanut butter in it (reeses, o’henry, milkduds, etc) and I LOVE white chocolate!! but you hand me something like a brownie, chocolate pudding, hershey’s bar, chocolate icecream, hot chocolate, I’ll probably turn it down unless i can dilute it to heck with milk (i mean hot chocolate tastes as awful as coffee to me and i gotta drown it in milk and marshmallows, but BLESS the white hot chocolate at tim hortons!!)

Baking with Ashley

Day 2 

Hi guys! Today we’ll be making something that I will be definitely trying this Christmas season!!!!! Drum roll please… *drum roll* Peppermint White Hot Chocolate! I absolutely love hot chocolate so I hope it comes out just right! 

For 4 servings you will need:
4 cups of milk
8 oz white chocolate chopped into tiny pieces or you can get white chocolate chips
1 teaspoon of vanilla extract 
½ teaspoon of peppermint extract (more or less depending on your taste)
Any type of toppings, I prefer to use whipped cream, a candy cane, chocolate shavings and marshmallows!

1. Pour the 4 cups of milk and white chocolate together into a medium sauce pan. Place it on the stove and cook it over medium-low heat. Continue to stir the milk and chocolate together so nothing sticks or burns.
2. Once it comes to a simmer and the chocolate is melted, remove it from the heat and add in the vanilla and peppermint extract. 
3. Serve it warm and add in your toppings! I like to place the whipped cream first, then add the marshmallows, sprinkle the chocolate shavings over it gently, then place the candy cane along the edge! 

I hope you all enjoy it! Message me suggestions, pictures or questions! I love you all!