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Sugar Cookie Martini 🍭🍦

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“Rock made me laugh, I loved him. We spent, oh God, most of the time chatting and laughing and being silly. Just before he died, one of the last things I think that I remember making him laugh was recalling a night in Texas when it was hailing hail so huge, it was like golf-balls. We were running out, getting conked on the head, running around making chocolate martinis. So you can imagine the state we were in.” -Elizabeth Taylor

The Signs Cooking/Eating Dinner Together
  • Aries: Working on the "big kid" drinks with Libra, talking about an adventure they just went on. Probably something exciting cause well they're exciting people.
  • Taurus: Helping Cancer with baking the sweets, ends up having a mini food fight and has chocolate spread on their face.
  • Gemini: The Twins are with Leo and Virgo to get the last of the groceries they needed. Running around the store doing random shit-they get kicked out of the store
  • Cancer: Making sweets with Taurus, has a food fight with them and ends up with whip cream on their nose
  • Leo: With Virgo and the Twins running around the grocery store hoping to sneak their favorite food into the cart without Virgo noticing *gets hand smacked for dropping a huge container of Nutella in*
  • Virgo: Looking for the ingredients for a specific recipe, smacks Leo's hand for putting Nutella in the cart *Evil eye until they get home*
  • Libra: Making the biggest martini ever along with other drinks for the rest of the group
  • Scorpio: Is with Pisces on the roof drinking and talking because they don't really know how/don't like to cook
  • Sagittarius: Is making the actual food with Aquarius, flirting with Aquarius and hip bumping them
  • Capricorn: Hiding in their room playing video games or watching something
  • Aquarius: *Blushing really badly* making food with Sag and a bit tempted to smack them on the bum ;D
  • Pisces: Hiding on the roof with Scorpio with a bottle of vodka, talking about how great life is

Milky Way Martini 🍒🍫

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Chocolate Orange Martini

This chocolate martini will get your Valentine’s Day celebrations off to a great start! The flavors of fresh orange and rich chocolate make it the perfect drink to share with someone special.


5 minutes prep.

2 oz. dark crème de cacao
1 oz. vodka
1 oz. juice from a freshly squeezed Paramount Citrus orange
½ oz. amaretto
Peel of half a Paramount Citrus navel orange for garnish


1. Place the crème de cacao, vodka, orange juice and amaretto in a cocktail shaker. Add 3 to 4 cubes of ice, cover and shake until cold.

2. Strain the cocktail into two small, 2-ounce martini glasses. 

3. Use kitchen scissors to cut a festive heart shape out of the orange rind to garnish the glasses. Serve.

Downey’s Daughter

“Did you see the llama?”

“What?” Chris asked, the furrow in his brow said he didn’t believe it.

“Out back,” Sebastian insisted, tossing the M&Ms in his palm into his mouth. He elbowed Anthony beside him to back him up and he chewed.

“There’s a llama,” Mackie agreed, his brow pulled high to emphasize the truth. “There’s a llama in the backyard. You can feed it alfalfa and shit.”

“There’s not a-” Chris stopped himself, considering who the were talking about. “Is there?”

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Zane Headcanon (Mentions: Alcohol)

(This is a rather adult-y topic but hey Zane is around 27 years old he is an adult and he is of legal drinking age. IDC if this series is aimed for kids Zane is a grown man he is allowed to do big boy things)

He is REALLY GOOD at making fancy AF drinks. Especially dessert flavored ones. Double Chocolate Smores Martini, Sugar Cookie Shooters, Spiked Strawberry Shortcake Sundae, legit anything that involves a sweet taste.

And also Candy flavored shots. Cotton Candy Shots, JollyRancher Jello Shots, Skittles Vodka. Hell, even RAINBOW SHOTS. He can make it.

He gets drunk too easily however so yall better make sure he doesnt have too much of those Starburst Candy Shots.

Why did I think of this? I was watching some TipsyBartender videos because i was bored and MAN those drinks look really aesthetically pleasing. Also Zane is an adult (Zane is the same age as Aph, so he should be around 27) and he fucking loves sugar and desserts and the fact that there is such thing as CUPCAKE FLAVORED VODKA I am //PRETTY SURE// Zane would make SOMETHING from that or drink that straight from the bottle

RIP to Rock Hudson who died on this day in 1985.

“Rock made me laugh, I loved him. We spent, oh God, most of the time chatting and laughing and being silly. Just before he died, one of the last things I think that I remember making him laugh was recalling a night in Texas when it was hailing hail so huge, it was like golf-balls. We were running out, getting conked on the head, running around making chocolate martinis. So you can imagine the state we were in.” - Elizabeth Taylor

Rusty Nail's Recipes

Dear Drinkers! It has been a while, and for that, I do apologize. Content, for a blog such as this one, takes a little longer to produce when you’re not having any success coming up with a recipe that works to produce the end result you’re looking for. This one, though? This one was inspired by a happy intersection of a post today’s honoree made back on Jan. 9, and a long-standing request for a recipe honoring today’s recipe recipient.  She’s a hugger. She’s a massive fan of new friends. She may just beat out Ace Pony in terms of loving Cake. She’s all around just a classy dame.

Ladies and Gentlemen…

It’s Ruby Rue!

A shining scion of sunshine and smiles, this happy hairdresser brings a deeply valued breath of positive energy and cake-crazed compassion to our community. That it has taken me this long to honor her in this manner is nearly a travesty, and is a display of respect that is long overdue.

A Ruby Rue


  •     1/2oz Vanilla Vodka
  •     1/2oz Cherry Vodka
  •     1oz Cream
  •     1oz Clear Creme de cacao
  •     1oz strawberry puree
  •     Chilled Martini Glass
  •     Chocolate syrup
  •     ½ Cherry, pitted, cut lengthwise.
  •     ½ Strawberry, cut lengthwise.
  •     Ice

Special Equipment:

A strainer, a Cocktail Shaker..

Making a Ruby Rue:

  1. Chill Glass in Freezer.
  2. Remove glass from freezer, drizzle chocolate syrup along inside, and return to freezer.
  3. Combine all other ingredients except cherry and strawberry halves in Cocktail shaker..
  4.  Shake well.
  5. Strain into prepared Martini Glass.
  6. Add Cherry and Strawberry halves to rim of glass as Garnish.
  7. Drink!

You’ve just finished making a Ruby Rue!

You can find Ruby Rue’s mod over at , and I do truly hope y'all head over there for a look around. You’ll see why I made use of the mixture of sweetness in the strawberry, the savory in the chocolate, cream, and creme de cacao, and the tart with the cherry to produce a drink which truly comes together to show why all of y'all “Moustache” her a question or two.~

Keep sending in suggestions as to who you’d like to see made into a drink, and Stay Thirsty, my friends!

Things I need more of: Jane and Sif getting along like a house on fire.  Like, fuck that trope of two women lusting after the same man and being horrible to each other.  Sif watched Jane walk up to the God of Lies and slap him, and that takes a lot of guts for a mortal.  She approved.  So she’ll hang out with Jane and talk some science, because while it wasn’t her best subject, Midgard science was easy enough even if the terms were unfamiliar.  She’ll take Jane out drinking, because Jane’s such a light weight lush and it’s fun to watch her and Darcy doing this ‘karaoke’ that mortals are so fond of.  She even learns the song and dance to a few songs (including Spice Girls songs) and Jane gives her the biggest hug after Sif’s rendition of Meredith Brooks’s Bitch.  

Jane asking Sif for some self-defense classes, turning it into a class for any woman who wanted to come (Darcy only took part of a few classes, preferring to watch more than anything, because she has her taser, and have you seen those sexy women?  That’s worth watching).  Jane learning about Sif’s secret love of chocolate and making them chocolate vodka martinis and taking them out to the best place for chocolate cake because they both deserve it after the day they’ve had.  Jane getting in a fist fight when someone starts mocking Sif’s outfit because she’s a bit tipsy, and Sif sits back and watches this tiny woman take down a man, telling the bar tender proudly that she taught Jane that move.  

The two of them sitting quietly and watching the stars together, as Jane talks about mythology and the stories people have made up about them, and Sif listens in fascination, because she loves stories.  Sif taking Jane’s side when she gets in a fight with Thor, because women need to stick together.  She’ll help Jane regardless of whose fault it is, even if it’s seeing her own fault in the argument or waiting for Thor to get his act together.  Jane staying up till 3 am with Sif after Sif’s own heart break, telling her that she’s amazing and deserves all the good things, even if that person wasn’t the one to give them to her.

Jane seeing a young girl in a street brawl and tells her that she can fight, because one of her best friends kicks ass with a sword on a regular basis.  Sif seeing a young girl being mocked for being smart and telling her that one of the best mortals she knows studies portals to other worlds and made her own technology to do it.  

Just, Jane and Sif being friends.  Because who needs a love triangle when you have the power of female friendship?

Don't Be Shy Part Two

Request: Hello! :) can please do (if you are not busy) a part 2 of ‘Dont Be Shy’? Like the reader is dating Gabe now but she still stutter, blush and everything? Love your imagines xx

Warnings: Fluff

Author: Gwen

Sorry this took so long

Hope this lives up to part one

You sat in the library looking over an ancient book with Sam on his computer and Dean inhaling a piece of pie. A flutter of wings diverted your attention as Gabriel appeared with a chocolate bar in hand. His warm smile melted your heart as he took a spot next to you.

“How’s my girl doing?” He gave you a quick kiss, wrapping his arm around your waist to pull you near him.

“Fine.” Your eyes darted toward the table with a blush creeping onto your face.

“Aw. You’re blushing.” Gabriel nuzzled into your neck, making you blush even more.

“Gabe.” You whined, trying to focus on the ancient text. “I need to read this.”

“I thought we were going out tonight.”

“We are?” You looked up at him with a confused expression.

“We are now. Can’t have my beautiful girl be trapped up in here with these two idiots.”

“Hey!” Dean snapped. Sam didn’t seem to notice as he kept typing away on his computer.

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