chocolate martinis

Midoris Spiders Kiss Cocktail!

  • 1 oz Midori
  • 1 oz vodka
  • ½ oz lemon juice (next time I’d use ¼ oz)
  • ¼ oz grenadine
  • chocolate syrup

Design your martini glass with the chocolate syrup making a spiders web and stick it in the freezer. 

In a shaker add ice, midori, vodka and lemon juice.  

Shake and strain your mixture into your chilled chocolate spider web cocktail glass.  

Pour your grenadine down the middle.


Sugar Cookie Martini 🍭🍦

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“Rock made me laugh, I loved him. We spent, oh God, most of the time chatting and laughing and being silly. Just before he died, one of the last things I think that I remember making him laugh was recalling a night in Texas when it was hailing hail so huge, it was like golf-balls. We were running out, getting conked on the head, running around making chocolate martinis. So you can imagine the state we were in.” -Elizabeth Taylor


Milky Way Martini 🍒🍫

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The Signs Cooking/Eating Dinner Together
  • Aries: Working on the "big kid" drinks with Libra, talking about an adventure they just went on. Probably something exciting cause well they're exciting people.
  • Taurus: Helping Cancer with baking the sweets, ends up having a mini food fight and has chocolate spread on their face.
  • Gemini: The Twins are with Leo and Virgo to get the last of the groceries they needed. Running around the store doing random shit-they get kicked out of the store
  • Cancer: Making sweets with Taurus, has a food fight with them and ends up with whip cream on their nose
  • Leo: With Virgo and the Twins running around the grocery store hoping to sneak their favorite food into the cart without Virgo noticing *gets hand smacked for dropping a huge container of Nutella in*
  • Virgo: Looking for the ingredients for a specific recipe, smacks Leo's hand for putting Nutella in the cart *Evil eye until they get home*
  • Libra: Making the biggest martini ever along with other drinks for the rest of the group
  • Scorpio: Is with Pisces on the roof drinking and talking because they don't really know how/don't like to cook
  • Sagittarius: Is making the actual food with Aquarius, flirting with Aquarius and hip bumping them
  • Capricorn: Hiding in their room playing video games or watching something
  • Aquarius: *Blushing really badly* making food with Sag and a bit tempted to smack them on the bum ;D
  • Pisces: Hiding on the roof with Scorpio with a bottle of vodka, talking about how great life is
Reasons Why You Don't Try and Pick up Gabe at a Bar

Reasons Why You Don’t Try and Pick up Gabe at a Bar by Spoodlemonkey

Pairings: Gabriel/Sam Winchester

Rating: T

Length: 807

Warnings/Tags: Pre-Slash, Human AU, Bad Pick-Up Lines, Sassy Gabriel

Summary: In which Gabe wants to climb Sam like a tree and this other jerk is putting his hands where they don’t belong.


Oh my God, I love this so much! The author captured Gabriel’s personality and voice perfectly, and I love the way that both he and Sam were able to run off that perv. Love, love, love! - Gisselle

Gabriel, that is the perfect response to someone being a creep in a bar. Absolutely perfect. Boy, is he lucky Sammy came around. .Love the story! -Tyler

I love this fic! First, Gabriel calling Sam the Sex God in his head is priceless, second Gabriel drinking chocolate martinis is my new favorite headcanon. I love the way Gabriel told the jerk that was hitting on him to back off. Awesome fic! - Lauren 

Birthday Challenge

I’m turning 21 at the end of July and what better way to celebrate than to host my first SPN writing challenge? 

Below the cut you’ll find 50 different quotes to choose from. The rules are simple:

1. Send in an Ask “ordering” the drink you chose. Pick two in case your first choice is taken.

2. Tag me in the A/N and use #Kitty’s21stBdayChallenge in the first 5 tags.

3. Even though my birthday is 25 July, I understand the struggle of writer’s block all too well so entries are DUE 15 August. If you need an extension, just let me know.

4. There is no minimum or maximum word length. Just please be considerate and use the Keep Reading cut if it’s more than 500 words so we aren’t clogging people’s dash.

5. All genres and SPN pairings are WELCOME. Reader inserts, ships, whatever, I read it all. Just make sure your entries are properly tagged with any warnings that might be needed so others can enjoy it as well.

After everything is said and done, I’ll compile all the entries into one Masterlist. Thanks for celebrating with me guys!

Jack and Coke- “Your boyfriend is standing outside like in those cheesy romantic movies.”

Whiskey Sour- “It’s you, it’s always been you.”

Long Island Iced Tea- “She ain’t your typical ‘good girl’, man.” @hunters-hiraeth

Jello Shot- “Come cuddle with me?”

Margarita- “You drive me crazy, you know that?” @roxy-davenport

Shot of Tequila- “I should be home by now, but seeing a face like yours in this bar got me distracted.”

Sangria- “Your fatal flaw is loving a man like me; it’ll get you killed someday.” @wayward-mirage

Trashcan- “I meant it when I said I love you all those years ago, and I mean it now.”

Four Horsemen- “I stood in hell and stared the devil in the eyes, but you scare the shit outta me when you’re angry.”

 Amaretto Sour- “You can’t tape a broken heart back together with whiskey, ya know.”

Martini- “How could I have fallen for somebody who’s as much of a wreck as you are?”

Mai Tai- “You promised that you would still love me when I came back. What happened to that?”

Sex on the Beach- “You don’t love me, you’re lonely. That’s all there is to it.”

Strawberry Daiquiri- “Sometimes, you’re better off alone.”

White Russian- “I’m not always going to be here waiting for you.”

Tequila Sunrise- “It’s been 10 years, and I haven’t been able to look at another person the way I looked at you.”

 Screw Driver- “Don’t say another word to me, I can’t handle it.” @superbadassnatural

Blow Job- “Just leave, it was so easy for you to do it the first time.” @distinguishedqueenofbooks

Screaming Orgasm- “After all that you’ve done to me, I hope you drop dead.” @luciisthebest

Bloody Mary- “How am I supposed to be everything that you want me to be and still be me? I can’t…”

Pina Colada- “I’m doing fine, and I plan to keep it that way.”

Buttery Nipple- “I like the scruffy beard, it suits you.”

Mudslide- “You’re a lot more mature now.”

Kamikaze- “That was cute when we were 5, now it’s just immature.”

Witch’s Brew- “No, we can’t keep a mouse!”

3 Wise Men- “You did that for five dollars?”

‘57 Chevy- “Is this a story that I have to be drunk to listen to?”

Malibu Bay Breeze- “I hear a lot of excuses and not a lot of the dishes being washed.”@uselessace

Black Russian- “I don’t do karaoke…” @aseasyasdeanspie

Blue Hawaiian- “Where are my underwear at?!”

666- “Low blow, man…”

Chocolate Martini- “Who the hell does that at your age?”

Alabama Slammer- “If you think that I’m gonna let you keep that, you’re out of your mind.”

Rusty Nail- “Is that…Elvis?”

Gin and Tonic- “You look like a clown in those pants.”

Cape Codder- “I’m not giving you my jacket, I’m freezing.”

B-52- “On your knees, princess.” @distinguishedqueenofbooks

Greyhound- “You’re not as quiet as you think you are.”

Fuzzy Navel- “Want me to take care of that?”

Lynchburg Lemonade- “Well look at what you’ve done.”

Mint Julip- “Where’d you learn to do that?”

Tom Collins- “I’m a damsel, I’m in distress, I can handle this. Have a nice day.” @i-am-fandoms-and-satan

Side Car- “This is what I get for sleeping with my best friend in Vegas.”

Irish Car Bomb- “You’re like a work of art…You need to be nailed up on the wall.”

Manhattan- “You look good enough to eat. In fact…” @wideawakeandwriting

Brandy Alexander- “You are very endearing when you’re half asleep.” @thecuriouscrusader

Rum and Coke- “You’re a little shit but at least you’re my little shit.” @gone-to-fight-the-fairies

Highball- “It’s not nearly as bad as it looks.”

Singapore Sling- “Is there a reason you’re naked in my bed?”

Mimosa- “You say the funniest things when you’re drunk.”


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Chocolate Orange Martini

This chocolate martini will get your Valentine’s Day celebrations off to a great start! The flavors of fresh orange and rich chocolate make it the perfect drink to share with someone special.


5 minutes prep.

2 oz. dark crème de cacao
1 oz. vodka
1 oz. juice from a freshly squeezed Paramount Citrus orange
½ oz. amaretto
Peel of half a Paramount Citrus navel orange for garnish


1. Place the crème de cacao, vodka, orange juice and amaretto in a cocktail shaker. Add 3 to 4 cubes of ice, cover and shake until cold.

2. Strain the cocktail into two small, 2-ounce martini glasses. 

3. Use kitchen scissors to cut a festive heart shape out of the orange rind to garnish the glasses. Serve.

Downey’s Daughter

“Did you see the llama?”

“What?” Chris asked, the furrow in his brow said he didn’t believe it.

“Out back,” Sebastian insisted, tossing the M&Ms in his palm into his mouth. He elbowed Anthony beside him to back him up and he chewed.

“There’s a llama,” Mackie agreed, his brow pulled high to emphasize the truth. “There’s a llama in the backyard. You can feed it alfalfa and shit.”

“There’s not a-” Chris stopped himself, considering who the were talking about. “Is there?”

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007 Cocktails: The Moneypenny Martini

I can’t very well end the 007 Games without providing a recipe for a martini. This is one I’ve been, uh, refining for a while. I call it…the Moneypenny. It kind of reminds me of her–it’s delightful, attractive, and packs one helluva wallop. Be careful about drinking one of these and hosting a watch party–typing gets really, really difficult. 

Anyway. Here’s what you’ll need:

This cocktail is slightly more involved than my other cocktail recipes so far. It includes: Chocolate martini mix, vodka, spiced rum, Baileys, and chocolate syrup. Three Olives is a good English vodka, but you may use your favorite. I’ve always been a Bacardi sort of girl, so I prefer their spiced rum, and as you can see, I use an off-brand of Baileys (srsly, this one cost $8, and Baileys is $24 and it tastes the same.)


1 oz chocotini mix

1 oz vodka

1.5 oz spiced rum

1.5 oz Baileys

chocolate sauce for garnish


Swirl chocolate in a large, chilled martini glass and set aside

In a shaker or highball glass, toss in a handful of ice cubes. Add in the mix, vodka, rum, and Baileys. Stir with a swizzle stick (I used a chop stick because why the fuck not, chops sticks are great multi-tools) or shake well–you want this as incorporated and cold as you can. 

Strain into the martini glass. 

Enjoy responsibly!

Okay, so I haven’t got the hang of swirling the glass yet, but here it is. Be warned. It looks innocuous, but this cocktail has been known to put me under the table. It’s entirely possible that my alcohol tolerance is shitty for an academic, but one of these is usually enough for me. The chocolate and the rum play very nicely together, and the Bailey’s makes it smooth. The liquor pretty much disappears and it’s more like drinking a chocolate-coffee milkshake than a martini. 

All in all, it’s an excellent cocktail for the end of a long day of wrangling recalcitrant 00s, bemused executives, and catlike quartermasters. 

RIP to Rock Hudson who died on this day in 1985.

“Rock made me laugh, I loved him. We spent, oh God, most of the time chatting and laughing and being silly. Just before he died, one of the last things I think that I remember making him laugh was recalling a night in Texas when it was hailing hail so huge, it was like golf-balls. We were running out, getting conked on the head, running around making chocolate martinis. So you can imagine the state we were in.” - Elizabeth Taylor

Zane Headcanon (Mentions: Alcohol)

(This is a rather adult-y topic but hey Zane is around 27 years old he is an adult and he is of legal drinking age. IDC if this series is aimed for kids Zane is a grown man he is allowed to do big boy things)

He is REALLY GOOD at making fancy AF drinks. Especially dessert flavored ones. Double Chocolate Smores Martini, Sugar Cookie Shooters, Spiked Strawberry Shortcake Sundae, legit anything that involves a sweet taste.

And also Candy flavored shots. Cotton Candy Shots, JollyRancher Jello Shots, Skittles Vodka. Hell, even RAINBOW SHOTS. He can make it.

He gets drunk too easily however so yall better make sure he doesnt have too much of those Starburst Candy Shots.

Why did I think of this? I was watching some TipsyBartender videos because i was bored and MAN those drinks look really aesthetically pleasing. Also Zane is an adult (Zane is the same age as Aph, so he should be around 27) and he fucking loves sugar and desserts and the fact that there is such thing as CUPCAKE FLAVORED VODKA I am //PRETTY SURE// Zane would make SOMETHING from that or drink that straight from the bottle

The Doctor screeched off in the middle of a phrase. He carefully put down the violin Karl had given him, and mixed the last of the chocolate martinis. ‘You know this thing in the stem,’ said Karl. ‘Of the glasses, I mean. The thingamajig which lets you chill the drink. I mean, does the glass let you heat the drink up? Hot chocolate martinis? I’m drunk.’
The Doctor laughed. ‘Of course you are.’
‘You too!’
The Doctor shook his head. ‘Only if I want to be.’ He laughed, pushing the back of his hand against his mouth. ‘Which I do.’
—  The Year of Intelligent Tigers, Kate Orman

thecrownedrose  asked:

Bucky and Ivar going after some creep who wouldn't take your no for an answer!!

Bucky would have to hold Ivar down. It would be like Steve all over again, only Steve’s a fucking Viking this time around. 

“She needs you.”


“Prettyboy. Listen.” It’s Master’s tone. “She needs you. Let me take care of this.”

Ivar goes over to hug you, and together, you watch as Bucky amicably sits on the stool beside the man. He doesn’t do anything that you can see, but within seconds, that man is off the stool and out of the bar… and Bucky’s bringing you a chocolate martini. 

trash-on-crack  asked:

You. Are. Awesome. And. great. And. Just. So. Cool. ily. Screw all that discourse. All I can say, is just. Thank. ;◁;

ahhh thank you so so much!!! you all make being on this hell fandom worth it 😭😭

i don’t support sha//y ships but like lmao i don’t care that much i’m more or less neutral in this fandom

im chilling on the sidelines sipping chocolate mild from a martini glass yall ;)