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“Therapy Session” - (AFTG)

High on his meds, Andrew didn’t hate Betsy Dobson, nor he liked her. She fleeted in his mind like a burst of yellow that sometimes caught his attention for no reason at all, like the sudden reflection of sunlight on a shiny little thing, following whatever association his drugged up brain made. But she was also fast forgotten, a useless shard of glass on the beach.

Andrew and Bee and their sessions with time.

[WARNING: Mentions of Andrew’s Past, with all that it implies.]

AO3 Version

To Andrew, Bee is different.

Not different from; just different, as an absolute concept. He’s had his fair share of psychologists and psychiatrists to deal with, but none like her. As a first thing, they never gave him chocolate.

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Dark Fate Yuma Maniac 02 Translation

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-Scene: Village Streets-

Yui: (As a thank you to Merz-san for letting us stay, we’re out doing his shopping for him… …)

(But I don’t know this area very well, which makes shopping a real challenge… …)

Hey,  Yuma-kun. Did we get everything Merz-san asked for?

Yuma: Yeah. C’mon, let’s hurry back.

It’s as hot as hell out here… …

Yui: Alright… …

Ah, how about we buy some ice cream!

Yuma: Do you got money for that?

Yui: Merz-san gave me some money to use.

Yuma: Really? Well, wanna get some then?

Yui: Yeah! Uhh, what kind should we get?

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Shy Highschool!Luke would be extremely nervous on Valentine’s day and he wouldn’t even dream of talking to you; the girl he’s been crushing on for years now, the one who sits two seats away from him and reads during lunch break and loves white chocolate like a maniac not that he noticed pff ofc not. And by lunch break he’d already be sweating and ruffling his hair every two seconds bc he’s nervous af and the boys have pestered him enough about being the biggest coward for the past week. And he’d finally grow enough balls to go to your locker with a single sticky note in hand and he’d almost turn back bc wtf who uses sticky notes anyways? But he’d keep going by some unknown force of nature, but just as he’s about to put it on the locker he’d hear the most angel-like voice that he had memorized as yours and I kid you not he would freeze in his place and nearly faint bc AboRT MisSiOn this was not planned! And in a moment of panic, he would turn around so fast and plaster the sticky note on your forehead and make a run for it all whilst cursing his whole existence. You’d be left speechless and stuck in your place bc did he just slap your forehead with a sticky note? And when you’d remove it you’d find his scribbly handwriting and a few scraped lines simply saying: “happy Valentine’s day! you’re very beautiful you look nice beautiful”, and a lil wrongly shaped heart bc dammit why can’t he draw a heart it’s not supposed to be hard but that would be the cutest lil note how adorable is Lukey boy :’)

for @heymikeys and @complicashton’s valentine!5sos blurb night! Join in!

also credits due to this post for inspiring this ^_^ (can’t get the link now, I’ll do it once I’m on my laptop :3 sorry)

N: N would try to be suave about it, and lay it on you so you won’t decline, but his nervous sweat would be obvious through his shirt. If he’s that nervous, then you got what he wants and can’t find in anyone else. Check you out. “So, I was thinking…would you or could you be my…Valentine?”

Leo: Leo would spare the dialogue and shove you flowers or chocolate or whatever gift he has for you in your face. He’d then name you his Valentine and then go about his business or take you somewhere. It’s the thought that counts. “Happy Valentine’s Day.”

Ken: Ken would lay it on so thick and sickeningly sweet you’d have a freaking cavity or more. You won’t even need to eat the chocolate he got for you because it was all in his words. “You were beautiful before Cupid shot me in the ass, and you were still beautiful once I pulled the arrow out. Be mine? *holds up candy*”

Ravi: Ravi will be all bashful and cool at the same time. Well, he’s always bashful and cool until he flips a 180 and starts stealing your ovaries. Off topic. So, he’d just casually ask you be his Valentine and sweat bullets until you say yes. “Will you be mine? Well not mine, like still be your own person but I mean like…will you go out with me?” 

HongBin: HongBin would take a lesson from romance movies in order to prepare to ask you one a simple question. He doesn’t want to get shot down which is why he will diligently prepare. Plus, he will have some fancy plans in store for you once you say yes. “*clears throat and straightens shoulders, rolls neck and cracks fingers* Will you be my Valentine?” Is that all you learned?! 

Hyuk: Hyuk will take a much drastic approach just to get a reaction out of you. Depending on what he does, you should probably say no and then make him feel bad for causing you stress on V-Day. Mess with him like he’ll mess with you. “You’re ugly. *hands you chocolate and laughs maniacally*.”

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I wanted to make a chocolate ad for @timblr-maniacs and it was a lot more challenging than I thought it would be! Colors and compositions for this were difficult and combining the words chocobo/chocolate/cocoa wasn’t as easy as I thought:P Apparently, KWEH is some sort of candy/chocolate producer with a chicobo mascot and a lame slogan. It was fun to make though!

FT Fluff Week, Day 5: Count on Me

Rated: T for language

Character(s): Natsu, Lucy

Pairing(s): NaLu

A/N: The only entry I’m making for Fluff Week (I’m sorry)! It’s short, but I still hope you enjoy this one!

i-obsess-to-little Here’s the chocolate fanfic you wanted. :P

“Natsu!” Lucy cried, still somehow sprinting after five blocks. “Is he still behind us?!”

Natsu risked a glance behind him, and his heart leapt a mile high when he saw that their pursuer was getting closer.

“He’s approaching fast, Lucy!” he yelled back. “We gotta pick up the pace!”

“What?! I thought that the chocolate bars would keep him busy!”

“Well, it obviously wasn’t good enough for him!” he panted, struggling to keep up with her. “Besides, did you really have to throw them onto the ground?!”

“Sh-shut up!” Lucy snapped in retaliation. “You’re the one who decided that selling those cheap things door-to-door was a good idea!”

 “Excuse me for not expecting to ring the doorbell of a chocophiliac!” he retorted breathlessly. “And besides, I need the money!”

For another stupid cat toy!

“Look, Happy’s a needy cat, okay?!”

“CHOCOLATE!!!” the man bellowed from behind them, making the two of them flinch in terror. “I KNOW YOU HAVE BETTER CHOCOLATE THAN THAT TRASH! COUGH ‘EM UP!!”

“Goddamn it; we don’t have anything else, you psycho!” Natsu yelled angrily. “You took everything we had! So beat it!”


Natsu groaned inwardly. This idiot simply refused to listen to reason, and he knew that he and Lucy couldn’t run forever. He had to come up with some way to put the brakes on this freak.

“Hey, Lucy!” he called. “You just keep running straight to your place! I’ll meet up with you there in fifteen minutes!”

“Are you nuts?!” she cried frantically from ahead, glancing back at him in shock. “What the heck are you planning?!”

“Something crazy! But we got no other choice; we can’t keep this up!”

Lucy looked conflicted, like she wanted to argue. She bit her lip briefly before meeting his eyes again and called back urgently, “I can trust you on this, right?”

Natsu grinned and flashed her a grin and a thumbs-up. “You can count on me!”

“I’d better!” Lucy picked up speed (good God; that girl could run) and left Natsu behind.

Once Lucy had turned a corner and vanished from sight, Natsu breathed a sigh of relief. He could hear the chocophiliac bearing down on him with increasing speed now. This was the perfect chance.

This is going to hurt. Natsu braced himself with a deep breath, screeched to a halt, and dropped onto the ground once the man had gotten close enough. He grunted in pain as he battered both of his knees in the process—he’d dropped down a bit too quickly…and he was wearing shorts. It wasn’t the smartest idea, but it was the only one he had.

But it made little difference—a sharp nudge on his side told him that the man’s foot had gotten caught from being unable to stop in time, and he quickly scooted out of the way before the man’s dead weight could crush him.

Natsu fought to catch his breath as he staggered to his feet. He wasn’t sure he could run any farther, so it was a good thing that the man wasn’t moving. Somewhere in his head, he figured that he should probably feel horrified and guilty at knocking out somebody just by tripping him, but he was too riled up by the reasons the man was chasing them for in the first place to really care about that.

He shook his head slightly and stared down at his legs. He winced in disgust when he saw that he’d scraped them raw. The open wounds stung sharply exposed to the brisk air. It was going to be a painful walk home.

Lucy caught sight of Natsu a third of a way down her block ten minutes after she’d gotten home. His gait was somewhat odd, so she decided to run out to meet him.

“Natsu!” she called and waved as she jogged toward him. “Are you o—” The word got caught somewhere in her throat in a choked gasp when her eyes strayed to his legs and saw his bloody knees. “Wh-what happened to your knees?! You’re hurt!”

“Uh…ahem, well…” Natsu scratched his chin, grinning sheepishly. “I…kinda tripped and fell down.”

“On both knees?” she asked incredulously. “What the heck were you doing?”

“Fending off that crazy chocolate maniac; that’s what.” He crossed his arms and raised an eyebrow at her, the sheepish grin melting into a smug smirk. “You’re welcome, by the way.”

Lucy sighed and rolled her eyes. “Yeah, okay; you’re a lifesaver. Thanks, and all that.” She took his wrist and pulled him toward her front door, making him wince and mutter, “Ow!” from the sudden movement. “Now come inside so that we can do something about those scrapes. They’re going to get infected if we leave them like that.”

“Please be gentle.”

“No promises.”

“At least give me a chocolate bar for my trouble.”

“No! No more chocolate for you after that!”

“Aw, c’mon!”