chocolate ice cream


Vegan chocolate-banana-coconut ice cream. 

Ingredients: base - 3 ripe bananas, half of can of coconut milk (most brand sell it in 400 ml cans, so that’s about 200 ml for the recipe) and sweetener (you can use agave juice, rice syrup or unrefined sugar); topping - coconut chips and 1 dark (85%) chocolate bar. 

Instructions: mix the bananas, coconut milk and the sweetener, pour it in a plastic container and leave it in the freezer for an hour to harden a bit. After an hour, crush the chocolate into tiny bits and sprinkle the top of the ice cream base along with the chips. Leave in freezer for 3-4 hours at least. 

This amount is enough for 4 servings (8 scoops). If you want a larger amount of ice cream, just double up everything. Also - I used cornstarch or corn flower to give the mixture more density, but that’s totally optional. Hubby says this was delicious and I agree. :3 


No Churn Ice Cream 5 Ways (Bourbon Cherry and Cacao Nib, Blackberry Lavender, Sea Salt Honey and Dark Chocolate Chunk, Espresso Chip, & Malted Vanilla and Peanut Butter Cup Chip)


No Churn Vegan Chocolate Ice CreamRECIPE 

 If you make coconut whipped cream and sweeten it with dates, good things happen. Such good things, in fact, that it makes the perfect base for creamy, dreamy ice cream, no churning required. What’s more? This recipe requires just 5 ingredients:

Coconut Milk or Cream
Cocoa Powder
Almond Milk