chocolate haul

Yesterday’s Chocolate World haul.

For my family, Cookies n Creme Crunchers (bro), Dark Chocolate Blueberry Bark Thins (mom), and Dark Fudge Kisses Deluxe (dad). For Bast, Caramel Cookie Layer Crunch, Cookies n Creme Bar, and Reese’s Miniatures. And for me, Mint Cookie Layer Crunch and…two half-pound York patties.

Because happy birthday to ME, heheh.

One Over - Part 11

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One Over - Part 11

Rae felt butterflies deep inside her, hopeful that Finn might have been in the neighbourhood looking for her.  She didn’t want to become too excited though.  Chloe said he was ranting about her, so he might have come to tell her what’s what, or argue some more about Babylon Zoo or even inform her of his new found attraction to random blondes.

Rae huffed to herself thinking about the random blonde girl.  “I bet she’s skinny with perfectly pert tits.”

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Holidays in San Francisco

Christmas Joy  List 2015 #1:

     Visit the Giant Christmas Tree and Menorah at Union Square

12.10.15 at 4 pm: I took a late lunch (really late lunch!),  did a chocolate haul at Crate and Barrel and walked a block to the giant Christmas tree. I spent about half an hour just standing in front of it and taking in the magical sight of tourists having a great time. This is a must do for me year after year, and part of my Christmas tradition.  I just love San Francisco more during the holidays. It is so magical!

Have you caught the holiday magic yet?

anonymous asked:

May I have Akashi getting slightly bothered or jealous because it's Valentine's Day and his crush has been giving everyone on his team and their friends some chocolate except for him? The truth is that the crush had a box of chocolates to give him but they saw him get swarmed by people giving him chocolates and got discouraged and shy from giving it to him. I hope that wasn't confusing. Thank you!

Yaaaas I’m all about this Valentines Day angst thoooooo. Thanks for the request!

 “Oh wow, thanks, _____!”

“_____! These chocolates are so good!”

“Guys look, _____ gave me chocolate!”

Akashi was quite simply and utterly annoyed at everyone speaking about how they got chocolates from his crush. He thought to himself that it was nothing, and honestly, it sort of was. He wasn’t really one to care too much about Valentines Day, it just meant he had to haul around chocolates from his classmates all day. However, his interest was peaked when he saw his crush with chocolates to hand out.

But no. Of course he didn’t get any from her. At practice, his annoyance was at an all time high, when she was handing out chocolate to everyone on the team.

“Hi, Hayama! Yours has cherry filling!” She smiled, and the blonde grinned, taking the box. “Thanks, ____-nee!”

Nebuya had received a large box, and was ecstatic with it. Mayuzumi had also received some.

“Reo! Yours are special!” She smiled, and the boy smiled happily, accepting the slick black box, a neat pink bow on the top. He laughed and hugged her, and Akashi was sick of it.

“Hey! Get back to practice! All of you!” He demanded, glaring at everyone. Mibuchi’s eyes narrowed, and even Hayama’s smile fell. “What did I just say? Get to practicing!”

“… I’m sorry, guys… I didn’t mean to get you in trouble…” The girl bowed away from Mibuchi, a frown set on her lips.

“Hey, no, ____-chan, don’t say that…” Mibuchi said gently.

“Yeah! Akashi’s just jealous because he didn’t get any from you!” Hayama grinned.

She froze, and looked up to Akashi quickly. She bit her lip and handed another box to Mibuchi, whispering something to him before she scurried out of the gym. His eyes shifted to Akashi, and he walked over to hand him the box.

“She had a box for you all day, she was just afraid to give them to you because of all the other girls who surrounded you.” He offered a smile. “These are special. She made you chocolate mochi all by herself because she knows you like it.”

The red-headed player blushed, and took the box in his hands. He felt his chest warm, and a goofy smile spread across his lips. “Alright… It’s an open gym practice today, gentlemen…”

The team cheered happily for Akashi’s easy practice plan, and Akashi sat and held the box in his hands on the bench, smiling like an idiot the entire time.