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When people ask why I love Curtis McKenzie, I always say how nice he is but today blew me away. Last week I gave him his birthday present (2 hats, chocolate and a letter) and I was very happy to give it to him. Today he came out wearing one of the hats I gave him and that had me freaking out so much. Then he came to me and he thanked me very personally for the nice words of the letter and said it was one of the nicest things someone has done for him. Then, he handed me this stick. We had a great conversation. I didn’t realize it was signed until someone asked what it said because I was so caught up in the hat and him thanking me. I just wanted to share how absolutely incredible Curtis is. I’ve never felt more appreciated as a fan as I have today. Thank you Curtis McKenzie

I really want to draw these days xD so here’s another drawing, now with Villanos! (I can’t pronunce the english name Uu I am latin american so I think is not problem)

I really like this ship xD but only in soft, fluffy form, not erotic or violent, just sweet. (But with BlackHat being little grumpy anyway xD) I don’t know if this drawing could be considered shipping anyway. Whatevah, enjoy!

Clones Go Shopping
  • Rex: Got the list?
  • All clones: Sir, yes, sir!
  • Rex: Right. Now, once we get into town, we're going straight to the grocery store.
  • Clones: Sir, yes, sir!
  • Rex: We're gonna go straight in and then straight out.
  • Clones: Sir, yes, sir!
  • Rex: And we're not gonna get distracted by anything, got it?
  • Clones: Sir, yes, sir!
  • *One disastrous shopping trip later*
  • Anakin: Ok, Rex. Care to explain why you and your men were late?
  • Rex: A number of reasons, sir.
  • Fives: I went to get ice cream with Echo and we both got drunk.
  • Anakin: How?
  • Fives and Echo: *in unison* Rum-raisin.
  • Anakin: *sighs*
  • Jesse: I got distracted by a cat at the pet store.
  • Kix: I had to stop an old lady from having a heart attack.
  • Dogma: I lost my bearings and had to find a map.
  • Tup: I bought a literal ton of hair products. *dumps hair products on table*
  • Anakin: And where's Hardcase?
  • Hardcase: *enters room with an ecstatic expression* Yayyyy!
  • Rex: Hardcase, where were you!?
  • Hardcase: Ah, I went on a sugar high and pepper-sprayed Cad Bane!
  • Cad Bane: *staggers onto the scene covered in silly string* That wasn't pepper spray, you idiot! That was silly string!
  • Everyone: Oh, Hardcase! *facepalm*
Villainous Candy Headcanons

I was eating candy and this happened

•Black Hat prefers chocolates over anything else
•Dark chocolate with any type filling especially
•He’ll take a simple chocolate bar or Hershey’s kiss though
•Just please god don’t give him a KitKat
•He will eat it incorrectly no matter how many times you try to correct him
•It’s hard to tell if he just doesn’t understand or if he really just wants to piss everyone off by biting into whole instead of breaking it
•The only time he’ll break a KitKat is if one of his minions wants some and he doesn’t want the entire thing
•But if there’s more than one piece left, he will still eat it wrong

•Dementia likes sour candies
•Warheads? Seven black cherry ones at once. Crybaby gumballs? Whole bag is gone and she’s blowing huge bubbles
•No one understands how she can do it
•She will lick the sour salt/powder out of the bag when she’s done

•Flug likes gummy candies
•They don’t require a lot of focus too eat so he can just shove them in his mouth and keep working
•He doesn’t like ones that have powder or flavored salt on them
•His favorite are gummy worms
•When he first introduced Black Hat to gummy worms, Black Hat thought they were legitimate worms turned into candies
•He called Flug sick then gave him a raise
•Black Hat has since discovered that they aren’t real worms

•Flug introduced Black Hat and Dementia to those lollipops that have real bugs in them and they both love them while Flug could go without
•They have a cotton candy maker that only Black Hat is allowed to operate because 1) It’ll get stuck in 5.0.5.’s fur 2) Dementia just can’t be trusted 3) Flug burned himself with it and refuses to be near the machine
•Dementia receives a box every month filled with Japanese candies that they all try together
•There are smiles for the sweet things, sour faces for the things that smell like teriyaki, and just an all around family feeling to the air while Dementia snaps photos

Inquisition Characters in Two Words or Less
  • Iron Bull: Boss! Dragons!
  • Cassandra: (disgusted noise).
  • Cullen: Maker's breath!
  • Blackwall: Maker's balls.
  • Sera: Innit?
  • Solas: The Fade!#$^
  • Varric: Well, shit.
  • Leliana: Divine Justinia...
  • Dorian: Damn Venatori
  • Vivienne: Oh, darling
  • Josephine: Antiva & chocolates
  • Cole: Hats
  • Krem: Chair-sitting
  • Scout Harding: "Be careful!"

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ahhh hello i would like to read more of your tree bros headcanons!! i loved them so much!!!!


⁃ road trip back into town to visit family over the holidays = musical blasting, jamming, slushies, and bad puns (mostly from evan)
⁃ heidi telling evan that connor asked for permission to ask to marry evan
⁃ jared just going “that’s gay” before ACTUALLY congratulating them
⁃ cynthia already planning the wedding and baby names
⁃ connor getting all red when she mentions kids
⁃ when evan asks him about it later connor just says how he doesnt think he’d be a good dad and evan had to reassure him that he’d be a great dad
⁃ they talk about this for a while before realizing “wait we’re 19??? let’s stop freaking ourselves out over this”
⁃ evan helping his mom put up the christmas tree while connor sits half asleep on the couch with hot chocolate and a santa hat half hanging off of his head bc evan made everyone get up at the ass crack of dawn to do this
⁃ connor complaining about the abundance of christmas songs being played 24/7 but evan finds him singing them to himself at random moments of the day
⁃ connor getting evan!! a treehouse book!! and also a crystal lamp thing that he explains can “detox the negative ions in the air but like it’s really just bad ass looking and like you don’t even have to use it, it just looked kinda cool and whatever.”
⁃ evan loving it and never turning it off, and maybe it’s in his head but he seems to feel calmer with it on
⁃ evan making connor one of those “happy box” things for when he’s feeling down and evan is busy in class/something & gets him some poetry books to feed his “angsty reading vibe”
⁃ lots of food fights over christmas dinner
⁃ heidi tries to act mad but she’s happy to see her boys so happy
⁃ evan waking connor up before it’s even light out one day to go watch the snow fall from the back porch with their tea and cookies bc soft boys
⁃ cuddling under a blanket as they watch the sun come up and talk about their future
⁃ evan never stops twisting the ring on his finger around until connor slips his hand into evans to keep it warm
⁃ new years party at the kleinman household
⁃ evan having a great time, hanging out with alana as they catch up with schoolwork and what’s going on in their lives
⁃ he gets cut off mid sentence when a large! lanky fellow pushes through the little crowd to give him a kiss when it’s midnight
⁃ alana is totally cool with it because she totally takes a picture of this
⁃ connor just smiles and goes back to find jared after that, leaving evan kinda stunned
⁃ they’re a soft holiday couple
⁃ ugh i love them protect them