chocolate hand


Commissioner Gordon always carries candy and breakfast bars; his coat pockets are deep, sometimes Cass can score 2 chocolate chip breakfast bars if she gives Gordon a hug. The second Robin liked lifesavers, and oddly enough that seems to be Red Hood’s kryptonite too; the third Robin, now Red Robin, prefers chocolate so Gordon hands over a Reese’s cup in thanks for intel on who robbed that bank on Monday. Red Robin eats it while mapping out his theory for Gordon to understand, mumbling around the peanut butter chocolatey goodness. The first Robin, now going by Nightwing, is rare to see these days but Gordon still carries gummy worms in case he shows up; Spoiler swings by, hyper as always, and Gordon has already dug out a pack of Skittles and three breakfast bars. The newest Robin, little devil that he is, can be placated with a a pack of Runts that he begrudgingly shares with whatever sibling he’s on good terms with that night; Batman doesnt accept anything.

There was a time where Gordon, young and unawares, didn’t carry candy and breakfast bars; not until one night a boy was brought into the precinct, in shock and alone and grieving, clutching a bloody suit jacket way too big to be his, and Gordon poured four dollars into the vending machine for a pack of poptarts and 3 different types of candy. Anything to offer comfort and make the boy feel less alone…

Batman may not accept anything, but whenever Gordon sees Bruce he’s always tempted to ask if he still likes jawbreakers.


They call it “The Golden Milkshake”

I have never seen anything so stunningly beautiful 😍🍫🍦🥇