chocolate fudge pop tarts

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OK, maybe I'm stupid, but your wording is a bit unclear in that last post

You have to send Kellogg’s a text with a picture of your receipt (that is the easiest way to do it imo). 

Text* D2XP and a photo of your receipt by 1/30/18 to 89332

But because the receipts/stores do not label the poptarts as a promotional package, any box of poptarts will do. They do not have a picture of Destiny characters on it!

BUT, I will say that they have to be participating flavors!

8 Count
Pop-Tarts® Blueberry, Pop-Tarts® Brown Sugar Cinnamon, Pop-Tarts® Cherry, Pop-Tarts® Chocolate Chip, Pop-Tarts® Chocolate Fudge, Pop-Tarts® Cinnamon Roll, Pop-Tarts® Cookies & Creme, Pop-Tarts® Hot Fudge Sundae, Pop-Tarts® Raspberry, Pop-Tarts® S'mores, Pop-Tarts® Strawberry, Pop-Tarts® Unfrosted Strawberry, Pop-Tarts® Wild Berry 

12 Count
Pop-Tarts® Blueberry Pop-Tarts® Brown Sugar Cinnamon Pop-Tarts® Cherry, Pop-Tarts® Chocolate Fudge, Pop-Tarts® S'mores, Pop-Tarts® Strawberry

about a boy


yeap, yet another neighbours au from yours truly. inspired by nbc’s about a boy, and when i say inspired, i just mean that i’m picturing the san fran houses and yeap, that’s about it. should be a two to three part series (and i promise i will actually finish this) [part two] [ao3]

beta’d by the amazing @piratesails 


They move in on a Saturday.

Not just on any old Saturday – but a Saturday morning.

No one moves on a Saturday morning.

Besides this family, apparently.

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