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Today’s plant-based exam-fuel breakfast 🌿 chocolate tahini porridge (½ cup oats, 1 tbsp cocoa powder, 1 tsp tahini, ½ cup of water and 1/3 almond milk) chia pudding, dragon fruit stars, dairy free dark chocolate buttons, blueberries, amaranth puffs, cacao nibs, pecans and coconut chips 👌👌 now time to stop procrastinating business statistics 😂😬

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🍨Blender Ice Cream 4 Ways🍨 




🍵Fantastic Matcha🍵 

Nice cream to finish off this hectic uni week 🍨 😛 3 frozen bananas, soy milk, vanilla and molasses topped with dark and salted caramel @loving_earth chocolate, buckinis, coconut, blueberries, peanuts and vegan mylk coated raisins I made :) Happy Friday everyone, here’s to a productive and positive weekend! 

✨instagram✨: @veganzoejessica 💙🌿🍲