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Pink Hot Chocolate Milk - A Self-Love Potion

A potion for self love. Take as a ‘self love pick-me-up.


  • ½ c. Strawberry Nesquick or other strawberry milk flavour (add more to taste if desired.
    Strawberry represents love, sweetness, passion, softness, and warmth.
  • 1 c. white chocolate chips
    Chocolate represents sexual and non-sexual euphoria, communication, love, desire, and acceptance. White chocolate is a ‘whiter’ version of this.
  • ¾ c. instant dry milk
    Milk represents, peace, fertility, a healthy body, and having plenty.
  • ½ pkg instant white chocolate pudding (3.3 oz)


Grind up white chocolate chips. Freezing them first helps. Mix all ingredients together, using about three teaspoons per cup or water, milk, or coconut milk.

🍵Keep-Me-Warm Hot Chocolate🍵

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My room is FREEZING 24/7, and now that its winter its even colder, so I made this seasonal spell to share with you guys! :^)

● Nutella(if you like it really chocolatey you can add cocoa powder too)
● Milk(or a milk substitute)
● A microwave safe mug
● Cinnamon(sugar or powder works fine)
● Vanilla extract

First, take your microwave safe mug and add a spoonful of nutella. Next fill your glass with milk and sprinkle cinnamon(cinnamon is associated with the element fire and brings happiness) on top. Now add a dash of vanilla extract(vanilla represents changes, so in this case it would represent a change from cold af to comfortably warm). Stir it up, then put it in the microwave for 1 minute. Take it out, stir, and repeat until your hot chocolate is hot and thoroughly mixed. Once youre done, put your hands around the mug(dont burn yourself!) and imagine the warmth surrounding you, like a blanket. Now you can drink it!

- Mod Faye


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Genre: It’s so fluffy I’m gonna die

Pairing: Reader x Mark

Length: 2.5k

Summary: Stuck in the memories of the past, you had always held a grudge against Mark for his never-ending teasing throughout high school. Now a few years older, a few years wiser, you find Mark locked outside of his college dorm in a snowstorm and lend him a helping hand by inviting him into your own dorm. Despite knowing just how much you secretly gushed over your high school rival, you were clueless as to how suave Mark Tuan could be. 

A/N: This is dedicated to my amazing friend, Sarah! Happy Birthday and thanks for always being there for me babe. <3 :’) @smolssi

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Vandead Carnival Ruki Chapter 1 Translation

My translation. You can like or reblog, but PLEASE DON’T REPOST.

Seller: Come, come now! Come here! How about trying some hot chocolate? It’s freezing!

Other seller: Would you like to have sweet, sweet cotton candy? This is the best shop to buy food for women!

Yui: Wow… This place is really bustling.

(The demon world is amazing, and has a scary atmosphere, but it doesn’t matter).

(People in this world aren’t too strange after all…).

Ruki: Oi, don’t look away.

Yui: Eh? Ah!

(Damn it. I was too distracted by my surroundings. I got separated from Ruki-kun).

Ruki: Haa…

Everytime I don’t keep you on a leash or pull you by the reins, you can’t even walk on your own?

Yui: I’m sorry…

Ruki: Good grief, what a problematic livestock to deal with.

Because you chose me, don’t leave my side.

Yui: (It seems like Ruki-kun is in a bad mood. Until some time ago he wouldn’t have got mad on a thing like this…)

(Perhaps… In all truth, protecting me could be bothersome for him).

Er… Ruki-kun.

Ruki: What.

Yui: I’m sorry for leaving you behind.

Did something upset you?

Ruki: …Haa.

Don’t say trivial things. Walk faster. I’m gonna leave you behind.

Yui: Ah, wait!

Ruki: You’ll see what happens if you move away from me even if only slightly. I’ll really put a collar on you.

Bear this in mind.

Yui: I’ll be careful…

Scene change

Yui: Ne, Ruki-kun. Where are we going now?

Ruki: If you follow me, you’ll know. Keep silent and walk.

Yui: Ah, wait! You’re walking too fast, Ruki-kun!

Ruki: It’s just that your legs are short.

Yui: (Uh… So cruel…)

Male vampire B: –Oi, it’s her, isn’t it.

Male vampire C: It’s a human… Amazing. Releasing that scent just by walking…


Yui: Ruki-kun? What’s wrong?

Ruki: …Haa.

Oi, give me your hand.

Yui: My hand?

Ruki: Stop complaining. I told you to give me your-

Yui: Eh…!

Ruki: You should just obey me. …Do you understand?

Yui: I-I understand, but… It’s not necessary to hold hands and being this close.

Ruki: If It were necessary to tie you to me with a rope to hold you close, it wouldn’t matter if I tied your hand or your leg.

…Let’s go.

Yui: (…As I thought Ruki-kun is in a bad mood).

(I’m finally attending a festival, and with Ruki-kun too… I hope I get to enjoy it with him…)

Scene change

Yui: (Somehow, there are fewer and fewer people)

Ruki-kun, where are we going…?

Ruki: I’ve already told you you would know if you followed me. Don’t make me repeat myself.

Yui: But… this place is a little scary. It’s dark, and a little creepy.

Ruki: When you came to the demon world you weren’t scared. Speaking of which, aren’t vampires something to be afraid of?

Yui: That’s…

(I’ve already get used to vampires, even though I can’t say this to him. But he’s right, it’s better not to contradict him…)

Ruki: We’ve arrived. It’s here.

Yui: Here…?

Ruki: Yes. Let’s go inside.

Scene change

Yui: Ruki-kun, here is…?

Ruki: Renu do saba. A general store.

Yui: (A general store? The ambience isn’t different from a normal general store…)

(It seems there aren’t many tasty things…)

(What business would Ruki-kun have to come in a place like this?)

(I wonder if he needs to buy something for his body?)

Ruki: …So it’s here.

Oi, shopkeeper. I’ll take this. And, is there an available room to book?

Shopkeeper: What is it, what a strange client.

Ruki: A client is a client, isn’t it? And, is the room available or not?

Shopkeeper: Sorry, but right now we’re full. Here there aren’t any living beings.

And, that girl over there is human, right? If I let her in, this place will stink of human all over.

Yui: (…As for a human, this world is not enjoyable at all. Surely, a human’s existence here could be considered heresy…)

Shopkeeper: If you get it, get out of here now.

Yui: Ruki-kun…

Ruki: …I see. I understand very well indeed.

However, unfortunately I’m the messenger of Karlheinz-sama. And the girl is that person’s guest as well.

Shopkeeper: Karlheinz-sama’s…?


Ruki: Believing it or not is your choice but, what are you going to do?


Mph… Just for this once I’ll let you in. Use it as you like.

Ruki: Such a wise shopkeeper, you’ve been very helpful.

Oi, let’s go.

Yui: Ah, yes.

(But about the room… what does she really intend to do?)

Scene change

Ruki: It’s here.

Yui: Wait, Ruki-kun. The room… is this one?!

Ruki: It seems so.

It’s good at least this room is available, this is convenient. Not bad at all.

Yui: Convenient… Here, you’re joking right?! Why this place…

Ruki: It’s not like I chose it. Don’t ask me.

Yui: B-But…

Ruki: The details don’t matter. Now quick, go inside the cage.

Yui: Eh?!

·         Selection 1   嫌だよ! (Nothing)

Yui: I hate it! Going into the cage…

Ruki: I’m not telling you to enter it without reason. Just go in.

Yui: But still I hate it…!

Ruki: Mh… I thought you had become quite obedient, but it seems you’re still spoiled. Have you forgotten your position, livestock? …Follow your master’s orders.

·         Selection 2   入って何をするの?  (Moon)

Yui: If I go inside it, what will you do?

Ruki: You don’t need to know. Quick, go inside. In your position as livestock, do you intend to make me wait?


Yui: Uh…

You just want me to go inside it, right?

Ruki: Yes… For the time being, that is.

Yui: (I don’t really want to go inside it, but maybe Ruki-kun is planning something I don’t know in his own way…)


Is it alright like this? Ruki-kun…

Ruki: Yes. Good girl.

…Haha, like this you really look like actual livestock.

Yui: (So cruel…)

Emh, Ruki-kun… So, what should I do?

Ruki: Aah… You really didn’t realize it. As one would expect from livestock, you never cease to shock me…

Yui: …?

Ruki: In this world, the scent of your blood is too strong.

Yui: Scent…?

Ruki: Right. Even though I didn’t think you wouldn’t realize it.

Before we arrived to this store, you were drawing the attention of the nearby vampires, and they started aiming at you.

Yui: It can’t be, you’re overdoing it. Instead I saw everyone trying to avoid me.

Ruki: That’s because I was with you. Because I was on the lookout, nobody managed to approach you.

If you had been alone, now there wouldn’t be even a drop of blood left.

Yui: It can’t be…

Ruki: …Even if you say so, I just told you you were defenseless.

Yui: (Then… before Ruki-kun wasn’t angry, but just alert…?)

Ruki: Oh well.

Drink this.

Yui: This… This is what you took before in the store, right?

(Now that I see it it’s really a beautiful vial… What could there be inside? It’s a transparent fluid though…)

Ruki: If you drink that, the scent of blood will temporarily disappear. That’s because that’s a medicine.

Yui: A medicine?

Ruki: Sakamaki Reiji told me that.

Yui: Reiji-san?

(They talked and I didn’t notice it…)

Ruki: Just by drinking it, it’ll be effective immediately.

Yui: …Is it safe to drink it? It’s a medicine of the demon world, I’m a little unsure about it…

Ruki: Well, who knows…

But if you don’t drink it, we’ll see a lot of bad guys who want to drink your blood like before.

If you say you don’t want do drink it, I won’t force you to do it…

But if something happens, I can’t guarantee you I will be there to save you every time.

If that’s okay with you, do as you like.

Yui: Uh…

(But I’m afraid to drink it… but if what said Ruki-kun were true, I wouldn’t even be able to go out…)

…I just have to drink it right?

Ruki: Right…

Yui: …Okay, I’ll drink it.

But, if I drink this, it’ll be okay to leave this place, right…?

Ruki: As expected you’re really naïve. If I didn’t intend to go out, do you think I’d do this?

That medicine has indeed the property to make the scent of your blood disappear. But it also has a side effect.

Yui: A side effect…?

Ruki: Yes, and in addition to that… The more the scent is strong from the start, the more the side effect will be strong.

Yui: …Then, what kind of side effect is it?

Ruki: Within a certain amount of time, in exchange for weakening the scent, the medicine, just for a while, could cause the blood to strengthen its scent by several tens of times.

If such a strong scent were to be released outside… you know what would happen, right?

If those vampires outside swarmed around you, they would suck you until there’s not even a drop of blood left.

Yui: Uh…!

Ruki: Don’t be afraid. In order not to let that happen, I brought you here. Nobody will come inside this cage.

Yui: But… it’s good that the side effect happens just once. But then you too…

Ruki: You went inside the cage of your own free will, right?

Yui: Yes…

Ruki: Mph… Then, if we closed the cage with this key, there wouldn’t be problems, right?

Yui: Eh… w-wait, Ruki-kun! Why did you close it with the key?!

Ruki: Don’t panic. I didn’t tell you to go inside without reason.

I did this in order to protect you. When you drink the medicine, I can’t guarantee I will be able to hold back.

If I completely lose my mind, I don’t think I could prevent the temptation towards you from overcoming me. Desire is desire.

Now, give me your hand. I’ll give the key to you.

Everything is ready. Drink the medicine.

Yui: Yes…

(Will I really be alright… I’m anxious though…)


Ruki: Did you drink it?

Yui: Yes… But just when I finished doing it-


Ruki: …It seems the medicine has taken effect.

Yui: (Uh… my heart…! Besides, my body… so hot…!)

Ruki: …Hn…!

…You drank it just a moment ago, and it has already had such a strong effect… This goes beyond my imagination…

Yui: (What can I do… Uh. Inside my chest, my heart, it hurts…!)

(It’s like my heart is calling him to suck my blood…!)

Ruki.. kun… uh…!

Ruki: …Uh…

Uh… You, with that flushed face and watery eyes…

Could it be… that you want it too? To be sucked by me…

Yui: …Uh…!

I-It seems so…

Ruki: …Uh…

I thought… I’d be able to hold back… Uh… Oi, give me your hand.

Yui: …uh…?

Ruki: …Uh… Come towards me, I said to give me your hand…

Yui: My hand…?

Ruki: I’ll suck you… In order to quench my thirst, and to restrain your urges as well…

I’ll ease your pain immediately…

…Uh… Nn…!

Yui: Ah…!

Ruki: Nn… Mn…!

Yui: (It’s stronger than usual…!)

(But… today it doesn’t hurt… Not that much…)

Ruki: Ha… Are you that happy to be pierced by my fangs?

Yui: Eh…?

Ruki: Just now you… Your expression changed, ecstasy was floating all over your face.

I realized you really wanted this… Good grief, what an inconceivable medicine.

Yui: (Until a moment ago my body was hot, but little by little I’ve calmed down… Is it because Ruki-kun sucked mu blood…?)

Ruki: Hn… Hnn…

Yui: (But, still…!)

Uh… Ruki-kun…

Ruki: …As I thought, bringing you here was the right thing to do.

If you made that expression outside… it’d be intolerable.

I fell low as well. Who could have known I’d be led astray by your facial expressions rather than the scent of your blood…

Yui: …Aah…

(It seems feeling hotter than usual lasted just a moment… It didn’t hurt just because I drank the medicine…)

Ruki: Did you cool down?

Yui: Yes… I think I’m okay now. Are you okay too…?

Ruki: Yes. However, to think we’d be reduced like this…

If I hadn’t given the key to you, I could have drunken all of your blood.

So? How long are you going to stay inside that cage?

Yui: Eh? …Ah!

Ruki: You have the key, right? If you want to get out, do as you like.

Yui: (At first I didn’t know what he was going to do, but somehow it all ended without problems, right…?)

Ruki: …? What’s up? Are you sick?

Your complexion doesn’t seem good, I can see it.

Yui: Uh, yes. That…

Since I took the medicine, my body doesn’t seem to be fine… Maybe I’m just a little tired.

Ruki: Is that so… But, your expression while being sucked was very enjoyable.

Yui: T-that…!

(Surely, at that moment I thought I wanted to get sucked but…)

Ruki: Haha… Oh well. The scent of blood has weakened considerably, the medicine took effect.

Now going outside won’t be a problem. Let’s go.

Yui: Eh, now?

Ruki: This place is boring, isn’t it. Even if it’s a suitable place for you.

Yui: (So cruel…)

Scene change

Yui: (What Ruki-kun said, that the other vampires aimed at me… it seemed true but… is it really alright now?)

Male vampire D: Ops, I’m sorry.

Yui: Ah, not at all! I apologize too.

(Ah, he’s gone…)

Ruki: Oi, walk properly.

Yui: Ah, yes!

Ruki: …Haha.

Yui: Ruki-kun, why do you look so happy? Did something good happen?

Ruki: Is that so? Well, it’s not like I don’t have feelings.

Now that everything is alright, it seems we’ll be able to enjoy this festival.

Yui: Eh… What do you mean?

Ruki: We still haven’t had a chance to enjoy it, right?

Because I had to be alert of the vampires nearby.

But as you are now, the probability that another vampire aims at you is low.

It’s very likely that you reach the end of this festival safe.

We’re finally at the festival. You wanted to spend this day without being afraid, right?

Yui: Could it be… that that medicine was for my sake?

Ruki: That was not just for your sake. However… to say such a thing, you’re not that simple-minded.

Before your turn to be the queen comes, and since now you’re not limited by it, it’s okay to enjoy yourself.

Yui: Ruki-kun…

Ruki: Don’t make that idiotic face. It’s embarassing.

Yui: Yes… but I’m happy. Thank you, Ruki-kun.

But, if that’s the case, I wished we started to enjoy it earlier.

I thought you were angry, but then we went inside that suspicious store… It was scary, wasn’t it?

Ruki: Yes, I thought I told you earlier but…

I thought that watching you being afraid was also enjoyable.

I wanted to disclose the secret of that trick.

Yui: Eh?!

Ruki: Quick, let’s go. We don’t have much time. Don’t you have any consideration for your master?

Yui: W-well…

Ruki: Mph, you really are easy to understand.

Surely the scent of blood has weakened, but don’t let down your guard. Stay where I can see you.

Got it, Yui?

Yui: (I came to the demon world but I have to follow Ruki’s pace after all…)

(But even if he says cruel things, he’s still good at heart)

(Today I’ll have fun together with Ruki-kun!)

Copycat “Snickers” (raw, paleo, vegan, gluten free)

• 4 dates
• 1 + 2 tsp of honey/syrup
• 1 tbsp of almond milk
• 10 peanuts
• 20 raw cashews OR 1 tbsp of almond meal + 1 tsp of coconut oil
• chocolate coating of choice

Soak the dates and cashews (if you’re using them) for at least 1-2 hours. For the caramel layer, peel the dates and process them with almond milk and 1 tsp of honey. Chop the peanuts and mix with your “caramel” mass, leave it in the fridge. Meanwhile, process 2 tsp of honey with cashews or a combination of almond meal and coconut oil (you don’t need a blender for this version). Shape a layered bar and leave it in the freezer while making the coating. Cover with chocolate and freeze again. Keep it in the fridge for about 30 minutes before eating ☺️

  • [requested]
  • JB: hot bowl of instant noodles that you're eager to eat but end up burning yourself on
  • Mark: a classic vanilla milkshake that somehow never melts into goop, even on a hot day
  • Jackson: packet cheese sauce that never seems to expire and goes well with everything
  • Junior: the elegant and expensive coffee mousse cake that's kinda bitter but you always want another slice
  • Youngjae: a warm cup of homemade hot chocolate on a freezing cold day with marshmallows to the brim
  • Bambam: really oily chicken wings that you know are bad for health but keep eating anyway
  • Yugyeom: a slice of pizza left over from the week before. smells a little off but still tastes great

thinnertimes  asked:

hi! for your chocolate recipe.. how long should i freeze the chocolate? like an estimated time until its frozen?

Around an hour or two? I usually leave it overnight though, but if you make a thinner bar it should be 2h max~

Vegan Reese’s Hearts

Vegan PB filled dark chocolate hearts! I loved Reeses peanut butter cups when I ate dairy, but I figured a Vegan alternative would be easy to make!!

150g Dark Chocolate (make sure it doesn’t contain dairy)
¼ Cup Smooth Peanut butter.

1. Melt 100g of the chocolate in a small bowl.
2. Spoon into moulds (I used a silicone ice tray), making sure the chocolate is spread on the sides.
3. Freeze for 10 minutes or until solid.
4. Spoon just under a teaspoon of peanut butter into each of the chocolate shells.
5. Melt the remaining 50g of chocolate.
6. Spoon the melted chocolate over the peanut butter to seal the chocolate mould.
7. Freeze for 30 minutes until completely solid.
8. Pop out of the moulds and keep chilled!

You can temper the chocolate in a Bain-Marie if you want to give it a glossy finish- my temperature probe is broken so I didn’t bother this time!

Enjoy! xo