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Hong Kong Disneyland Eats - April 2017

I was out at Hong Kong Disneyland last week and thought I’d share some pics of the interesting new eats I found this trip!

Iron Man waffles with chocolate dipping sauce in Tomorrowland…

“Korean squid” at one of the snack carts…

These Little Green Men vegetable buns have been on the menu at Crystal Lotus inside the Disneyland Hotel for a while now, but it was the first time I’d had them…

They recently added the adorable Baymax pork buns as well…

You feel bad eating him…

The painstaking prep work that goes into making this Mickey Mouse scallop soup is so impressive. And it was delicious…

Tsum Tsum jelly roll desserts…

Iron Man mango and strawberry sweets…

And while not a character-based food, the golden crab dish that this crab croquette was served in was so elegant…

I love how Disney continues to push the boundaries with interesting and entertaining eats at all their parks!

Pancake Day // Oli White

Word Count- 1005

Summary- based on olis vlog and part of caspars live stream :) tho i changed it a bit

A/N- also s/o to liv for giving me the idea. ilysm girlie


Today was February 28th. Which meant one thing.

It was Pancake Day.

Due to it being such an exciting day, Oli decided to vlog because you and he were going to celebrate.

He started the vlog a little after noon because he had had a dentist appointment earlier that morning. And you two may have gotten a little preoccupied after said appointment.

While he finished talking about his past few days, his book tour and his future plans, you patiently sat on the couch scrolling through various social media platforms.

The fans knew you quite well due to the many videos you had been featured in throughout all the buttercream channels. But you preferred to do the behind-the-scenes because the spotlight just wasn’t for you.

After an agonizing 10 minutes, the fun began.

You gathered all the ingredients onto the countertop as Oli pulled up a recipe on his computer, simultaneously talking to the camera.

He handed you the camera as he grabbed the bag of flour.

“Okay, so we’re going to start off with the flour,” he poured some into a bowl and grabbed the sifter. “Right, this is my sift. Um, I couldn’t find a bigger one than this. So this is what we’ll be using.”

You laughed from behind the screen, “Babe, you don’t really need to sift.”

“Y/n doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Of course you need to soft. You always need to sift.”

You got an up close shot of his sifting job.

He looked directly at the camera, “Look at this sifting action. This is what you call a world class sifter.”

“Just so you know guys, Oli yelled at me when I tried to help so that’s why I’m the cameraman.”

“Stop lying to the viewer’s, Y/n!”

“I’m not lying!” you giggled.

After a few minutes of sifting, Oli finally finished.

“Alright! We’re done sifting. Now we need to add the salt, butter and milk.”

He grabbed an egg and tried cracking it.

“God, I really hate cracking eggs.”

“Here,” you said, handing him the camera. “Let me try.”

“Okay,” he sighed. “But if I can’t do it, then neither can you.”

You grabbed the egg out of his hand and easily cracked in open, “I’m sorry. Can you please repeat what you just said?”

He flipped the camera so it was now on him, “its official guys, and I have the greatest girlfriend in the world.”

You just smiled, giving him a quick peck on the lips.

“Can I keep that in?” he asked.

“Sure,” you smiled again, cracking the second egg.

“Okay guys, so for the rest of the ingredients, I’m going to speed it up and play some music.”

What was supposed to be just adding the rest of the ingredients, turned into a full on dance session. Oli was doing the moonwalk while you were pumping your fists in the air to the imaginary music.

“I can’t wait to see all the comments telling us to stop dancing,” you laughed as you stirred the batter.

“We won’t care though,” he said as he kissed your temple, wrapping his arms around you.

He quickly got his camera out, “Alright so that has to sit for ten minutes.”

You quietly covered your hands in flour then said, “Babe give me a hug.”

Oli shut off the camera, “Of course, love.”

He wrapped his arms around you and you squeezed his butt, causing two flour hand prints to appear on his pants.

“Whoa, love. We already did it once today. Looking for a second round?” he chuckled.

“Nope, just wanted a squeeze,” you said quickly, kissing him.

He let go of you and turned his focus to his computer. While he did this, you wiped off your hands and tuned on his camera.

“Alright, so I think we’re almost read- what are you doing?” he asked suspicious.

“Just vlogging,” you said smugly.

“Okay…” he said, turning around. However, his laptop had fallen asleep so he could see your reflection, he quickly turned around, “Why are you vlogging my bum?”

You busted out into a fit of laughter as he turned his head and upper body to look at his pants.

“Oh my god Y/n!”

“Sorry babe, but it was so worth it,” you continued laughing.

He took the camera and looked into the lens, “Well, we still have 5 more minutes of waiting. So in the meantime, Y/n and I are going to have a food fight.”

“What? Oli no!” you protested but he had already thrown a handful of flour at you.

“Oli!” you squealed chasing after him, grabbing the Belgium Chocolate Dipping Sauce on your way.

“Get back here!” you shouted, chasing him into the living room.

“Catch me if you can love!” he smiled from behind the camera.

You knew it was wrong but you couldn’t help it. Oli was so gullible.

“Ouch!” you screamed as you flung yourself onto the floor.

“Y/n? Babe are you okay?” he dropped his camera on the couch and rushed over to you.

“It hurts,” you fake whined.

“What does?” he asked.

“Seeing you lose,” you smiled.

“What are you on about?”

You stuck two fingers into the chocolate and smeared it all over his face.

“Y/n! That was so cruel. How dare you use me like that!” he said, inches from your face.

“Oh come here ya big baby,” you sighed as you grabbed his face, licking some chocolate off his face.

“Ew!” he pulled away.

You wriggled your eyebrows, “Wanna taste?”

He dipped his head down and captured your lips in a kiss. The kiss was rather short due to you accidentally putting your hand on his cheek which caused you to get covered in chocolate as well.

“Okay, let’s get cleaned up and finish the pancakes,” he stood up.

“One more kiss,” you whined, using his arms as support to pull yourself up.

Yeah, you guys didn’t get to cook the pancakes until later that night. Your afternoon was filled with way better activates.

Manhattan Mistress part 1


Pairing: Bucky x reader, Steve x reader, Tony x reader and OC!Casey (daughter of Y/N and Tony)

Summary: It’s election season and things are about to get heated. Y/N Rogers, previously Y/N Stark, is the daughter of the late mob boss of Brooklyn. She took over when her father died and runs the streets with a firm hand, although no one knows it’s her pulling the strings. Money must roll, especially when it comes from her ex-husband Tony Stark. Tony secretly endorses Steve Rogers’ campaign, currently running for alderman and seemingly oblivious to what happens behind the scenes of his so-called happy marriage. But then Bucky, Y/N’s oldest friend, shows up to win her back and decides to stir things up a little.

Word count: 3.236

Warnings: the reader doesn’t shy away from foul language and talk of sex, murder and infidelity.

A/N: my fingers have been itching to write this story! It’s much, so much darker than what I usually write. Dedicated to my favourite mob AU writer @caplanbuckybarnes. Congratulations on the 1.3k followers! Enjoy sweetie!

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the gom + haizaki and himuro reacting to their gf pulling an april fool's day prank on them? (i guess it's a little late for this, but oh well :P)

hahah omg this is gonna be super late and im so sorry for that

AKASHI: His lips twitched as he saw the paint drip down his arm. You had definitely done a number on him. He touched his wet hair as you whispered an “oops”. He shook his head for a second, breathing in and trying to control his anger. He took steps forward towards you and you began to back away, closer and closer to the window. You didn’t realize that a bucket had been prepared right there and it dropped on you, drenching you with water. “AKASHI!” “I always return the favor.”

AOMINE: You gave him a seductive grin as he came closer and he didn’t see it coming until he tripped over an invisible wire, throwing himself into the pool. You laughed as he came out of the water with a confused look on his face. When realization dawned on him, he jumped out of the water and grabbed you, making you shriek, before jumping together into the pool. “Aomine, I’m all wet.” You groaned. “Just how I like it,” he grinned.

HAIZAKI: He growled, snatching you by the waist after you handed him a ‘caramel apple’. Haizaki had a thing for caramels and apples so naturally he accepted it when you gave your homemade one because he had some faith in your cooking skills. When he took a bite, his eyes widened and he spit it out. “What the fuck?” “April Fool’s?” He saw that it was a fucking onion. “Onion? Really?” You ran and he quickly chased after you. “Next dinner, I’m cooking.” He smirked. “Nooooo.”

HIMURO: Himuro nearly jumped out of his skin when he opened the door to an extremely loud honk. He blinked several times before looking behind it to find an air horn. He shook his head when he heard you giggling. He couldn’t even stay mad since you looked so proud of yourself. “Better watch out next year, ___-chan.” He teased and you knew that you had to be afraid because Himuro really was the master of pranks. No joke.

KISE: Maybe scaring Kise wasn’t the best idea in the world but, well, it was April Fool’s. You waited for Kise to come home, dressed in his most feared horror character ever. It went amazingly well. He walked in, turned on the light to see you sitting on the couch and you dramatically turned. He screamed and now, he was sitting in a corner in the room, refusing to talk to you at all. “___-chi is the worst!”

KUROKO: You waited and waited and waited and when he finally arrived, you exploded confetti in his face and burst out laughing. Though, when you didn’t hear anything after that, you glanced around to find no one there. What the hell? He had been there just moments ago. You turned around to find a man dressed in a ski mask and you shrieked, kicking the guy. “Ouch, that hurt.” Kuroko’s voice piped in. What the fuck? “Kuroko!” You groaned. He slipped off his mask and just grinned.

MIDORIMA: “___-san, take it out right now.” He said sternly and you only smiled up at him. “Nope. You can do it by buying it.” You laughed when he glared at the vending machine as if he was about to pulverize it. You may or may not have placed his lucky item for the day inside with the help of the deft technician. “Anyways, back to class!” You grinned and waved at him tauntingly as he growled at the machine once more. “You’re going to pay for this!”

MURASAKIBARA: When you tricked him with raw potato dipped in chocolate sauce with sprinkles and said that they were chocolate balls, he was pissed. He sulked and avoided you for days and whenever you laughed, trying to get him to forgive you, he’d just yell out, “You’re mean, ___-chin!” and marched away. In the end, you had to bribe him with a real box of chocolates for him to forgive you. “Happy now?” You rolled your eyes at him. “Yes, I got my chocolates after all. I love you, ____-chin.” He grinned innocently and you couldn’t help but blush. no joke my friend did this fuck

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Hello! I really enjoyed reading your Mpreg prompt so I'm gonna submit one of my own. Would you please do a haru/makoto Mpreg prompt where haru is pregnant 4 months pregnant and is shy about his round form, until makoto reassures him that it's okay being bigger than normal because he's probably carrying a big baby or more and they feel it kick for the first time and haru cries with joy while makoto is kissing his stomach.

More mpreg! Different couple this time though :)

Part 2

Haruka turned to his side, looking at his reflection with a deep sigh. He was only four months pregnant and already his stomach was beginning to look far too large.

None of his clothes fit anymore, Makoto’s were stretched to their limits, even his jammers bunched up uselessly under his muffin top. He was really getting fed up with all the side effects that came with his pregnancy.

He threw up each morning, he struggled to sleep at night, he craved sweet chilli sauce on everything – and it really was everything, last night he’d had chocolate dipped in the sauce much to his husband’s disgust. And worst of all just the mere sight of mackerel had his stomach turning.

But he could have handled all that if he wasn’t losing his once perfect physique.

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It’s literally the dead of night when Thor hears rustling around coming from their kitchen. For barely a moment, he fears it is a criminal, but when he reaches for Jane beside him, he finds only warm sheets. He knows exactly where she is- it’s not the first time he’s woken up to these exact circumstances.

He sat up and tossed off the comforter, shivering slightly as the air of their apartment hit his skin. He padded out to the kitchen, where the lights were on, and he could hear Jane rummaging through drawers in their fridge and cabinets, occasionally mumbling to herself.

He stopped at the entryway to the kitchen, leaning on the doorframe as he watched her. She wore one of his shirts that didn’t quite swallow her baby bump any more, and a pair of loose shorts with stars on them. He was awash with adoration for this woman, his wife and the mother of his child.

“Where the hell did that go?” she wondered aloud, and he spotted a package of pepperoni in her hand. She was plucking them out and eating them one by one. “No, that’s not right,” she said, tossing the package onto the counter and apparently intensifying her search.

“Can I help you find anything?” he asked cheekily.

She popped up suddenly from where she was crouched looking through one of the cabinets containing a myriad of pans. “Oh, hey, hi, yes. I really need to find the peanut butter. I also can’t remember where I put the freaking spice box, and I need curry power desperately.”

“Well, the peanut butter is on your bedside table,” he offered wryly. “You insisted on eating it in bed while you worked this afternoon.”

She looked at him like he was a genius. She quickly walked up to him, pressing a very enthusiastic, pepperoni-tasting kiss to his lips. Upon pulling back, she said seriously, “This is why I love you.”

“Glad to be of service,” he said, smiling broadly.

She squeezed by him, headed for the bedroom, but not before asking, “Can you keep looking for the curry powder?”

He nodded, continuing Jane’s frantic search. He knew she tended to skip the highest cupboards when she was looking for something simply because she couldn’t reach them.

By the time she arrived with the half-eaten jar of peanut butter in hand, he’d located the curry powder above the stove. He presented it to her with a grin, and her answering one was worth the waking up in the middle of the night. Well, since she became pregnant she would sometimes wake him up in the middle of the night with other cravings, and if he was honest, he probably preferred those times, but these times were good in their own way.

“Perfect,” she enthused, and then she piled her loot together on the countertop. Jane then pulled out two pieces of bread, much to Thor’s mild disgust. He understood her bizarre food cravings inasmuch as any expectant father could, but that did not mean he had to think any of her insane concoctions were actually edible. (Chicken noodle soup with chocolate sauce. Marshmallow, spinach, and anchovy omelet. Chocolate sauce on her salad. Caramelized mangoes and italian sausage on a Belgian waffle. Pickles and Funyons dipped in chocolate sauce.)

He came to stand by her, leaning back against the counter as he watched what she made. Thor didn’t think she had the ability to throw him off anymore with her culinary creations, but she managed it as she slathered the pieces of bread with more peanut butter than he thought could physically be held by the slices, sprinkled at least half the container of curry powder onto the peanut butter, and then proceeded to use up the package of pepperoni on top of the peanut butter and curry power. Seeming unsatisfied, she headed back to the refrigerator, emerging with a bag of shredded cheddar cheese. She put a handful of the cheese onto the sandwich and she finally looked happy.

She deliberately smooshed the slices together, licking the sides of the sandwich where the filling squished out.

Thor made an only half-joking gagging motion, and Jane just laughed.

She bit into her sandwich, and the sound she made in response made him remember a different quirk of pregnancy that he was all too happy about. Seemingly unaware of his response, Jane smiled up at him, and moved to mimic his position against the counter.

“I did not think you had the capacity to disgust me with your food choices any longer,” he informed her.

After swallowing her bite, she responded, “Well, I am just full of surprises.” A second later, she moaned again. “God, this is perfection. Why does this taste so good?”

“I would assume to most of humanity it doesn’t.”

“Oh, only humanity? So I could maybe bring this recipe to Vanaheim the next time we visit and it would be a big hit?”

“Probably not Vanaheim, but you would be apalled at the things the Elves eat. Alfheim may very well welcome you as a culinary genius.”

She took another bite, and after another interesting moan, she said, “Jesus, I hope this craving thing ends soon. Because I’m starting to get a hankering for sausage and bell pepper pizza. And we don’t have any frozen ones left. And they don’t do delivery this late.”

Thor groaned, knowing what was coming. “Jane, the hour is late, I do not think-”

“Our kid is very hungry. And if you don’t drive me to get a pizza I might cry.” In fact, at the word ‘drive,’ Jane’s voice cracked. By 'cry’ her eyes watered, and her tone had risen impossibly high.

Thor immediately scrambled, coming to stand in front of her. He cupped her face in his hands, desperately offering, “Love, do not cry. I will drive you wherever you like.”

In response, Jane threw her arms around him, sandwich still in hand. “Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

He bent down, kissing the top of her head. “No need to thank me. Like you said,” he pulled back, beaming down at her and placing a loving hand on her bump, “our child is in need of sustenance. What sort of father would I be if I disregarded such a need.”

Jane grinned back up at him, the tears averted (for the time being.) “I love you.”

“I love you, too.”

“Can I bring the chocolate sauce?”


“Thor. Please?”

“… Fine.”


Made these for one of my donut loving friends. Baked not fried.
There’s original glazed donuts… Sprinkles… Choc & pistachio.. Jam filled.. Nutella filled and a chocolate dipping sauce for the sugar/cinnamon donut balls.
Alhamdulillaah. 😊 pretty happy for the first time though I would change some things for next time inshaaAllaah. 😉


Ace Attorney Dishes pt. 3!

Pt. 1 / Pt. 2 

Apollo’s Fried Chicken: (Because “a pollo”, duh.) Chicken breast and thigh pieces fried in Paprika batter. Accompanied by a cherry tomato, balsamic vinegar, mesclun lettuce and baby spinach salad. Dipping sauces include lemon salt, garlic aoli, and ketchup.

AJ Ema’s Snackoo Trio: Inspired by Japanese karinto snacks, the original “Snackoo”. A green tea and kinako (soybean powder) parfait with green tea mousse, kinako mochi, sweet soy sauce, kinako crumble, and whipped cream. Sea salt ice cream sandwiched between karinto discs topped with sesame crisp, and ginger/dark brown sugar marshmallows with candied ginger garnish.

Pearl’s Fruit Sandwiches: Three types of sandwiches - An apple, peanut, and whipped cream stacked sandwich, a strawberry-banana sandwich, and a mango-kiwi sandwich. Peanut butter and chocolate dipping sauces.

Paula & Pinterry


I’m sorry — I can’t call those cinnamon rolls with no icing on them. They do look like they should be in my belly though— I’m imagining chocolate dipping sauce or ducle de leche. The flowers are great too— just get more arrangements to put around your place and BOOM problemo solved.

Doesn’t sound like your day was lazy at all.

You’re the second to point that out! I’m feeling terribly guilty already for forgetting it. If I knew how to make dulce de leche, that would be happening. I could manage a chocolate icing though. Okay, my day wasn’t completely lazy. Despite making the rolls and going to the florist to put together the arrangement. That will be no problem, already plan on going tomorrow. 


They’re tacos filled with ice cream — what more can we say?

Angel Cruzado and Erica Land, who took over the Berkeley, CA, bakery Stateside Treats in 2015, want to keep bringing made-from-scratch, preservative-free treats like red velvet and salted caramel cupcakes, Nutella-filled cookies, and peanut butter-and-jelly macarons to their community. Now they’re ready to add a new, achingly delicious treat to their repertoire: the ice cream taco

Made with love and exquisite skill by the culinary school-trained Land, the taco is comprised of a fresh-baked waffle shell, ice cream filling, and chocolate dipping sauces — then flash-frozen with liquid nitrogen. Dig in!  


Thanks to your independent restaurants, you have won me over, Orlando.

Top: Not just plain old s'mores, but the Grown-Up S'More at  The Rusty Spoon (Photo: The Rusty Spoon)

Middle: Chances are you’ll want to snap a photo before digging into the Pig Tails at Ravenous Pig, which are curlicue doughnuts with chocolate-espresso dipping sauce.  (Photo: Ravenous Pig)

Bottom: Cask & Larder looks to have delicious fried chicken and funnel cake.  (Photo: John Whittle)

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I'm visiting the Disneyland resort next month for my first time ever and was wondering what the best food or snacks are there? In general or in your opinion :) Thanks!

I’m visiting DLR next month too! You can never go wrong at DLR when it comes to food, but if you’re only visiting for a day or two (like I am unfortunately), there are definitely some musts you need to try before heading home. Here’s a list of what I know are fan favorites (and personal favorites too)!

  1. Pomme Frites
    I’ve never actually had the chance to try some of these bad boys, but from what I’ve heard they’re to die for (did you catch that Lion King reference?)
    Found at: Cafe Orleans

  2. Mickey Beignets
    These soft doughy pillows of heaven come with two delicious dipping sauces. 
    Found at: Cafe Orleans, around the park

  3. Churros
    No trip to Disneyland is complete without a taste of one of their churros. You can get them at some snack carts or you can get them as bites with chocolate dipping sauce at the Cozy Cone Motel.

  4. Monte Cristo
    Deep fried heaven found at Cafe Orleans and The Blue Bayou.

  5. Dole Whips
     I prefer the soft serve over the float, but I know Disneyland’s float actually comes with an adorable paper umbrella. 
    Found at: the Tiki Juice Bar

  6. Lobster Nachos
    This cheesy perfection goes perfectly with the view of Paradise Pier. 
    Found at: Cove Bar

  7. Mickey Pretzel/ Cream Cheese filled Pretzels
    My favorite carry-around-the-park snack. I usually get them at Refreshment Corner but they sell the Mickey pretzel at pretty much every cart around the parks.

  8. Bread Bowl w/ Clam Chowder or Gumbo
    As a San Francisco native, I know what great clam chowder tastes like and DLR definitely has it. My favorite is the Clam Chowder Bread Bowl at Pacific Wharf, but Royal Street Veranda’s Gumbo Bread Bowl amazing too.

  9. Turkey Legs
    Some people hate them, but a trip to Disney is never complete for me without one of these. Not sure whether or not I’ll be having one this time around (I’ve been on a pescetarian diet since the start of 2014 that’ll last who knows how long), but I highly recommend them for any Disney fan. I think the ones at Disneyland taste better than those at WDW :)
    Found at: Carts around DLR

  10. Matterhorn Macaroons
    They’re a fan favorite. I don’t enjoy them as much (I’m more of a dark chocolate kind of person), but who can resist these picture-perfect treats?
    Found at: Jolly Holiday Bakery

  11. Ice Cream from the Gibson Girl Ice Cream Parlor or Clarabelle’s Hand-Scooped Ice Cream. Or of course you can always opt for a classic Mickey premium ice cream bar. 

  12. Legend has it Disneyland’s corn dogs are the best in the world. I think most would agree ;)
    Found at: Carts around DLR, Corn Dog Castle


(Click on the photos for their source)