chocolate covered pretzel and caramel cookies

90 Days of Autumn (Part 7) HALLOWEEN SPECIAL

Title: Happy Halloween

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Word Count: 3,846

Warnings: none? besides the usually fluff, I mean there’s lots of fluff in this chapter, also some awkward!sam, and some shy!sam, and a hint of jealous!sam

Prompt: It’s finally Halloween. The reader is more than excited to spend it with Sam, and Sam has a lot in store. He even takes off work the next day to be able to spend more time with her. 

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Thank god it was your 48 and you didn’t have to worry about leaving the hospital in scrubs. You didn’t have to worry about having to wash them that night or make sure they were kept away from the outside air. 

That was the thing about working in the NICU that was a bit rough. You always had to remember to wash your clothes and pack them up well enough in your bag that the risk of germs getting on them was minimized. 

You were in a rush to Sam’s house. You had worked a bit later than expected, though you promised Sam you’d be to his house by 4 the latest. It was now almost 5:30. 

“Hey Frankenstein,” you greeted, leaning up to kiss him, despite his greeny-black lips.

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Popcorn day

white chocolate peppermint popcorn

BBQ Ranch Popcorn

Snickers Popcorn

Hot Chocolate Popcorn

Sugar Cookie Popcorn



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Blueberries & Cream Popcorn Recipe

Peanut Butter Pretzel Caramel Popcorn

Salted Caramel Popcorn {Chewy}

Kettle Chip Caramel Popcorn

Churro Popcorn

Butter Toffee Heath Popcorn


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The Baby Topic - Calum

(Little bit of a background: Been together almost two years, mid 20′s, their touring is slowing down, you just moved in together.)

Luke Calum Michael Ashton

You carried three bags of food up the stairs to your new apartment and dropped it on the ground when you got in the door. Calum looked at you from the kitchen, “We just went food shopping yesterday…” 

“And I went again today.” You picked them up and sat them on the counter, “I wanted chocolate covered pretzels but then I just kept getting more.” 

“Reese’s, caramel sundae cones, chocolate milk…” He emptied the bags, “A half container of cookie dough ice cream.”

“I ate some of it on the way home, OKAY!” You groaned, resting the top half of your body on top of the island in the middle of the kitchen. 

“Oreo’s” He said, opening them and pulling one out for himself, “More types of cookie dough, and……. ohhhhh…… okay, this all make sense now.” He laughed, pulling a box of tampons out. 

“It isn’t funny.” You whined, “I just want to eat everything and my cramps are just uncomfortable and I only want to wear joggers and why does this have to happen?” 

Calum grabbed another Oreo and sat on the counter next to where you were sprawled out. He rubbed your back, “We could make it stop.” You just groaned back, knowing there was nothing he could do to stop it. “Do you want to make it stop for maybe, nine months?” 

Your head flipped to look at him, “Are you…?”

“I am.” He smiled, grabbing another Oreo. 

“You want…?” You asked, still laying on the counter.

“I do.” He nodded. “Babe… baaabe… why are you crying? We don’t have to.” He sat the Oreo’s down and hopped off the counter. He pulled you to stand up, “If you don’t want to we don’t have to. I was just–

Nooooooo.” You whined through your crying, digging your face into his chest, “I really want to. I promise.”

“I forgot one of your top symptoms is emotional…” He laughed to himself, “Emotional and cramps.” He said to himself, being with you long enough to know your monthly routine. 

Yessssss.” You cried out, “You want me to have your babies?” 

“I really do.” He kept himself from laughing at your dramatic response. “Do you want to have my babies?”

Uh-huh, just.. little babies… oh my goodness. They’ll be so cute.” You continued to cry as he wiped off your face. “I swear I’m happy, I promise.”

“I know, I know.” He smiled, “How about you go get undressed and I’ll get you a bath run and I’ll bring you some of your…. snacks.” He gestured to the table of unhealthy foods. 

You hugged him again and he began to walk with you towards the bathroom. “You’re so nice.”

“I’ve got to treat my baby mama right.” He joked.

Babies!!” You wailed, starting to cry again.

Signs as chocolate

Aries: really rich milk chocolates
Taurus: chocolate with caramel in the middle
Gemini: an assorted box of chocolates
Cancer: chocolate covered pretzels
Leo: chocolate covered strawberries
Virgo: milk chocolate with fruit buttercream
Libra: white chocolate hearts
Scorpio: bittersweet chocolate
Sagittarius: half white half milk chocolate bunny
Capricorn: chocolate peanut butter eggs
Aquarius: dark chocolate with fudge centers
Pisces: cookies and cream chocolate bar