chocolate chip sticky buns

We like making a pretty big deal out of breakfast on the weekends here at Robicelli’s, because breakfast pastries are awesome, and during the week we’re all running around a bit too much to sit down and properly enjoy them.  When we open our doors at 10am, we start pulling things hot out of the oven like cinnamon bun coffee cake, blueberry almond cream scones, fresh buttermilk biscuits drizzled with honey, or caramelized pear and cognac bundt cakes.

Then we have what you see above: a sticky bun filled with brown sugar, chocolate chips and crushed up pretzels, baked just so it’s a little bit squishy and underdone in the center, topped with some ganache, peanut butter caramel, more pretzels and a touch of sea salt.  Matt made this on Tuesday to celebrate his birthday, and it was so ridiculously good we’re running it all weekend.  If you manage to grab one, thank Matt, and remind him how old he’s getting, because he really enjoys that.