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That one time Jason and Will guest starred on a sex and relationship radio show and Jason revealed how handsome he thinks Will Arnett and his voice are. [x]

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Can idols be in 2 groups? Because on Instagram I seen a girl group that was made up of girls from different groups

Depends, it’s rare and rarely happens but some groups aren’t solid and they have a thing where their company switches them up.. it’s … I don’t like it like that though because you get attached and confused it happened with groups like After School, I.O.I, Brave Girls and SM entertainment is doing it with NCT they can change up any time (I miss Ten).

Oh yeah! Then there’s the sub units where they do their separate thing with members from the group, for example in GOT7 you would have JB and Jackson do an album together and their sub group would be called: “Chocolate Chasers”.
I ‘made’ my crush jealous!

Hello everyone! I need to let this out and tell someone other than my friends so I would love to vent about it here. I work at this restaurant on the weekends. I’ve been here for over a year now and so the guy I have this H U G E! crush on, he is Korean-American, he’s been the biggest crush I’ve EVER fucking had in my whole entire living, breathing existence! and I’ve had a lot of crushes! He’s soooooo nice! (Too nice for this world) and funny!! obviously handsome beyond words, NO ONE can deny that! His face just hits you like a tow truck! Even my managers say how sexy, handsome he is! They’re so “professional” at work Lol!

He comes in a lot, some times his friends, family. (at times by himself and those times, I see him stare at ME A LOT, A LOTTTT!) Every time I had to service his table/area, he would stare at me, and he also would tip me extra money, more than others. He would give me a lot of eye contact, usually people don’t look me in the face, why would they? I’m just their server (gladly though!) giving them drinks and food, it’s fast paced, so they’re usually siting there talking to whoever they’re with, so the fact that he actually looks me in the eyes even when I kept coming back just to give him another drink refill or something, that always surprised me and I can’t lie, it made me so happy since he is my crush! He gives me butterflies in my stomach, something I haven’t had in a long time.

Any time he came in the door, my heart would drop, I would get so happy! and it got to the point where my co workers, most of the time, would just let me work his table, because they know I like, well…love him, honestly. So they’re like, “He’s here! go get_____(My name)” / “Tell _____he’s here!” lol! Ok not all of the time, but I do get to wait his table a lot. So one day, he’s back! And it’s been a little while since I’ve seen him, since I took a few days off and they told me to wait his table! Now I know what you’re probably thinking, do we ever talk? does he like me back?! Well…I get soooo scared to talk to him at times, plus I feel like I’m bothering him when I make small talk, even though he’s beyond kind to me and smiles that sexy smile at me! He’s the one that always start up small conversations, he goes out of HIS way to talk to ME!

So recently it was different! He kind of gave me the cold shoulder…so I was thinking “What the fuck! happened?!” and on top of that he was talking to some girl he didn’t know that was close by him. I never seen her before, so I’m thinking, maybe he knows her, maybe he’s into White girls, he was talking with her for awhile, I was so sad, mad, jealous, not only was he acting “funny” but he’s chatting with a GORGEOUS girl!  So I was in a sour mood the entire night (but still nice to customers) thinking why he’s acting like that! I know he sees me, because every time I look over at him he’s staring dead at me like he wants me to see him talking to her. Are we playing THIS game?!

 I found out that same day that he asked about me on my days off! I honestly did not believe her when she (co worker) told me that,but I’m not that close with her, so I doubt she was joking or going out of her way to tell me a lie, plus she doesn’t even know I like him, she works on the other side! So she asked me if he’s my boyfriend because the way he asked about me, it seemed like he was looking forward to see me or was concerned about my whereabouts and before he asked her, he kept looking around like he lost something. That’s when she asked him if he’s ok on everything. And that’s when he asked if I was working here any more? (awwwwwwww!) I’m writing this so calmly, but when I told my friends I was screaming on the phone and writing in all caps in text messages lol! So I was still lost on why he was acting like that toward me! Was he upset I haven’t been here in a while? I don’t know what came over me but I needed answers!

So later one of my coworkers, Lance (my White buddy whose a chocolate chaser lol!)  was being touchy and flirty with me (like always) when he came in on his shift, he was even putting his arms around me and the way the restaurant is set up you can see everything where my crush was sitting. So when I look over at his table, he was staring dead at me and Lance…so I was so embarrassed because I was playing along with his flirting, joking around. So that’s when it hit me that since he was looking for me, maybe that means he likes me back? and he was staring at me a lot that night more than he ever has, he wasn’t even discreet about it either, even my friend noticed this! So I wasn’t being delusional. I vented to Lance about it he said, “Say no more, I got this” lmao! He’s fearless as I don’t know what, before I could even say anything to him, like I don’t know, “STOP!” His ass was speed walking up to his table, I felt myself turning becoming hot in the face, it was of fear, and I hid in the back, I had noooo idea what he was going to say to him!!

So Lance comes rushing back and told me I need to go check on my tables, without telling me what he said or did to my crush, I asked him what the hell did he say to him and he said he gave him my fucking number!!!!! and he also told HIM IM SINGLE!!!  And that I’m just his (Lance’s) friend, so I was soooooo shocked and shitting bricks! Ummmm how the H E L L A M I SUPPOSE TO WAIT HIS TABLE AFTER T  H  A  T?!! I was all panicking, like, no lie, I was willing to get in trouble and walk out! So after minutes of panicking (I almost cried!) Lance and my manager had to calm me down, my manager didn’t know what was wrong, she felt so bad for me and thought I was having a panic attack…well I KIND OF was and Lance, evil! was laughing telling me it’s ok! I’m making it seem like it was worse than it was, but I eventually calmed down and got over it.

After my melt down , I had my phone in my pocket and on silent, but I did hear it buzz twice but I had to go back out and get back to working, and as soon as I walked on the other side, I didn’t see my crush sitting there :( So I was thinking, Thanks a lot Lance, you scared him away, I’m probably not his type, he probably only asked for me because I’m fast with service, he doesn’t like Black women…. sooooo much went through my mind. So I honestly was so mad, I tried to forget about his ass and assist other customers, cleaned up and Lance kept me laughing all night, I told him not to bring up my crush because I might fucking die after what Lance did, even though he was just boldly trying to help me out. I didn’t want to even fathom everything, I was drained and counting down the seconds to take my ass all the way home. But I couldn’t stop thinking about him at all! I was even looking at the door thinking he would come back in!

My shift was finally ending hallelujah! And usually as soon as I clock out I would check my phone,  but I wasn’t in the mood, so I waited until I got home. I took a shower, snuggled up on my couch watching tv and checking my notifications




I only saw a preview of the message! But my heart started beating so fast! I knew it was my crush, because the message wasn’t a number in my contacts and I already forgot that fast that Lance gave him my number..I know how could I forget?! I opened the message and as soon as I did, I screamed, lmao! I was so pathetic! I was literally hyperventilating  I was soooo happy he messaged me, it didn’t hit me all the way until I read his message, that’s why my phone buzzed at work last minute, those buzzes were his text messages, he sent them right after Lance gave him my number and right around my nervous break down lol!

He was basically telling me that my friend JUST gave me my number (so he was quick to text me, now that I think of it, I think he was shy to see me face to face after that, so he left) and he said that Lance wanted me to give him my phone number (I did not say that! Lance lied, but I don’t mind at all! he was helping a sista out!) and he also said, thank you for always being nice to me and my friends when I come there, that he hope he’s not bothering me! and I replied with “omg noooo! you’re so nice, thanks for the big tips etc.” we’re not dating or anything…yet!  But I really, REALLY!!! Want to ask him out some time soon, but not quite yet. I have the biggest feeling he likes me and I can tell by him staring at me, getting jealous/upset when Lance was being flirty with me, and actually texting me, he even fucking face timed me! Lol! and I was going to reject it because I was so scared to do it but I was like fuck it and we talked for a long ass time! ugh! love him! He’s sooooo fucking nice! and always has been. I want your advice on how I should ask him out! I have a feeling he wants to ask me to be his girl, because he’s always hinting at it, but then backs out. So any advice would be great because we’re getting close pretty fast!

KM & BW: Aw, love this! You could write him a cute, hand written letter and confess to him, I think that would be so romantic and sweet and put a kiss at the end of the letter! ❤️ But I say what ever you’re comfortable with doing, even if you want to drop him a long, nice text and ask him that way, as long as you do it how you want and tell him how you feel about him.


This is amazing!  Totally worth the watch and filled with some of my favorite youtubers!