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New Video! Tried a lot of different flavored Chocolate with Connor Franta 🍫💕

Champagne Raspberry Kit Kats

Truth be told, I have not been digging most of the fancy flavors the Kit Kat Chocolatories in Japan have been releasing recently. However, this month’s new Connoisseur concept, Champagne Raspberry, is a winner!

I love the clean, simply illustrated package design!

For this boozy berry flavor, Yasumasa Takagi, the patissier who creates these special Kit Kats for Nestle Japan, took his inspiration from Epernay, France, the capital of Champagne production…

Like other berry flavored Kit Kats of the past, I expected the actual candy bars to be pink…

Only I opened the package to discover they were made of dark chocolate…

Quite a surprise…

However, when you broke one open, the “raspberriness” was evident inside…

While I usually avoid dark chocolate at all costs, using it here was indeed the right decision, as its bitterness plays perfectly against the sweetness of the raspberry and champagne. It’s one of the most beautifully balanced Kit Kats I can recall eating in a long time.

Champagne Raspberry Kit Kats are currently available at all Kit Kat Chocolatory locations across Japan, but I’m afraid I can’t tell you for how long.

Business of Love

A Wedding Planner/Florist AU Valentine’s Day Fic

EDIT: AO3 link here!

Rating: General Audiences
Pairings: Katsuki Yuuri/Victor Nikiforov
Characters: Katsuki Yuuri, Victor Nikiforov, Katsuki Mari
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Flower Shop, Alternate Universe - Wedding Planner, Valentine’s Day, Roses, Public Displays of Affection, Mild Innuendo

This fic takes place AHEAD of the current WP&F!AU timeline (as of Under the Blossoms) by about 9 months!

Nonetheless, I hope you enjoy and I’ll post this to AO3 later!

Not beta’d.


It’s Victor and Yuuri’s first Valentine’s Day together, but work gets in their way.

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  • Taako, in the driver's seat of a white cadillac, the backseat full of bottles of champagne, a chocolate-covered strawberry halfway to his lips: what do you mean you didn't want to do anything extravagant for our anniversary
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Bubble Bath-Theo Raken

Valentine’s Collection:#10

Teen Wolf Imagine:#109

Word Count: 520

Warnings: This is quiet sexual. Not smut but not totally safe either.

Summary: A stressful week can only be fixed by one thing.  A good, old fashioned bubble bath with the love of your life.

A/n:This turned out very different than I originally excepted but I think it’s cute anyway. Short. But cute.

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Last Imagine

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The Joker x Reader - Job Application”

You infiltrated Gotham Bank’s headquarters two weeks ago as a mortgage specialist. You need to retrieve as much information as possible about their vault and then make your move. Until then, pretending to be normal and actually come to a regular job sure is boring as hell. Thank God you have a husband that is equally bored without his Pumpkin, this way he can make your present day better with the “Job Application” you just received from him in the mail.

“Mrs. Doll?” one of your co-workers knocks on your cubicle’s wall, handing you over an envelope marked as urgent as you nod a yes to answer his question.

“Thank you,” you smile when you recognize J’s handwriting on the small package:

To: Mrs. Kira Doll (which is your alias for this inside job) URGENT (to be opened only by the addressee)

From: Mr. Jo Ker

What is he up to? you wonder and open the envelope as soon as the guy leaves.


Princess, I heard you guys are hiring so I’m applying, the little note on top of the first page lets you know.


First name: Jo

Middle initial: B (=Batsy sucks –there was no other place to write this down)

Last name: Ker

Date of birth: When I was born, I guess - duh!

Age (optional): is just a number

Current address: Penthouse (main) but you can also reach me at one of my hideouts

E-mail: DaddysKinkyPrincess  (this really is his e-mail)

Aliases/ Previously used names: I’m not making this up- Mister J, King of Gotham, Clown Prince of Crime

Your smile gets wider. And you unconsciously start biting your nails, amused and continue to read.

Preferred nickname you would like us to use if you get hired (optional): Daddy; Oh my God, yes! (My wife says this a lot in the bedroom so it counts)

You snort, giggling.

Sex: Masc _ Fem _    as much as possible

Eyes: very blue. My wife says she gets lost in them (although she got lost on her way to the kitchen once and I swear it wasn’t my fault).

Hehehehe, escapes your lips again and you struggle to keep it down but it’s hard.

Height (optional): Tall. My Queen says and I quote: “I will climb that like a tree!” (and she does)

Weight (optional): Ask my Doll, she’s very familiar with my weight, if you get my drift XD

He actually wrote that down: XD. You try so hard not to laugh like crazy. You don’t know what got into him but you sure love it.

Position desired: that’s a tough one, it depends what I’m in the mood for- top, bottom, against the wall, couch, floor, desk, car etc.

Current occupation: Sex God, gangster

Wow, that’s a good one, you think, not bored anymore, entertained to the maximum.

Reason for leaving current job: I’m not, just bored without my Kitten

Skills: Killing, stealing, blackmailing, rough sex, excellent kisser

Weaknesses: none. Hold on, I thought it said “witnesses”, LOL. But still none. Actually, my wife insists she’s my weakness so to get her off my back, mark her as my weakness.

Ahhhhh, you sigh, touching your blushing cheeks, how sweet.

Hobbies (optional): staring at my wife’s ass, undressing her, showing her who her Daddy is, aggravating Batsy, breaking out of Arkham, looking sexy with no effort

You are so flattered right now: aggravating Batsy came after “staring at my wife’s ass” and you feel on cloud 9.

Special accommodations you might need/ requests: I wanna get laid tonight- three times, but actually striving for four

And he hand wrote this:

                         Accept __      Decline

There is no option to decline so you mark an X next to Accept

You also include a note with your response:

             Dear Mr. Jo Ker,

Thank you for your interest in obtaining a job with our company. We are pleased to inform you that due to your impeccable application and resume you are hired.

You grab the stamp on your desk and stamp your paper with: HIRED.

And also sir, you will get laid tonight.

Special requests: pink champagne, chocolate covered strawberries, bubble bath, background music (Baby, I told you before your moans and my screams don’t count).

                        Accept __    Decline

And you don’t give him the option to decline, but you kiss the paper next to Decline, so that your red lipstick makes it better.

You put everything into a new envelope, mark it as URGENT and sent it to one of the PO Boxes you have across the street inside the postal office. The Joker has one of your henchmen waiting there for sure.

After about 3 hours, you get a small package. You impatiently open it and your note is marked with an X by Accept for your request. You look inside and you see a pair of black, lacy thongs on the bottom of the tiny box with a sticker on them.

You take out the sticker and can’t help it but laugh with all your heart when you read it:

Dear Madam,

Wear this for tonight, no strings attached - literally: it’s a very skimpy piece of lingerie.

Thank God he was bored at home because this made your day and you have to make sure to thank him tonight the best way you know how. It’s going to be fun:

                 Accept _X_     Decline

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anonymous asked:

Tyler x reader hcs where you guys pretend to be married when teamplier goes on vacation to get a discounted room (sorry it's a bit weird i saw it on a tv show lol)

FAKE MARRIED!!!! I AM HERE FOR THIS (Also I did my best to make this gender neutral which is why I used Mx as a gender neutral title)

- Teamiplier is checking into this super fancy hotel that they scored a major deal on by using expedia or some shit
- But the thing with those hotel websites is that they make mistakes all the time
- So cue to Mark and Tyler taking care of the checking in process, with you, Ethan, Kathryn and Amy right behind them
- And when Tyler gives the receptionist his name she smiles all wide, looking between you and Tyler “Oh congratulations Mr. and Mx. Scheid! We’re so happy to have you staying with us on your honeymoon!” And as you start choking on the bottle of water you were sipping from, the receptionist asks Tyler if you two would prefer a private suite, free of charge.
- Tyler turns bright red, switching his focus from you, trying to make sure you don’t die, and the receptionist “Uh, we’re actually-”
- “They’ll take it! Thank you so much! We’d hate to ruin their oh so special honeymoon.” Mark interjects, waggling his eyebrows at Tyler.
- “Mark!” Tyler turns an even darker shade of red
- “Dude, free room. Probably with free champagne and chocolate and shit.” Mark whispers
- Tyler turns to you to, silently asking if your okay with this. You nod, still trying to wrap your head around the situation
- The room is even nicer than their regular suites
- Plus it does come with champagne and chocolate! And there’s roses on the table and a couples bath set…and a few dozen complimentary condoms.
- The bellhop winks at you and tyler and tells you guys to have fun
- As soon as the door closes it’s just you two and you feel nervous
- “I can sleep on the couch” Tyler offers, because he’s a gentleman and he can tell you’re anxious. He doesn’t know that its because you have a giant crush on him.
- “N-no. I mean, you don’t have to. The bed is pretty big.”
- You both start drinking the champagne, hoping it will take the edge off things
- And it does. You end up getting drunk and giggly, calling each other Mr. and Mx. Scheid.
- You two watch a movie, spooning and eating some chocolate
- “We should do this more often.” He mumbles
- “Lying to hotel managment? Abusing their kindness?” You question
- “No we should be fake married…We should date.”
- “Mmm…maybe when we haven’t each had a half a bottle of champagne.”

the signs favorite valentines candy

aquarius: milk chocolate with caramel filling

pisces: cordial cherries

aries: rosé gummy roses

taurus: giant heart-shaped cookie

gemini: chocolate-covered bacon

cancer: milk chocolate roses

leo: champagne gummy bears

virgo: hershey kisses

libra: gummy kissy lips

scorpio: dark chocolate with sea salt

sagittarius: pink and red m&ms

capricorn: white chocolate hearts