chocolate caramels

ravioli-bonaparte  asked:

What is everyone's favorite candies?

Mikasa: Chocolate
Reiner: cream Pies
Bertholdt: Wine gums
Annie: Chocolate covered chocolate with chocolate on top
Eren: Caramel
Jean: Sour gummy drops
Marco: Baklava
Sasha: Nutella
Connie: Marshmallows
Historia: Sweet victory over mankind/ Jawbreakers 
Armin:  Bubblegum
Ymir: Minty stuff
Levi: Raisins
Hanji: Skittles
Erwin: Those chewy caramel thingies
Nanaba: Strawberries will have to do
Mike: Black licorice 

anonymous asked:

Do u like chocolate or vanilla

Chocolate! if we’re talking about ice cream, vanilla is okay too cause I can add chocolate syrup and caramel and all kinda of fun toppings to make it taste good!

  • gay: i like pancakes with chocolate sauce
  • lesbian: i like pancakes with caramel sauce
  • bisexual: i like pancakes with chocolate and caramel sauce
  • pansexual: i like pancakes with all sauces
  • polyamory: i like to have more than one pancake at a time
  • asexual: i don't like sauce
  • aromantic: i don't like pancakes

Happy New Years babes!! 🎉💖