chocolate butterflies

green apples or red apples? dungarees or pinafores? marshmallow or chocolate? coffee or cocoa? butterflies or moths? horror movies or horror games? jack o lanterns or skeletons? cardigans or coats? haunted houses or trick or treating? poetry or music? 

ill-be-over-here-with-the-cat  asked:

Just imagine after all those years I would wonder how Moon would react to seeing Toffee?

There are so many possible flavors of this reunion I can imagine… Of course they would depend on what exactly caused them to become separated in first place, so… just off the top of my head:

Dark Chocolate, where Toffee did something very bad while trying to win her and failed, so in the end they hurt each other, and now there are mutual grudges and bad memories. Reaction would be something along the lines of “How dare you make threats to my family!”

Salted Caramel, where they were friends, but political differences caused them to fight each other. Toffee was imprisoned/presumed dead. And in my opinion it would be something like “Toffee? But I thought you were…” “Well, things change, Your Highness”

Red Velvet Cake, where Moon went though similar challenge as Star with Marco in “Storm the Castle”, only she chose wand over Toffee. Or at least Toffee thinks that she chose the wand. (darth-alinart​ shared this idea with me and wow, this would be so deliciously sad… I love it so much.)

[The following scenarios now that I think about it are kind of unrealistic, considering “You’re not the first monster to fall victim to their magic”, but is still nice to speculate.]

Tiramisu, (basically, what we explored yesterday - not that “You’re not like them” is unrealistic, but rather the accident part). They argued but never stopped being friends. Accident happened. Moon thinks that Toffee’s dead because she wasn’t there. He thinks that he’s the only one who can actually break the cycle and, desperate times call for desperate measures. It would be cute, very awkward and somewhat ridiculous… Along the lines of “Why didn’t you called me, you bastard, I thought you were dead, for fuck’s sake!” “Damn, Moon, I was busy growing my fucking spine back! Also stop with the hugs, you gonna break it again! And I’m kind of in the middle of overthrowing your magical monarchy here and you’re making it awkward”.

Moon Pie, where they never really separated but more like faded out of each other’s lives cause adulting is hard, different stuff to care about, you promise to call someone and than never really do and in the end it’s just awkward to try and go back. Hm, I sort of want to explore this possibility in a comic which I sketched yesterday, but the general direction would be something like “Toffee? And what the hell are you doing here?..”

Chopped (part 2)

(part one here)  (frankly you people frighten me)  (@edielovespie demanded more)

TED: And we’re back for the entree round.  Please open your baskets.  You must construct an unforgettable entree using live monarch butterflies, chocolate sandwich cookies, vegan tenderloin, and hubcap.  You have thirty minutes.  Clock starts now.

MADAGASCAR: The judges were really nice to me in spite of the blood in the first round, so I need to step it up if I want to continue.  I get the cream filling out of the cookies and put the cookie part aside for a crostini later.

ANGELA: The tenderloin tastes kind of like pork, so I get some fish sauce and oranges and cornstarch from the pantry to get it coated for an Asian-inspired Kung Pao technique.

JUDGE AARON: Now, the real challenge in this basket are those live butterflies.  They are poisonous in every way, especially the wings, which are brightly-colored as nature’s warning sign.

JUDGE SCOTT: I was thinking the hard part would be the cookies, it’s got that double sweetness that has to be balanced just right in a dish containing tenderloin of vegan.

BILL: I overhear the judges talking about butterfly wings, so I spread them on top of my tenderloin like a puff pastry.  Gonna make a Wellington.  We do that a lot at my restaurant, though honestly I never thought to put it with a hubcab.

TED: Fifteen minutes remaining.

ANGELA: I’m hacking at the hubcap with my carving knife, but I just can’t seem to crack it open.  I know the center of these things is a rich, creamy sort of muscle like a scallop, and I’m hoping to use it like a surf-n-turf pairing.


ANGELA: I look over and I see that the fryer wasn’t even turned on!  My cutlets are ruined, and I’m so short on time I can’t start over.  I throw the bits onto the grill and hope the’ll cook in time.

MADAGASCAR: I grate some of the hubcap into the sauce to give it some brightness.  It’s turning this really shiny metallic grey, not very appetizing.  Meanwhile, my spring rolls are ready to roll up but these aren’t the kind of wrappers I’m used to.  I think they’re made of, like, rice or something?

BILL: I’m watching the time just slip away, and I hope my Wellington isn’t overdone.  They really didn’t give us a lot of tenderloin for this round.  (laughs) Maybe they’re all from the same vegan? (laughing stops, sudden realization dawns)

TED: And this is your last minute!  Finish what you can and get it one the plate!

(small fire erupts behind Angela)


TED: And five (Madagascar throwing spring rolls onto a square dish) four (Bill frantically just pulling the tenderloin out of the oven) three (Angela drops one of her cutlets on the floor, swears) two (Bill delicately spooning something wet and pearly onto the plate) one, please step back. (Madagascar throws both hands in the air)

ANGELA: This is probably not my best work, but it’s so important that I make my parents proud, it has to be good enough.

MADAGASCAR: I’m looking at the other dishes and it’s pretty clear nobody knew what to do with a hubcap.

BILL: (says nothing, frowning with growing concern at the bloodied paper that held the vegan tenderloin)

TED: Chef Bill, please describe what you made.

BILL: Um…Well it’s monarch-wrapped tenderloin in the Wellington style, with a sandwich cookie sauce and served in a hubcap.  I’ve never worked with imitation meat before, haha.

JUDGE AARON: Imitation?

JUDGE SCOTT: I like that you used the cookies as a chocolaty sauce, it sort of lends a mole flavor to things, or would if you had seasoned it differently.  The butterflies add a lot of bitterness, though that might be the poison starting to wreck my body.

JUDGE ALEX: Mine’s a little undercooked?  But I like the chocolate as well, inspired.

TED: Chef Madagascar.

MADAGASCAR: Before you I have a vegan tenderloin spring roll, with a pickled arugula and butterfly salad and a chocolate hubcap dipping sauce.

JUDGE AARON: There are so many flavors here.

JUDGE ALEX: The butterflies add a nice crunch, I like that you pickled them and really used their toxicity to your advantage, but I kind of think this isn’t enough to call an entree.  It’s more of an appetizer.

TED: And finally, chef Angela.

ANGELA: I’ve made for you an oil-braised and grilled tenderloin, with a ginger hubcap cream sauce and a red wine chocolate cookie crumble.

JUDGE SCOTT: You’re the only one who used the inner muscle of the hubcap.  This is the most perfectly cooked hubcap I’ve ever had, but (pokes at it with fork) I just don’t like the seasonings.

TED: Angela, what would winning mean to you?

ANGELA: My parents made it pretty clear they didn’t approve of my love of cooking when I came out to them as a chef when I was thirteen.  Until that time we had been a strictly food-free household.  I guess winning would prove to them that I’m doing what I truly love.

TED: Chefs, please give us a minute to deliberate. (chefs file out of the kitchen)

All I can think of is that creamy seafood center.

(In the sweat room)

BILL: Does anyone else think the vegan tenderloin wasn’t actually for vegans but made of vegan?

ANGELA: Cow is vegan.

BILL: Yeah but what happened to Gooseberry?

MADAGASCAR: I think it could go any way here.  We all made pretty great-looking dishes.

MADAGASCAR: It’s going to be me.  Bill’s freaking out and Angela’s a wuss.

BILL: I have to win this.  Whatever I said before, now I have to just so I can go home and tell my wife I love her.  I…don’t feel safe.

(the chefs reconvene in front of the judges)



TED: Chef Angela, you’ve been chopped.  Be well.

BILL: Angela…I’m so sorry.

ANGELA: I know my parents are proud of me anyway. (leaves down the hall)

TED: Two chefs remaining!  Who will take home the ten thousand dollar prize in the dessert round, and WHO (Bill sweating) WILL (Madagascar folds arms defiantly) BE (close up on exactly how much Bill is sweating) CHOPPED?

Florida in July

breathing hot cotton
triple-digit temps
cattails like corn dogs
mossy tendrils hang limp
raucous cicadas
always heard
rarely seen
indifferent grass
dozy breeze
butterflies as big as barn swallows
vultures sit waiting in the wings…

life is one big
box of melted chocolates

Azuki Lynn

For the anon that said:  <solangelo au request> i hope you accept anonymous requests– so i was thinking a solangelo au where nico is a stunt performer and will sees him perform and decides he has both respect and anger towards his dangerous tricks? and loove

Here you go! Hope you enjoy it. I’m not really sure about this one.

Ever since he was little, Will’s been a safe person. He’s the one telling everyone to wear seatbelts in the car when he’s driving, despite the fact that he’s the most careful driver any of his friends know. He doesn’t run in swimming pools. He brushes his teeth two times a day, without ever skipping once. He’s careful and he’s safe.

His dad died when Will was seven years old, car crash, texting while driving and if you have a twisted sense of humor you might see the irony in the fact that he was texting his wife to tell her he’d be home soon.

I’ll be home in ten, honey

Only, after ten, twenty, thirty minutes he still wasn’t there. But the thirty-fifth minute brought a phone call. Not from his dad, but the police this time. Will can still remember the look on his mother’s face when she heard what had happened, the one scream she released before being left with crystal tears, silent sobs. He doesn’t think he’ll ever forget.

As a med student, Will knows things like that are no rarity. Will at seven might have though the world had stopped spinning and that the sun was hiding from their sharp grief; it did not stop raining for six days straight. He might have thought that with his and his mom’s tears and the ones falling from the sky the world would overflow, that surely nothing this bad had ever happened, ever. Truth was, while Little Will thought he was alone in his pain, another car was crashing into a tree barely five streets away. Drunk driving, this time.

Will at twenty-one knows that most accidents can be avoided. He knows that at least half of the people in the waiting room at the hospital wouldn’t be there if only they would’ve been more careful. But it’s not his job to tell them that. It’s his job to make sure they’re safe and can go home safe and live a safe life. That’s been his aspiration since his father’s funeral, when he heard some old woman – aunt of his father’s – say that if only he’d been more careful. Things like this happen all the time. You can’t read the newspaper without being informed about yet another death. When will people learn to be more careful?

That’s the moment Will vowed to always be careful, so he never leaves his future children father-less.

He’s stayed to true to this vow. He’s safe and he tells everyone around him to be careful and takes care of the people he loves. His life is fine. He dates sometimes, when he has time between his studies. He has a couple of girlfriends, a couple of boyfriends, but they never stick and he figures he just hasn’t found the right person. And his life is fine, careful and not always too exciting, but fine.

Then he meets Nico. He has hair like charcoal and eyes the color of dark chocolates. He’s probably the most beautiful person Will’s ever seen.

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