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Cheer Up Post #4754 - Donut Sandwiches Edition

Not even remotely healthy.

Food Masterpost

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Okay, HC time here.

So along with German, Spanish, French and Russian, Neil will pick up Japanese - he’ll do it because of Kevin muttering things at him and Andrew in it, because of playing games against the Ravens, because of Ichirou and the whole Moriyama thing. He doesn’t like the feeling of being in front of someone who holds so much power over him and not know what’s being said.

  • So it makes him popular with the Japanese Exy fans (that and other reasons)
    • Of course Ichirou takes advantage of this - any way to get more profit out of him and Kevin. Any potential source of revenue must be grabbed
  • Andrew is too often busy with his own team to go with them on the photo shoots (not that he’s heartbroken over this fact, missing out on the international flights)
  • Neil made the ‘mistake’ of bringing back various chocolate snacks for Andrew after one trip
    • The sugar fiend got hooked. The little chocolate burgers, the flavored kitkats, the chocolate filled panda things, the chocolate mochi, mushroom mountains - Neil had just grabbed anything ‘chocolate’

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Anon prompt: “Can you do one where the reader and Jughead are already dating and they are super clingy.”

A/N: I’m baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack

“Y/N, you didn’t call me when your class finished.” Jughead says, catching up to me in the halls.

“Because it just finished.” I stop at my locker, opening it to put my books inside and get out another text book for my next class.

“You said you’d call after every class.” He pushes, watching me.

“Jughead,” I close my locker, turning to him. “I told you, it just finished and my phone is swimming in my bag somewhere. I’m sorry.”

He’s leaning against one of the other lockers, staring at me in disbelief, “Look, Y/N, next time just call me, okay?”

“It’s school, Juggie. Nothing bad is going to happen to me at school.”

“You don’t know that.” He says, tilting his head to the side.

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Bruce: Big Mac/ Diet Cola
Dick: Happy meal/ Chicken nuggets/ Strawberry Milkshake
Jason: Cheese Burger/ Vanilla Milkshake
Tim: Chicken burger/ Cola
Damian: Shaker side salad/ Pepsi
Kate: Chicken Legend/ Espresso
Stephanie: Filet-O-Fish/ Hot Chocolate
Cassandra: Beef Burger/ Latte
Duke: BBQ/ Mocha
Harper: Mayo Chicken/Fanta

Barbara: Spicy Mayo burger/ Frappe-chino

Please Stay pt 1

Pairing: Archie Andrews x Reader

Warnings: Fighting, Angst, possibly cussing, Bad writing <3

Word Count:771

The chill of autumn was taken off my tan skin as I entered Pop’s with my newest fling. Honestly I couldn’t even tell you his name but he was a varsity… something. A wrestler maybe. It doesn’t matter as long as I had someone to drag my attention away from Archie and his girlfriend.

“Hey Arch, mind if I sit with you guys?” I asked calmly, trying to keep the emptiness and anxiety that was crawling up my spine from showing on my face.

“Y-Yeah Y/N” Archie responded. His eyebrows were raised and his lips slightly parted in surprise at the new face that took its seat next to me.

“Christian right?” Archie began conversation as his girlfriend shot daggers at me. Her dark eyes didn’t leave me as I tried to casually tried to join in on the conversation.

“ Y/N don’t speak unless spoken to ok?” Christian said with a smile before continuing on with his story to a now unpleasant Archie. I put my head in my hand and sighed before Pop came over with two menus for Christian and I.

“What are you thinking about getting?” Archie said with a goofy smile.


“A burger and chocolate shake” Archie finishes causing us both to erupt in giggles.

“Yeah no… I don’t think so… Maybe a salad because you look like a cow Y/N. Time to start slimming down ” Christian laughed, causing my smile to drop clean off my face. Archie’s face also dropped but to a different expression. Anger. His eyes darkened and his brow furrowed as his fist clenched the table.

“Christian, you need to stop ok?” Archie said, his voice trembling with anger.

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Mother’s Day

A/N: Pretty late for mothers day but I didn’t have time to make a fic. Hope you enjoyed! <3

Originally posted by frozen-delight

Originally posted by frozen-delight

Reader: 6

You’ve never had someone to call Mom. You’ve never had a person to call sister or auntie or grandma. It was always brothers. Always. No matter where you were. Charlie was one of the first people you could call anything and she wouldn’t care. She was the first female figure in your life and you couldn’t be more happy for that. Until your brothers told you she had to ‘leave’ with tears in their eyes. You know what happened. It always happened. You didn’t cry. You were used to things like these happening. 

The school was having mothers day activities. You were supposed to make cards and pictures for your moms. They even gave roses and candies to go with it. The teacher told you you could make it to whoever you wanted because she understood your situation. She was part of your daily life, And she treated you like her own daughter but you didn’t see her as anything else but your teacher.

You drew pictures and wrote a card to your brothers. You drew the three of you holding hands with a small house behind all of you, Small trees and flowers surrounding you. It wasn’t your best work but it had to do. The teacher gave you a rose and chocolates to go with it, And you crammed it all in your bag and walked outside the school where your brother was waiting.

“Hey squirt. How was school?” Dean grabbed your hand and walked you toward the impala.

“It was okay.” You look at the kids giving their mothers the roses and cards.

“What did you do today?” He buckled you up into the car seat.

“Nothing fun.” You mutter, Looking at your hands.

It was then he noticed all the moms and their kids hug and look at their presents. Looking at your solemn face he closed the door and got into the drivers seat.

“Sam bought burgers. Your favorite” He tried to lighten up the mood with the mention of your favourite food, But not even that could make you smile.

The rest of the way to the bunker was quiet, The only sound was the rumbling of the impala and the soft rock music emitting from the radio.


You unbuckled yourself from the car seat, Opening the car door and following Dean inside.

“Hey (Y/n/n)!” Sam immediately walked toward you, Ready to take off your backpack like he did everyday.

“No!” You turned away from him suddenly, Tears ready to escape.

“(Y/n)?” Dean immediately knelt in front of you.

“Did something happen at school?”

“Did anyone hurt you?” Sam knelt also, Looking at your face.

“No.. Nothing.” You whisper, Running past them toward your shared bedroom. You shared a room with Sam, Since you weren’t ready to have a bedroom of your own.

Closing the door, You hop onto your bed and take off your bag. Opening it up, You take out its contents. The card and the drawings were crumbled, The rose a few petals short. The chocolate was squished and melted.

You wanted to cry and stomp but you knew it wouldn’t do anything. You were still with your brothers and your brothers were everything you had. Realizing they were both a mother and father for you, You smiled. They might be your brothers but to you they’re your heroes. They were your brother, friend, father, mother, best friend and hero all bundled in one. 

Getting off the bed, You slammed the door open and ran toward your brothers; A big smile adorning your face.

“Sammy! De!” You shouted for your brothers, Hiding the presents behind you.

“What’s wrong (Y/n)? We thought about it and-” Your brothers were in the library, No doubt looking for a case.

“Happy mothers day!!” You shouted and revealed the presents to both of them. They were both speechless, Their mouths agape.

“What?” Dean blacked out for a moment.

“Happy mothers day!! I know we don’t have a mom, But you guys are like a mom to me!” You handed Sam the card and the picture, Handing Dean the chocolates.

Dean picked you up and spun you around, A smile present on his face.

“You’re such a dork (Y/n)” he smiled, Handing you over to Sam to read the letter.

“Thank you so much. You don’t know how much this means to us (Y/n)” he kissed your temple and your cheek lovingly.

“By this, I know I’m doing a good damn job raising a kid” Dean laughed, Folding the letter back up and placing it in his back pocket. He opened one of the chocolates and popped it into his mouth.

“Shut up Dean. You only like her because she’s your sister”

“Hey! I love kids!”

“You can’t stand kids” Sam rolled his eyes, Placing you on his lap when he sat down.

“Any who, Thank you so much for the card and the flower. We appreciate it.” His mouth was full of chocolate. “But your burgers are getting cold, So if you don’t eat them I will” Dean ran toward the kitchen.

“No! De! You’re so mean!” You jumped off Sam’s lap and chased after your eldest brother.

You couldn’t wish for a better family.

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