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The Signs & their Smells
  • Aries: Strong cologne
  • Taurus: The smell of laundry and your own smell
  • Gemini: Cotton Candy
  • Cancer: Vanilla or chocolate
  • Leo: Flowery perfume
  • Virgo: Cinnamon rolls
  • Libra: Bubblegum
  • Scorpio: Pumpkin Spice lattes
  • Sagittarius: Brown Sugar Candle
  • Capricorn: Candy Cane
  • Aquarius: Gingerbread
  • Pisces: Strawberries
What the signs taste like 😉
  • Aries: moonshine
  • Taurus: chocolate pudding
  • Gemini: bubblegum
  • Cancer: peaches and cream
  • Leo: cherry schnapps
  • Virgo: menthol cigarettes
  • Libra: cotton candy
  • Scorpio: espresso
  • Sagittarius: piña colada
  • Capricorn: toothpaste
  • Aquarius: watermelon
  • Pisces: vanilla
  • (is YOUR sign flavorful?)

my son teddy lupin is walking the streets with his earphones on and his backpack filled with notebooks, crayons, books, bubblegum, mini chocolate bars and cigarettes. he sees something too good to just pass by it so he stops, sits under a tree and starts painting whatever caught his attention. 

he’s wearing a tonks’s t-shirt andromeda gave him the christmas of 2006. the t-shirt says living life in techniCOLOR, but you can’t see that because on top of that he’s wearing a remus’s jumper he found a couple years ago (after he found it, he slept with that thing for almost two months. andromeda really wanted to wash it but teddy wouldn’t let her).

he realizes how much time has passed as he looks at his watch and thinks it’s time to go, because harry’s dinner is, probably, almost ready and he likes to eat his food when it’s still hot. 

he really loves the days when he has dinner at the potters. because it tastes good and it feels like home. he steps up and hangs his backpack on his right shoulder. anyone that knew remus would tell you how much he looks like him but, if you get to know him better, all you would think about is tonks. 

he still feels sad when he thinks about his parents. he gets angry and he wants to be left alone. he used to go to the hogwarts library and read “battle of hogwarts, fallen heroes: in memory of those who died fighting for a better world”. he would look at tonks’s and remus’s sections, read everything over and over again, looking at their pictures smiling at him. but now that he wasn’t at hogwarts the only thing that could cheer him up were the potters. 

as he was on his way to their house, he remembered that time someone asked harry if he was his son too and how harry without hesitation said “yes, the oldest”. after that, harry started introducing teddy as “my oldest son, the one who likes to change his hair color a lot”. 

the idea of spending time with the potters never fails to make him happy, after all, they are the closest thing he has to a real family. he kept walking, thinking about all the good times he has shared with them and a smile appeared on teddy’s face and his hair changed from blue to red. 

Their favorite ice cream flavor...

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Steve: plain Vanilla or Chocolate

Bucky: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Tony: Bubblegum

Clint: Blueberry

Pietro: Peanut Butter Fudge

Bruce: Mint Chocolate Chip

Thor: Strawberry

Natasha: Pistachio

Wanda: Yogurt

leclercq  asked:

mei, reinhardt, and symmetra for the overwatch ask !! if you want :'V

  • Mei: Favorite flavor of ice cream. banana with chocolate or bubblegum :”0 
  • Reinhardt: What is the thing you love most about yourself? i won’t say i’m the best at it but i’ve been told i’m kind :0 and that’s cool :> 
  • Symmetra: Describe your aesthetic. a bunch of pretty pictures of computers with plants or anime figurines and plushies i think :0 something like a soft neo-futurist japan 80

thank you ize ily :”0 <3 <3 <3

apolleh  asked:

For the ice cream ask: Mint chocolate chip, bubblegum, and green tea

Mint Chocolate Chip: Indoors or outdoors?

Oohh, it depends on the day. I like staying indoors on cold days, and going outdoors when it’s warm. :>

Bubblegum: Books or movies?

Ahh! I love the immersive aspects of both! With books, characters and worlds are built in your head, and that’s beautiful. They also smell nice. -w-

Movies are visually immersive and can show stories rather than tell them!

Green Tea: Favorite flavors of ice cream?

I LOVE CHOCOLATE ICE CREAM. I also really like strawberry and black sesame! ^^

Orange Crush, Bay 11, Stupid, Agent Orange, SPG, JFK, Master Kush, 3X Crazy, Alien OG, Chocolate Heaven, Bubblegum #1, Bubblegum #2. Plus a bong and a pipe. What a birthday present for a good freind. All grown organic by yours truly…

the signs as smells
  • aries: gasoline, detergent, gingerbread
  • taurus: dill, cherries, chapstick
  • gemini: sea salt, oleander, cardboard
  • cancer: grapefruit, wet grass, canadian maple syrup
  • leo: apple pie, cucumbers, toilet paper
  • virgo: paper, sand, orange juice
  • libra: lipstick, sweat, strawberries
  • scorpio: new sheets, department stores, sandalwood
  • sagittarius: leather, burnt out candles, thunderstorms
  • capricorn: honey, autumn air, grilled pineapple
  • aquarius: bananas, cologne, mint
  • pisces: bubblegum, chocolate, chamomile