chocolate brown shoes

Blue Confetti

Prompt: The trying times of Sebastian becoming a dad

Pairing: Sebastian Stan x Reader

Genre: Daddy seb and other cute love stuff

Word Count: 4,717

Author’s Note: Idk i was in training and started imaging what Sebastian and babies would be and my heart started hurting so here’s the thing. also i AM working on requests; i have one nearly finished but i needed to get this out so

Your world stops spinning the moment the little white and blue stick sitting on the bathroom counter reveals a little black plus sign. It’s not like you hadn’t planned on having children in the future, but there had always been something about having a small person to take care of that absolutely sent your nerves on fire. Between having to raise the child in a responsible adult and somehow attempting to make sure they grew into a less shitty adult than yourself, it had never been a priority- even when you and Sebastian had begun to talk about having a future together.

You shake the stick in your hand a few times in hopes that it’ll change the result, but when the little symbol only seems to become darker, you force yourself to face the facts. You drop the stick into the trash and cover it up with a few bundles of toilet paper. Something at the back of your mind nags that it could be a false positive, but there’s another feeling deep down that makes you know it’s probably not that.

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