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The Heartache Pg2

The next morning Bendy found himself in Boris’s room. How odd. He thought. Normally Boris would put him in his own bed. He laid there staring out the window looking at the green grass and the barn. The sheep weren’t out yet. He moaned as he sat up slowly and stretched. He didn’t seem the point in all of this anymore. Boris had found someone he truly loved and desired the most. Bendy thought about packing his things, giving Boris the call that he was leaving so Abella could move in and head somewhere else. He got out of bed and went into the bathroom. He felt the need to practice this without sounding too upset about it. For what seemed like an hour, Bendy said the same thing to himself over and over but his voice was dry no matter how many drinks of water he takes. It was difficult for him to deny that he wanted to stay, he and Boris had been best friends for years and he’s never thought about leaving him.
This should’ve been easy for him to want to leave after seeing how Boris treats her and all. He sighed heavily and wiped his tired eyes. He looked away from the mirror and went downstairs to get a drink and eat before he packs up to leave. He thought about just leaving without telling him, he probably wouldn’t care or notice any how. On his way to the kitchen he could smell something cooking. He stopped and listened. Who the heck could be here? He wondered. He could hear faint humming from the kitchen. The figure walked out and quickly stopped at the doorway with wide eyes and a soft smile.

Boris:“Good morning Bendy.” He said. He was holding a plate of pancakes, bacon, and eggs.“I made you breakfast.” He said as he held out the plate. Bendy’s eyes were wide and he looked surprised. When was the last time Boris cooked him up breakfast? He thought to himself. He took the plate and smiled a little.

Bendy:“Thanks buddy.” He sat down on the couch and started to eat. He ate his food like there was no tomorrow. Boris, with his own plate of food, sat down next to him. The two were quiet as they ate. This was normal. Usually Boris would eat in silence with Bendy before he left to see Abella. Bendy tried not to think about  it especially since Boris was here.

Boris:“So how’s everything?” He asked finally. Bendy looked up at him.

Bendy:“Fine.” He said with a small smile. Boris continued eating and so did Bendy. After a few more seconds, Boris spoke up again.

Boris:“Wanna head into town and get some snacks?” He asked. Something in his eyes seemed a little hopeful that Bendy would say yes. Of course the demon agreed to this. Why wouldn’t he? It had been so long since they’ve hung out together.

The two were quiet on their way to the store. He couldn’t help but think that Boris was taking some quick glances at him.

Boris:“So, anything new while I was gone?” He asked. Bendy was staring out the window.

Bendy:“Hmm….I don’ think so.” He said with a shrug. He knew how he looked but inside he wanted to hug his friend and beg him to stay.

Boris:“Aw, nothin’? Really? No new villains showin’ up or no new shows? Anything?” Bendy shook his head.

Bendy:“Nope.” God, he wanted a cigar so bad. He kept himself from giving in though. The two were quiet once again. They made it to Mr. Ched’s store. Boris held the door open for Bendy. Bendy didn’t say anything, no thank you, and no smile. He just couldn’t bring himself to do it. Surprisingly Ched wasn’t here but his niece was. Lovely little rat with a bright smile on her face. Molly was her name.

Molly:“Good morning Bendy!” She said. Boris blinked looking confused. He looked down at Bendy. He didn’t look at him.

Bendy:“Oh yeah, you haven’t met Molly yet huh? She just started working here a week ago.” She nodded and frowned a little.

Molly:“Yeah, my Uncle’s pretty sick today. Whenever he’s out I lower the prices.” She giggled. Bendy chuckled.

Bendy:“She’s a sweet heart.” He added.

Molly:“So who’s your friend Bendy?” Bendy lifted a thumb pointing at Boris.

Bendy:“This here is Boris, we used to do a show together. You know, the wolf I was telling you about?”

Molly:“Oh yeah! It’s nice to finally meet you Mr. Boris.” She said as she held out her hand to shake his. He took her’s as he smiled.

Boris:“Please, call me Boris.”

Molly:“Any friend of Bendy’s is a friend of mine.” She was adorable Bendy thought. She was a lot sweeter than her Uncle. Old man doesn’t even pay her that much. Bendy’s been pretty much like an Uncle to her.“So what’ll it be?”

Bendy:“I’ll take a jar of cookie bones for my pal here and candy bars and some cigars.” Her smile faded  a little and she gave him a look.

Molly:“More already? You just bought a box yesterday.” Bendy shrugged.

Bendy:“Heh, yeah. They go by pretty quick.” Boris almost frowned. Bendy took out his wallet.

Boris:“Aw, no buddy, you don’t have to pay I’ll get it.” He took out his own wallet. Bendy raised a brow.

Bendy:“It’s fine, I’ve been saving a lot of money Boris.”

Boris:“No, no, I insist.”

Bendy:“Really, it’s no big deal buddy.”

Boris:“It’s only fair, I’ve been gone for a while so I thought it would be right if I paid for them.” Bendy and Boris continued to argue over who was going to pay until Molly spoke up.

Molly:“Uhm, guys?” They looked at her.“It’s on the house!” She laughed.“Really, it’s fine. I’m actually getting a lot of customers lately since my Uncle isn’t around.” The two looked at each other then at her.

Bendy:“You sure? I wouldn’t mind getting it for free if your Uncle was here but-” Molly shoved the bags in his arms.

Molly:“Go on you two!” She said with a grin.“You both seem like you have a lot of catching up to do!” Bendy and Boris smiled at her.

Later, the two were sitting on a hill eating their snacks. The farm was quiet except for the sheep who were wandering around and eating grass. Bendy looked up at Boris with a smile.

Bendy:“I told ya she was a real sweet heart.” He took a bite of his chocolate. Boris chuckled.

Boris:“She sure is. I never knew Ched had a niece.” He said. Bendy shrugged.

Bendy:“Me neither.” The two were quiet once more. Boris’s smile slowly faded and he looked at Bendy.

Boris:“You sure everything’s okay?” He asked. Bendy was quiet for a moment. Then he nodded.

Bendy:“Yeah.” He itched his head and smiled at him.“I’m just a little…”

Go on tell him already!

Bendy:“…Tired I guess. Things haven’t really, you know…”

Tell him!

Boris:“…Been the same?” He finished. Bendy nodded and took out a cigar.

Bendy:“You took the words right outta my mouth.” He lit it.

I’m leaving Boris. Say it!

Boris’s ears lowered a little.

Boris:“You know, you can always tell me anything buddy. You know that right? I’m still here for ya if you ever need me.” He said as he put his hand on his back.

Don’t touch me you lying mutt.

Bendy smiled.

Bendy:“I know.” Boris smiled a little but he could tell he was doubtful. Bendy looked away and looked out into the field. Why couldn’t he just tell him already, why hasn’t Boris mentioned Abella yet? Why won’t the wolf just kick him out instead?

Boris:“Bendy!” He said a little loud. The demon looked at him quickly with wide eyes.“You’re melting…!” Bendy looked down at himself seeing that half of his body was a puddle. Bendy quickly fixed himself up and smiled nervously at the worried wolf.

Bendy:“Sorry! Sorry….It’s just really hot out and-”

“Okay-” Boris now looked serious.“-cut the act Bendy!” Bendy frowned.

Bendy:“W-what? What’s the problem?” He smiled sheepishly.

Boris:“I know when you’re lying, there’s something bothering you and you’re not telling me.” Bendy shrugged.

Bendy:“Tch! Riiiight, I’m fine! Really-”

“Bendy.” Boris said sounding stern. Bendy now looked serious and bit down hard on his cigar instead of his bottom lip. He crossed his arms and looked away.

Bendy:“I said I’m fine!” The two were quiet for a while. Finally, Boris sighed.

Boris:“Okay…sorry, it’s been a while since we’ve had a chat. I’m just a little worried about you. Heck, I’ve been worried since I was gone, I haven’t heard from ya in so long I thought something was going on.” Bendy’s tail curled around him as he smiled.

Bendy:“Heh…nah, everything’s been fine around here.” He swallowed and finally thought about asking him.“So…uhm…how’s Abella?” He asked with a small smile. Boris frowned.

Boris:“Bendy….didn’t ya get my letters?” Bendy raised a brow.

Bendy:“Letters…?” Boris slapped his own forehead and looked at him with wide eyes.

Boris:“You haven’t been getting my letters?” Bendy shook his head.

Bendy:“No! What letters? I haven’t been getting anything in the mail!”

Boris:“Bendy, my letters were suppose to be here yesterday morning. I wrote to you saying; ‘Dear Bendy, things haven’t been working out  between me and Abella lately, we decided to take a break for a while. So I’m coming home, I can’t wait to see ya buddy! It feels like it’s been forever since we last spent time together and’…Bendy are you okay?” Bendy was grinning and ink filled up his eyes. He began laughing like crazy. Boris looked so confused and worried.“Uhh, was it something I-”

“This WHOLE time-” Bendy spoke.“-I thought you were going to kick me out so you and Abella could live together!” He spoke as he laughed. The ink poured down his cheeks. Boris’s ears lowered.

Boris:“What? I would never…aww Bendy.” Bendy was in a mix of laughter and crying. He was clutching his stomach.He felt relief wash over him. He pulled himself together as Boris hugged him tightly.

Later the two were walking down a dirt path through the forest.

Bendy:“So…what happened? I thought you two were getting along so well.” Boris shrugged.

Boris:“Well, she loves travelling to places, you remember that right?”


Boris:“She wanted to go to a different town. It’s too far from here though. I wanted to be able to visit you whenever I can.” He frowned.“When I told her that, she didn’t seem too happy. We got into an argument and decided to take a break.” Bendy frowned.

Bendy:“…Sorry 'bout that buddy.” Boris pat his back.

Boris:“Don’t be! It’s not your fault. I’m glad to be home anyway. I missed this place.” He smiled at Bendy.“Do you know the saying; 'There’s no place like home’?”

Bendy:“Heh, yeah! You said it a couple times. I almost forgot about it.” His smile almost faded. He looked up at the wolf.“I’m glad your back Boris.”

Boris:“Me too.” The two were quiet. Bendy smiled brightly and leaned closer, he bumped into Boris playfully. The wolf smiled and did the same but almost made him fall over. He walked a little faster as he looked away like he didn’t do
anything. Bendy smiled mischievously and caught up to him. He bumped into him harder making him go sideways a bit. Boris bumped back into Bendy and made him fall over. Boris laughed and started to run. Bendy giggled and chased after him.

Bendy:“Hey!” He said with a grin and jumped onto his back. The two laughed.

Things seemed like they were back to normal now that Boris was back. After a week of him staying around, he and Bendy were back into show biz. Bendy missed hearing the sound of his clarinet. Bendy danced much better now that Boris was around. Or so he thought. He and Boris went everywhere together again. Strangely, when his adoring fans asked him to spend time with them, he said 'No’. He spent more time at home with Boris. Bendy had new ideas to do something fun at night rather than watch T.V. The two would go out to parties at night, Bendy and Boris would go dancing together and Boris taught him some new moves he learned when he was away. Every now and then the two would get into trouble, sometimes they would get into an argument here and there, other than that, the two were back together and Bendy felt at home.
           Bendy and Boris were on the hill lying down in the grass staring at the sky.

Bendy:“I’m bored….got any ideas buddy?” He asked. Boris didn’t answer. Bendy frowned.“Hello?” He asked.

Boris:“Oh, sorry….uhm…I don’t know.” He shrugged. Bendy rolled over onto his stomach to look at Boris.

Bendy:“Something buggin’ ya?” He asked. Boris rolled over on his stomach to look at Bendy.

Boris:“Do ya think I should go see Abella?” Bendy twitched. He felt like his stomach just turned into a knot.

Bendy:“Uhh…I dunno, why?”  Boris shrugged.

Boris:“I’ve been getting these letters from her for two weeks now. She’s been saying she really misses me.” Bendy knew Boris was sweet and knew how much he meant to him. Bendy forced a smile. Even though Boris told him he would never leave him he still had his doubts.

Bendy:“Do you want to see her? That’s most important…I think…heh….I-I wouldn’t know buddy.” He sat up and took out a cigar and lit it. Boris sat up.

Boris:“Maybe….I don’t know.” He shrugged. He itched his head. Bendy’s hand began to shake as he held the cigar when he saw Boris smile.“Maybe she’s changed her mind about you, we could try again and see-”

“Boris-” Bendy said. He couldn’t take it anymore. He didn’t want to take a risk of losing him again.“-listen, I know you like her but let’s face it, she’s not going to change…” He trailed off after seeing the look on his face. His ears were down and he had a blank look. He needed to say something quick.“…unless if she…uhm, see’s you with someone else!” He smiled. Boris gave him a confused look.“Yeah! Once she see’s you with someone, she’ll, uh, be jealous and just beg you to come back to her!” Boris itched his head. He didn’t look too sure about this idea.

Boris:“So…you really think this will work?” Bendy nodded.

Bendy:“Yeah, where does she usually eat?”

Boris:“Do you remember the Devil’s floor?” Bendy was quiet and then he buried his face in one hand.

Bendy:“Oh no…” He said softly.

Boris:“So….who’s going to be my date though?” Bendy looked up at him slowly. The two stared at each other for a few more seconds before Boris got the idea.“Wait…so you…?” Bendy sat up straight with a nervous smile. “Really?” He smiled a little and his tail wagged a little too. He shrugged.

Bendy:“I’m not sure who else would.” Seriously, of all the women he had dated, he just couldn’t risk it. They don’t know him like Bendy does.“Besides, what’s the worse that can happen?” He chuckled a little. He was already finished with his cigar and he lit up another one.
     Bendy and Boris thought out the plan and Boris wrote a letter to Abella. They waited. Bendy was back to smoking like there was no tomorrow but he made sure Boris wouldn’t find out. He walked around the house for half the day as he would drop his cigars and pull out another one.  Boris and Bendy did their usual thing while they waited, going into town, Bendy causing trouble, dancing, going shopping, Bendy causing trouble once more, taking care of the sheep. This time the two spent time with Molly since her parents were out of town and her Uncle was busy taking care of the store. They took her to watch
a movie, allowed her to join their show and dance though she hesitated to dance in front of everyone. Bendy assured her that she would be fine, she wouldn’t dance alone after all. Bendy danced with her  on the stage as Boris played his clarinet. She seemed so happy that night. Everything seemed nice.
             For a little while at least.

The next day Abella finally wrote back. Boris seemed excited. Bendy still wasn’t sure about the plan, he was worried something would go wrong and if he messed up, Boris would probably hate him forever and finally leave him. Bendy needed to be alone. He needed someone to talk to. He told Boris he was
going out for a little while for some fresh air. Boris seemed alright and didn’t seem to want anything else. He just started writing another letter. Bendy left after taking his tenth cigar with him.

Bendy walked down the dirt path on his way to the park. There was barely anyone out today which was a shocker. The day was beautiful and warm, normally children would come out to play. He saw a bench and took a seat. He leaned back and sighed. He looked around and saw couples walking by. He saw a couple having a picnic and another snuggling with each other on another bench. He felt empty. He wanted this to be done and over with. He wanted Boris to be happy but at the same time he just wished that Abella never wrote back. He couldn’t stand the thought of Boris and her being together and never being allowed to be near his buddy ever again. He was afraid Abella wouldn’t allow him to see his kids if they planned on having any. Once again, he knew Boris cared about Bendy but he knew he loved her even more. He could never say no to her.

“Hey Bendy!” Bendy jumped startled and saw Molly smiling at him.“Where’s Boris?” She asked. Bendy smiled a little.

Bendy:“Oh uh, he stayed home. I just needed to get out of the house for a little bit.” She frowned when she saw how quickly the cigar was burning out. She smiled a little warmly.

Molly:“Mind if I sit with you?” She asked.

Bendy:“Go ahead.” He said still smiling. She sat with him and the two watched everyone else. Molly chuckled.

Molly:“Look at that couple over there.” He looked at the couple having a picnic.“They look like they’re ready to eat each other’s faces instead of the food they’ve got don’t ya think?” Bendy smirked.

Bendy:“Heh, yeah! Tell me about it, if that’s all they wanna do, then why bother bringing the food?” They laughed. He looked around.“What about them?” He pointed at the couple sitting on the bench. Molly’s eyes were wide.

Molly:“Golly, I thought they were twins! Ew!”

Bendy:“Pfft! Geez Molly!” He laughed.“But yeah! They’re wearing the same outfits but she’s wearing a skirt.” Molly stuck her tongue out in disgust. The two went quiet for a second.“Yeah….must be nice though.” She looked at him.
“Y'know, being snuggled by someone who actually cares about ya. Eating with someone you enjoy being with.” He shrugged. Molly nodded.

Molly:“That sounds nice…” She said softly. She gave him a look.“Okay, who are you and where’s Uncle B?” Bendy laughed and she grinned.

Bendy:“Nah, I mean it though! I’ve dated with a lot of women but I just don’t….it just doesn’t seem like they care, I think. Is that weird?” He asked. She shrugged.

Molly:“I care about you.” She said with a smile.

Bendy:“Aw thanks doll, I know. But I’m talking about something different.” She sat up straight as he leaned forward.“Remember when I told you about Sally?” She nodded. He sat up straight.

Molly:“Yeah, you dated her before Boris met with Abella.” He nodded. He dropped his cigar.

Bendy:“Well, I dated her for a while, almost…a year I think. Things were great! I thought she was the one.” He frowned. He was quiet for a moment or two.

Molly:“….Then….Boris got sick…right?” She asked to be sure. Bendy slowly nodded.

Bendy:“I remember that day like it was yesterday. I saw him on the floor in the bathroom. Wasn’t moving at all, I thought he was dead.  I got him a doctor and he said he’ll be fine-but he wasn’t.” Molly nodded. She knew the story already but she stayed quiet and listened to him go on.“I watched over him waiting to wake up, to move, to speak, something.” He looked straight ahead and pointed forward as if they were in the scene right now.“And there she was, just standing there smoking and reading. Not a care in the world.” He made a look of anger as he looked at Molly.“I was scared to death…and she didn’t care.” He looked down at the ground looking sad.“Boris…woke up a couple times and I could see that she was faking her happiness in the corner. My best friend in bed was close to death. Any time he fell back to sleep she’d complain and tried to get me to spend time with her.” He looked up at Molly.“And after all the things Boris did for us she didn’t shed a single tear or nothin’ for him!” Molly nodded.

Molly:“I don’t talk to her anymore. She was mean anyway.” She went quiet-wanting to listen to him speak more.

Bendy:“Yeah, only reason I liked her was because she didn’t care if I was a demon and that she was mischievous.” His frown grew. “After a couple of days she finally yelled at me, telling me I was ignoring her and left me. Was I wrong, Molly? Was I wrong to stay with Boris when he was deathly sick?” Molly shook her head 'no’.“No. Boris means everything to me. You wouldn’t believe how happy I was when I saw him back on his feet again.” He said with a soft smile. Molly smiled with him.“I just want him to be happy Molly. I just….I dunno, it bugs me just thinking about him being with someone….other than me.” Her eyes widened.“Like, don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind if he makes new friends but…I think seeing him just dating someone else just really bothers me for some reason…I can’t imagine why. Just thinkin’ 'bout him being with Abella just tears me apart. I smoke more, I can’t eat, I can’t sleep and I can’t focus on my dancing.” Her jaw dropped as she gasped. He looked at her.“What?”

Molly:“Isn’t it obvious?” He looked confused.


Molly:“Uncle B! You’re in love!”

huskiehuskie  asked:

doesn't chocolate cake make you sick? (to boris and bendy)

Bendy: From what I believe yes. Wolves, like dogs, can’t metabolize theobromine in the chocolate. Though Boris seems convinced otherwise. Boris may be huge but he also doesn’t have a lot of self control when his “feral” instincts kick. Especially in when the big lug is around food…..Huh, where did I learn all this?

(I’m not 100% sure but since wolves are so closely related to dogs it makes sense. Are their any wolf enthusiasts here?)


get to know me ) favourite relationship ⇨ theo decker & boris pavlikovsky

❝ It was just about drowsy air-conditioned afternoons, lazy and drunk, blinds closed against the glare, empty sugar packets and dried-up orange peels strewn on the carpet, Dear Prudence from the White Album (which Boris adored) or else the same mournful old Radiohead over and over:

For a minute there
I lost myself, I lost myself…

The glue we sniffed came on with a dark, mechanical roar, like the windy rush of propellers: engines on! We fell back on the bed into darkness, like sky divers tumbling backwards out of a plane, although — that high, that far gone — you had to be careful with the bag over your face or else you were picking dried blobs of glue out of your hair and off the end of your nose when you came to. Exhausted sleep, spine to spine in dirty sheets that smelled of cigarette ash and dog, Popchik belly-up and snoring, subliminal whispers in the air blowing from the wall vents if you listened hard enough. Whole months passed where the wind never stopped, blown sand rattling against the windows, the surface of the swimming pool wrinkled and sinister-looking. Strong tea in the mornings, stolen chocolate, Boris yanking my hair by the handful and kicking me in the ribs. Wake Up, Potter. Rise and Shine. ❞

[insp] [dedicate to bpavlikovsky~ cause tara helped me with the quote and (most important) she adores the goldfinch and boris and theo as much as i do, and it’s a pleasure to talk with her ♡]

Boris in: Dancing with the Devil Pg3

                        The next morning Boris felt something heavy on his stomach. He opened his eyes and saw Bendy’s grinning face.

Bendy:“Goood morning!” He said happily and Boris quickly sat up startled and made Bendy roll backwards off the bed while he did.

Boris:“Oh good morning Bendy!” He said with a smile. He looked over and saw the little demon on his back. He helped him up to his feet. Bendy began to run in place excitedly.

Bendy:“So what are we going to do today huh? Ride some sheep? Get candy bars? Cake?” He giggled. Boris got out of bed.

Boris:“Actually I was thinking we can go around the town and you can apologize to some people.” Bendy frowned and made an angered look.

Bendy:“Me? Apologize? For what?” He asked as he put his hands on his hips and began tapping one foot. Boris frowned.

Boris:“Well, you did spray Mr. Ched with ink and made him hit his head, you also scared poor Mrs. Mo and ate her cakes.”

Bendy:“Hmph.” He looked away from Boris and crossed his arms. Boris lowered himself down to Bendy’s level.

Boris:“Aww come on Bendy little buddy.” He didn’t say anything nor did he look at the wolf.“If you apologize, people won’t be so mad at you anymore.” He said hoping that would change his mind. Bendy took out a box and opened it only to find it was empty. Bendy glared at it. Boris rolled his eyes.“Okay, if you apologize to everyone I’ll buy you more candy bars and cigars.” The little demon looked at him and grinned.

Bendy:“Well what are we standing around for? Come on buddy!” He ran down the stairs and went into Boris’s truck. He beeped the horn twice. Boris chuckled.

Boris:“Well that got him going.” He said to himself.

Boris drove into town with Bendy in the front seat. He looked out the window and saw some people walking by.  He looked at Boris who was smiling at the people as he waved.

Boris:“Good morning!” He said and they said it back to him with a smile. Bendy looked back at he people walking by and grinned as he waved to them.

Bendy:“Good morning!” He said. A mother and child looked at him and she gasped. She quickly pushed her child forward to make them walk faster and they didn’t look at him nor say anything to him. Bendy almost frowned but another person was walking by. He waved to him.“Good morning!” The man looked at him and gasped. He jumped into a garbage can. Bendy frowned and sat back down in his seat and narrowed his eyes as he kept his eyes on the front to watch the road. Boris could see the look on his face on the corner of
his eye. He smiled.

Boris:“Good morning Bendy.” He said. Bendy looked at him.

Bendy:“Boris, you already said ‘Good morning’ to me.”

Boris:“Oh did I?” He asked still smiling and still looking where he was driving. Bendy sighed and shook his head. Boris could’ve sworn he saw the little demon smile. Soon Boris made it to Ched’s store and Bendy followed him inside. Mr. Ched looked up and shot a glare at Bendy.

Ched:“You! Haha! Well done Boris! It seems you captured that little thief after all!” He grinned. Bendy glared at the rat.

Boris:“Capture? No sir, I didn’t capture nobody.” Ched frowned. Boris looked down at Bendy with a smile.“Go on then. Like we said this morning.” Bendy looked at the rat and grinned. He jumped up on the counter and sat down making a look of guilt on his face.

Bendy:“Gosh, I'am so sorry I caused a mess in your store the other night, please forgive me Mr. Cheddar!” He pulled the rat close and smooched his
cheek. He turned his head and began to spit.“Eww, tastes like moldy cheese.” He whispered to Boris. Ched wiped his face and glared at Bendy.

Ched:“Alright, listen wise guy!” He grabbed his bow tie and pulled him close so they were eye-to-eye.“I don’t care about your apology or your kisses! Where’s my money that you owe me!”

Bendy:“Money? Ohhh! Why didn’t you say so?” He pushed Ched off him and stood up. He took in a deep breath. Ched gasped and ducked.

Ched:“No, no! This is a new shirt!” Bendy spat on the counter and there was a stack of cash. Ched’s eyes widened and he grabbed it. He grinned at Bendy.“Just what my Father used to say; Forgiveness can be bought with money!” He laughed.

Boris:“Say, uh, Mr. Ched, do ya think I can get a few of those bone cookies?” The rat shot a glare at him.

Ched:“Now listen you, you might’ve caught the little thief but the price stays! So if you still don’t have the money to pay for these treats, then get lost!” Boris frowned. He was kinda hoping he would be at least a little generous.

Boris:“Well come on Bendy. I guess we’ll have to get some candy bars at the other store.” Bendy shot a glare at Ched and grabbed his tie nearly choking him.

Bendy:“Now wait just one second ya jerk! Is this how you thank someone for saving your store? I think the right think to do is to give me and my buddy here some snacks!” Ched looked at Boris for some help.

Ched:“You just gunna let him talk to me like that?” He asked angrily. Boris shrugged.

Boris:“Well, he does have a point.” Bendy grinned.

Ched:“Alright, alright!” He growled. Boris smiled and so did Bendy.

Bendy:“That’s more like it!” Bendy and Boris got what they wanted from the store and Boris left the store. Bendy looked back at Ched.“Oh, and one more thing, you might wanna change the prices here or else the only customers you’re going to have are me and Boris, since we’ll be getting these snacks for free from now on.” Ched’s eyes widened.


Bendy:“You know, since you owe Boris for saving your store.” He batted his eye lashes.“Bye!” He left and went into Boris’s truck. Bendy began to eat a candy bar and watched Boris eat a bone cookie as he drove. He kept his eyes on the road as he ate.“Did you see the look on face? I thought he was going to pass out!” He giggled.

Boris:“I sure did! I was worried he was going to throw us out.” Bendy laughed even harder.

Bendy:“He can’t touch me! Not unless he wants that new shirt of his ruined.” He took another bite of his candy bar.

Boris:“Thanks for what you did back there Bendy.” Bendy grinned.

Bendy:“No problem!….Uhh, what exactly did I do?” He gave him a curious look.

Boris:“For standing up for me back there. No one’s ever stood up for me before.” Bendy chewed slowly. Then he swallowed.

Bendy:“Well, you know, I just wanted to get some candy bars is all. No big deal.” Boris kept himself from smiling brightly. Instead he just took another bite of one of his bone cookies.

Boris:“Do wanna try?” He asked as he held a cookie to him without looking away from the road. Bendy took it and bit a piece. He chewed and swallowed. He frowned.

Bendy:“There’s no chocolate.” He said.

Boris:“Of course not, I can’t have chocolate. I’m allergic.” Bendy took another bite of his candy bar.

Bendy:“Well then I guess I don’t have to worry about you eating my candy then.” He giggled. Boris chuckled. They soon arrived at Mrs. Mo’s store. They walked in but Bendy stayed behind Boris.

Boris:“Mrs. Mo?” He called. She was standing on a box trying to water a plant that was hanging by the window. She looked over her shoulder.

Mo:“Over here dearie.” She said. They looked and saw her. Boris smiled.

Boris:“Hello! I’d like to introduce you to someone.”

Mo:“Oh?” She went to step down from the box but it tipped and she fell backwards.“AH!” In a flash, Bendy was by her side and caught her from falling. She looked at him and her eyes widened.“Wha?!” He grinned.

Bendy:“Watch your step Ma'am.” He helped her up on her feet. He stood back.“Eeeeh!!” She grabbed her broom and was about to swing but he quickly ran behind Boris. The wolf held up his hands.

Boris:“No, no, wait!” He said trying to keep calm.

Mo:“But that’s the demon!” She said with a fearful look in her eyes.

Bendy:“Yes, so we’ve been told a lot of times.” He said flatly.

Boris:“Mrs. Mo, this is Bendy. Bendy, this is Mrs. Mo.” Bendy smiled and walked up to her. He held out his hand like a gentlmen.

Bendy:“Hello love, I think we got off on the wrong foot the other night.” He twirled his hand and created a black rose.

Mo:“Oh my.” She said looking amazed. She took the rose.“It’s beautiful.” She said as she slowly turned it and it seemed to sparkle in the light. He chuckled.

Bendy:“I do hope you can forgive me for my childish behavior ma'am.” He winked at Boris and the wolf stifled a laugh.

Mo:“Well…I suppose I could forgive you.” She said with a small smile.

Bendy:“My dear, you are an Angel.” He walked past Boris and went to look around the store. Mo leaned close to Boris.

Mo:“How in the world did you tame this beast?” She whispered.

Boris:“Bendy isn’t a beast Mrs. Mo, he just needed a friend.”

Bendy:“Booorrrriiiii.” He called. They looked over.“Can you buy that cake?” He asked as he licked his lips. He pointed to a chocolate cake. Bendy walked over to him to look at the price. He smiled at him.

Boris:“Sure buddy.” He took out his wallet.

Mo:“Actually Boris.” They looked at her.“Go ahead, this one is on me.” She said with a smile. Bendy shook his head.

Bendy:“No, it will be in my mouth ma'am.” He giggled and so did she. Boris smiled seeing that they were getting along. He was beginning to think that there may be some hope for this demon after all. Mrs. Mo gave Bendy the chocolate cake and they left the store. The two drove off into town meeting everyone Bendy had caused trouble to. Some forgave him though some still didn’t trust him. Some tried to hurt him with rocks, guns, knives or tried to throw whatever they had in their homes to keep them away. Some people have
made fun of him and tried picking a fight with him. Luckily Boris was around to be sure that didn’t happen. Back in the truck, Bendy was eating one of his candy bars as he stared down at his feet. Boris could tell something was wrong. He was being unusually quiet.

Boris:“Hey Bendy, you feeling okay?” He asked calmly. He shrugged.

Bendy:“I just have a stomach ache.”  He said before taking another bite of his chocolate bar.

Boris:“Hm, don’t you think it’s best to stop eating those then? You probably had too much.”

Bendy:“Yeah…” He looked at his candy bar and took one more bite. He looked up at Boris.“I….don’t understand.”

Boris:“What’s that?” He asked.

Bendy:“I…oh nevermind, it’s not important. ” He leaned his head on his hand and stared out the window watching everyone walk by. He looked down at his free hand and stared at the glove. He couldn’t help but imagine it gone and his claws being there. He kept looking down at his feet making sure there wasn’t any hooves. He looked at Boris. He was smiling as he drove keeping his
eyes on the road. Bendy smiled a little but quickly frowned and looked away.

Soon they made it home and the sun was going down. Boris and Bendy carried their things inside the house and put them away.

Boris:“You know Bendy, you’ve been awfully quiet today. Are you feeling all right?” He asked. Bendy grinned.

Bendy:“Hah, yeah! Of course! Why wouldn’t I be? I’ve just had a long day of apologizing to people…” He frowned and turned. He walked away.“I think I’ll just…go to bed.” Boris looked confused. He wasn’t sure if he should talk to him or leave him alone. All he knew was that something was bothering him. He picked up the newspaper off the table and sat down. He read through it looking for anything new. Something fun for Bendy to do. Something caught his eye on the page and he smiled.

Boris:“Now this looks like something Bendy would like!”  'The Devil’s Floor’ is what it read. A place where people go to sing or dance. Most of all, the famous dancer Scarlet would be there. She was wearing a black dress with a long black tail, had two black horns that matched her short hair, and black high heels. He rolled up the paper and stood up.“Oh Bendy!” He called and quickly made his way upstairs.

The next night, Boris and Bendy drove to 'The Devil’s Floor’. Bendy had his head sticking out the window and he had a big grin on his face.

Bendy:“Finally! A place where devil’s like me can go to hang out!” He giggled excitedly.“Not only that my good Bori buddy! The lovely devil Scarlet will be there!” Boris grinned.

Boris:“Ohh? Do you have a little-”

“YES.” Bendy said quickly.“She’s the devil of my dreams! I wish you told me about this sooner!” He held a picture of her and his eyes turned into hearts. He smooched the picture and giggled.

Boris:“Aww.” He said with a bright smile. He felt so happy seeing Bendy looking so happy.“She’ll probably love you even more when you get up on stage tonight and show everyone how good at dancing you are!” Bendy’s eyes widened and he gasped.

Bendy:“WHAT? W-what do you mean?” He smiled nervously.

Boris:“Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you, I signed us up for the dance.”

Bendy:“WHAT?!” He almost shrieked. Boris stopped the truck.

Boris:“We’re here!” Bendy grabbed his fur and pulled him close.

Bendy:“Are you crazy?! I can’t dance!” He said worriedly. He let him go and began biting on his gloves as ink like sweat began to drip down his face.“If I screw up, Scarlet will laugh at me! She’ll think I’m a loser! I’ll-”

“Bendy.” Boris said in a serious tone. He looked at him. He smiled.“You will be fine, I’ll be with ya the whole time! I’ve got my clarinet with me. Besides, you can dance like no other.” He winked. Bendy swallowed and smiled.

Bendy:“Heh…yeah, yeah! You’re right!” He giggled. He got out of the truck and stood on top of it looking proud.“What am I gettin’ all worried about anyway? Of course I can dance! Come on buddy!” He jumped off and ran towards the building. Boris quickly followed him inside with a grin on his face and he wagged his tail.

Everyone inside was dressed in tuxedo’s and fancy dresses. Mostly red or black. There was a bar and a few people were already drunk.The place was huge, there were chandeliers just about everywhere and candles on each table. Bendy looked around amazed. His grin widening as Boris walked by. Bendy then spotted Scarlet across the room and he grabbed the wolf’s arm.

Bendy:“BORIS….look.” Boris looked around still smiling.

Boris:“I’m looking Bendy, I’m looking. This is amazing huh little buddy?” Bendy pulled him down and pointed at Scarlet.

Bendy:“No! It’s her, the lovely Scarlet the Beautiful Devil!” His heart was beating against his chest. He grew small devil wings and was flying just above the ground.“Scarlet.~” He was heading towards her. Boris watched him and stayed not too far behind in case he needed help. She saw him and raised a brow looking curious. He stood straight on the floor and gave her a charming smile.“Hello there, I was just about to make a deal with someone over there but then I spotted a beautiful tall Devil over here and thought I’d make a deal with you instead sweet heart.” He winked and took out a box of cigars. He held one out to her.“Cigar?” He asked. She giggled.

Scarlet:“Oh no darling, I don’t smoke until after the show. The name’s-”

“Scarlet. Scarlet the Beautiful Devil.” Bendy said and took her hand.“I’m Bendy. Bendy the Dancing Devil.” He kissed her hand. She giggled once more.

Scarlet:“My, what a gentlemen. Not really TALL dark and handsome, but you are dark and handsome, that’s good enough for me.” She said as she caressed his cheek. He blushed and his bow tie spun around. He grinned at her as she stood up straight.“Tell me, do you dance?”

Bendy:“All the time.” Her smile grew.

Scarlet:“Would you care to do the Tango with me on stage tonight?” His eyes widened and his heart was beating faster.

Bendy:“Heck yes.” He said calmly.“Oh and maybe Boris could help?” She raised a brow.


Bendy:“He’s a wolf, he can play the clarinet.” She frowned.

Scarlet:“Clarinet? Bendy darling, a violin would be more fitting for the Tango than that old thing.” She said with a smile.“Every Devil knows that.” She winked at him before walking away.

Bendy:“Oh…uh…okay…yeah! Heh…” He looked down and frowned.

Boris:“Hey Bendy!” He jumped startled and looked up at Boris who was smiling at him.“That looked like it went well. You ready to dance?” He asked. Bendy smiled nervously.

Bendy:“Oh, y-yeah, she asked me to dance the Tango with her.” His eyes widened.

Boris:“Ohhh I love that dance! I’ve been practicing to play that song for a while.” Bendy’s smile faded.

Bendy:“Uhm, Boris?”

Boris:“Yeah?” He looked at Bendy with such a bright smile, his tail was wagging and he just couldn’t seem to stand still.

Bendy:“She…uh….” His tail slowed down a little.“….She doesn’t really….want you to play the clarinet.” He mumbled the last part but Boris could still hear him clearly. His ears lowered and his smile lessened a little and his tail stopped wagging.

Boris:“….Oh….” He was quiet for a moment but then his smile grew a little and his ears went straight up again.“That’s okay! I can still watch my buddy dance from a better view at least!” Bendy smiled a little.

Bendy:“You sure…?” He asked. The kind wolf nodded.

Boris:“Yeah! I’m just really happy seeing you having fun.” Bendy grinned and hugged Boris.

Bendy:“Awww thanks Boris!” He quickly went behind stage to meet up with Scarlet. Boris walked back to their table and leaned his head on his hand.  The lights faded and everyone was quiet. The show was about to begin.