chocolate and marshmellows

questions to get to know people well
  • 1: it's the apocalypse. you lay next to the person you trust and love most, and start talking. you know your time is limited. what is the one thing you want them to know before you two die?
  • 2: you are faced with an almighty spirit. it tells you that you must choose two emotions\feelings - one of them you will never feel again, and the other becomes your most dominant. which two are those?
  • 3: what is the one thing you want your best friend to never do? why? how will you react if they do it?
  • 4: do you have a favorite tv show? why is it your favorite? what is the reason you started watching it, and what is the reason you continued?
  • 5: do you have a favorite musical instrument? if yes, why exactly is it your favorite? can you play it/would you ever?
  • 6: who is your all-time favorite character? why exactly? do you relate to them, and how?
  • 7: is there anything you believe in? what is it? why do you believe in it? can you tell us something that explains this belief?
  • 8: you are locked in a room until the day you die, and have a choice to spend this time with one person. will you choose someone? if yes, who is it? why?
  • 9: what is the book that got you into reading, if there even is one? what was so special about it? when did you read it?
  • 10: what is the song i have to listen to so i could know you better?
  • 11: do you prefer being outside when its sunny or when its dark?
  • 12: do you like the rain? why? do you prefer storms or light dripping?
  • 13: hot chocolate with cinnamon, marshmellows, both or none?
  • 14: do you like tea? why? if yes, what is your favorite kind?
  • 15: do you enjoy coffee? if yes, do you drink it for the taste or for the caffeine?
  • 16: what is your perfect playlist for studying? where is the perfect place to listen to it?
  • 17: what is your favorite color? why? what is your least favorite shade of this color?
  • 18: think of a person you love. now describe them, using only stuff that only you would describe them with. (for example - my person would be described by reading a new book while there's a storm outside.)
  • 19: what is the song you feel like you HAVE to know to play?
  • 20: do you like writing? do you prefer to write on a computer or in a notebook?
  • 21: shuffle your playlist until you get to a song you will never skip. what is this song? why do you never skip it? do you recommend it?
  • 22: do you like stargazing? why?
  • 23: what is your favorite hour of the day?
  • 24: what is your harry potter house? did you get sorted on pottermore or do you think it represents you better?
  • 25: what is your patronus?
  • 26: do you want to write a book? if yes, did you start already?
  • 27: what is your favorite smell?
  • 28: picture yourself at ease. now describe what exactly did you picture - with who you are? where? what exactly put you at ease?
  • 29: you have the option to forget one book/series completly and reread/rewatch it from the start. what book/series is it?
  • 30: what do you love most about humanity?
When Dreamers tell stories

promptfilling :) so, @dollopheadsandclotpoles requested:

“Any pairing. One is a member of the royal family and one is a peasant that snuck into the castle to steal something and is caught by said member of the royal family “

I took a bit of artistic freedom with this one because this idea just popped into my head and I thought it would be fun. Enjoy :) (please excuse the lame fairytale narrative. I’m bad with fantasy.)

prompt me Raven Cycle stuff! As I’m down with a flu and feeling a bit bad mentally, I need some fluff or smut in my life? :) ♥ any pairing!

read here on ao3/if you’re on mobile

“Someone should tell a story!” Blue licks chocolate and marshmellow off her fingers, and both Gansey and Henry watch her do it, Henry with a faint smirk, Gansey with, what Ronan calls “fucking heart-eyes”. 

“Go ahead, then.”, Ronan snarls. He’s leaning into Adam’s side casually, with Adam’s arm slung around him. 

“Nuh-uh.” Blue wiped her hand on her distaster of a skirt. It looks like it has been sewed together from two differen skirts, one side green suede, the other black denim, now smeared with chocolate and spit. “I’m a bad story-teller.”

“Ronan knows some stories.” Adam’s voice fits the soft, gently wind caressing their naked arms. 

Ronan sits up and glares at his boyfriend. “Fucking traitor, Parrish!”

Adam just smirks. “It’s true, though.”

Gansey holds up his hands. “Okay, come on, leave him alone if he doesn’t want to.” 

Ronan doesn’t want to, but Gansey defending him like this is worse. 

“Yeah, I bet the stories aren’t even that great.” Henry grins and quickly tucks his legs back before Ronan can kick him. Blue snorts, and immediately joins in this childish and effective taunting. “Yeah, he’s probably not even that good of a storyteller!”

“Yeah, right, you want a story?” Ronan squares his shoulders, “…I’ll give you a story.”

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Happy Valentine's Day//(N.M)

*Nate’s POV*

I wake up this morning with the sun illuminating the room.

Y/N is on her side back facing me. 

Her hair falls on her face as she turns on her back.

Soft snores leave her beautiful mouth.

I smile and place a small kiss on her cheek before getting out of bed.

I change into a pair of sweats and a nice t-shirt as I walk around the room.

Trying to keep my noise level down so I don’t wake her up.

The floor is cold as I walk down the  stairs heading towards the kitchen.

I take out the pancake batter out and a few heart shapes cookie cutters.

The pan lays directly on the stove as I turn it on and add non stick cooking spray.

The pancake batter has chocolate chips

The heart shapes cookie cutters lay on top of the pan as I fill them with batter.

They start taking a heart shape as I remove the cookie cutters and flip the heart shapes pancake.

I smile as I see them and decide to cut up fruit into hearts.

Strawberries, melon, and watermelon are in the counter as I start cutting heart shapes into them.

Rummaging through the cabinets I find  plates and set them down by the stove.

I place two to three pancakes on the plate and add fruit.

Orange juice sits in the counter sun which I fill two glasses with the juice.

I walk up starts and decide to wake up Y/N.

*Y/N’s POV*

I wake up and feel around the bed for Nate.

I come up empty and look around the room.

Footsteps approach the room causing me to sit up right.

Nate walks in with a big smile on his face.

“Happy Valentine’s Day, Baby!” He shouts jumping on the bed and talcum get me down.

“Happy Valentine’s Day, Nate” I tell him as I bring his lips mine.

We indulge into a passionate kiss before he pulls away.

“I got a surprise for my queen” he says lifts me onto my feet. “Close your eyes”

I close them and grab onto his arm in which he grabs my hips

He walks us carefully down the stairs a with my hands on my eyes.

“No peeking”

“I’m not I cross my heart”

“Open them” he whispers into my ear causing me to shiver with pleasure.

I open eyes and see a beautiful heart shaped breakfast on the table.

With the breakfast are flowers and chocolate covered marshmellows and strawberries.

A small teddy bear is on the table holding a small box.

I approach the teddy bear and open the box.

As I open it I see a beautiful ring the diamond shining bright and heart shaped.

I turn around to thank Nate for all of this.

When I turn around I see Nate on his knee.

His hands reach for the box before opening it again while looking at me.

“This is probably the cheesiest proposal anyone has done and I’m fine with it” which causes me to laugh a little “Y/N ever since you came into my life you made a hundred times better. Your positive attitude, that smile that makes my heart melt, and all the love you have for people who are close to you. I couldn’t ask anything better in a girl. Especially one who I want to make my wife, so Y/N will you make me the happiest man on this earth and marry me” he says.

I nod and drop to my knees to hug him.

I bring my lips to kiss me him before he place the bring on my ring finger.

“I’m so happy you said yes” he mumbles against my lips.

I only nod before making the kiss more heated.

Nate’s us in his back as we continue to kiss.

“Let’s take this upstairs” I say getting up and reaching for his hand.

He takes it before lifting me bridal style which causes me to let out a squeak.

We make up stairs and our clothes fall off our bodies as we continue to kiss.

Nate lays me down on the bed and slowly kisses my lips before going down to my neck.

He leaves small hickies he and there as he goes lowers.

When he gets to where I need him most he comes back up to reclaim my lips.

I kiss back and soon feel him entering me.

I let out a small moan as he stretches me out.

Nate’s thrusts are slow but deep and passionate.

I moan as he continues leaving hickies on my chest.

Nate groans as I lift my hips a little to meet his thrusts.

He speeds up a little as he feels me reaching my climax.

I flip us over and start to rid whim nice and slow.

Nate’s finger tips dig into my skin near my hips as start to bounce on him a little.

I lean down a little and place my lips on his neck.

Leaving hickies down on his neck as I continue to ride him.

He groans each time I leave a fresh hickey and grind my hips harder into his.

His cock twitches indicating he is close.

“Baby I’m so close” he speaks voice is hoarse and raspy bringing me closer to my climax.

Nate flips is over again and starts to pound into me.

Loud moans leave my lips and loud groans leave his

“Na—” I moan out loud being him close to me my arms wrapping around his chest as I release.

Nate reaches his climax right after me, mine triggering his.

A loud groan leaves his lips as he fills me up with his cum.

I lay panting and moaning as Nate rides out our highs.

Nate finally pulls out and lays beside me.

I move to move on top him and snuggle into his bare chest.

“I love you, Y/N” Nate whispers into my hair as I lay on his chest.

“And I love you Nate” I tell him looking up at him.

His lips meet mine for another kiss in which I gladly return.

“Happy Valentine’s Day again baby” Nate says as I start drifting off into a deep sleep.

I smile into his chest and snuggle closer into him causing him to chuckle.

Nate hands wrap around me tighter and I feel his breath growing more steady and slow.

Nate also drifts off to sleep as I do.

I hope you are all celebrating with a special someone this Valentine’s Day. 💕

I hope you enjoy this Valentine’s Day Imagine❤

anonymous asked:

Hey! If you're still doing prompts, would you mind doing something fun in which the monsters go grocery shopping and it's kind of a disaster? Idk what kind of situation this would happen but I just thought about how everyone aroudn them would hate them! Have a great day!!

Tbh, I think they go grocery shopping all the time together! :) sorry, I couldn’t really fit in a lot of people hating them, but I hope you like it anyway? They’re just bickering and Andreil are being cute af. 

Prompts will be reopened on Monday, 3rd of July! 

Midnight snack runs are the usual, but mid-day snack runs aren’t very uncommon either, especially on Saturdays after games. When they don’t go to Columbia after the game, they drink at home and then sleep in until noon. 

“I’m hungry….”, Nicky whines, bending down over the fridge, “All we have left is tomato juice, cucumbers and- ew, Kevin, what’s this?” 

Kevin, who is trying to do squats and miserably failing, looking like he’s gonna throw up any minute, presses out “Protein Bread.” through his clenched teeth. Nicky makes a disgusted noise and throws the package back into the fridge and closes it. 

“I’m going to the store.”, he declares, hands on his hips, “…and I’m not bringing anything back for any of you. Come with me if you need something.” 

So they end up invading the on-campus store. The cashiers eye them suspiciously, and Nicky flashes them a bright smile which only makes them look more sceptic. 

Neil realizes too late that the shirt he’s wearing is Andrew’s, and thus, a little too short. He pulls his sweatpants higher and ignores the scowls Aaron gives him.

Andrew systematically avoids the fruit and veggie isle (Neil puts peaches, a melon and strawberries onto the pile of leafy greens Kevin has chosen) and goes off to the dessert isle. He comes back with arms full of candy; chocolate, gummy bears, twizzlers, marshmellows, ice cream and cookies. The pile is topped off with something called “dessert pizza” which looks disgusting on the picture already and is absolutely something Andrew would eat for breakfast. Neil grins to himself as Kevin eyes the items Andrew puts into the cart with disgust. 

“You can’t be serious, Andrew. Not even you can eat all of this by yourself.”

Aaron rolls his eyes and wanders off. 

Andrew just looks up at Kevin with his usual bored expression. “Fucking watch me.” 

Kevin just huffs but doesn’t say anything else. Neil shoots Andrew a look and grin behind Kevin’s back. “Disgusting.”, he says to tease Andrew, who just shrugs. 

“And yet you seemed ratehr eager to lick chocolate from the corner of my mouth last week.”, he deadpans and Neil flushes crimson.

“Ah, young love.”, Nicky says behind them, and at the same time, Aaron gives a retching sound. 

A girl who is in the isle with them eyes them weirdly. Neil holds her gaze until she looks away. 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MEENA @kpop-loving-noona

I hope you have a wonderful day today and that you get all the presents you want. Don`t forget to eat a lot of cake and to party it up because today is your day and you better treat yourself! <3 

As your birthday present I have made a special reaction/scenario story where you spend your birthday with them doing different activities! I also played a bit with some aesthetics. I hope you like it ^-^

Seventeen - DK/Seokmin - Zoo

The first activity of the day is going to the Zoo with Seokmin. He is fun and adventures so a visit to the Zoo with this boy would be amazing. First stop, seeing the smaller animals like meerkats and lemurs. Together you`d be feeding them bits of fruit, laughing when they jump around and probably on you. Because even though they are cute, they can be quick to randomly attack you. Good thing you also visit the turtles and penguins who are a bit calmer. Next up then would be the big animals like lions, tigers, pandas, wolfs and bears. If you happend to become a little scared I`m sure Seokmin wouldn`t mind if you hold onto him a little. ;) Last but not least a trip to the Souvenir shop is a must. This is where Seokmin would buy you matching phone straps of your favorite animal. 

“This way I can always think of you and this fun day whenever I look at it” 

BTS - Rap Monster/Namjoon - Planetarium 

I swear to god I would kill to go to a planetarium with Namjoon because it would be *ahem* out of this world. He is super smart so I can imagine he`d try to impress with his knowlegde about the different planets. From physical information like that Neptunes orbit period is a wooping 60,190 days (164.8 years) to more factural knoweledge like that Venus has already been recorded by babylonian astronomers in the 17 century BC. All the way to historical and mythological facts like that Earth is the only planet not named after a Roman god or goddess, but it is associated with the goddess Terra Mater (Gaea to the Greeks). In mythology, she was the first goddess on Earth and the mother of Uranus. The name Earth comes from Old English and Germanic. It is derived from “eor(th)e” and “ertha,” which means “ground.” Also can you imagine how cute it would be to watch the starts with Namjoon? 

“The stars here are truly bright but nothing shines brighter than your beauty.”

Vixx - Leo - Cafè

After all that viewing of stars and animals it`s time to catch your breath and calm down. How about a nice coffee with Leo at a cute little cafè? Holding open the door for you, you step inside the cozy little place he would take you to. You would have free choice on whatever you want to drink, and the choice is overwhelming. From warm drinks like hot chocolate with small marshmellows, fancy chai tea or the traditional cappuccino to cold drinks including sweet juices, exotic iced teas and summerly milkshakes. After your choice was made you`d sit down and have a light and comfortable conversation, talking about everything and nothing. In the middle of this whole experience Leo would surprise you with a small birthday cake, singing the birthday song for you and telling you to make a wish when you blow out the candles. can you imagine him singing for you though omg

“Here, you really have to try it. Say ah.” *proceeds to feed you some of the cake*

GOT7 - Jackson - Arcade

Now that you`ve gotten a break at the cafè it`s time to step up the pace again. And what better place to do that than an arcade? Jackson is the competitive type so you`d have a battle at every game there is at that place. And even though it`s your birthday don`t think he`d go easy on you. But then again it`s way more fun this way anyway. You`d be laughing at him when he falls while playing dance dance revolution while he laughs at your hillarious attampt at trying to hit the basketball net in NBA Jam. Several races in Race Driver Grid, wins at the ego shooter Namco Time Crisis 4 and tries to beat the old classics like Pacman and Donkey Kong later you are standing at your final game for the day with Jackson. The all time favorite, the claw. Here Jackson tries to impress you by winning you a few stuffed animals. 

“These stuffies are cute but you are cuter.”

EXO - Xiumin/Minseok - Dinner

It is important to eat at least on warm meal a day and since it`s your birthday there`s no shame in making it a bit fancier. Minseok will make sure you have an amazing dinner. Like the gentleman he is he`d open the door and drag out the chair for you. The athmosphere of the extravagant restaurant giving you a relaxed feeling as you ordered your favorite foods and drinks. While waiting for your dinner Minseok would ask you for a dance under the fairy lights of the dancefloor. Laughing at his jokes and exchanging experiences and stories with eachother the time would fly by way too quickly for your liking. Before leaving he would give you a bouquet of flowers and a little box containing his gift for you.

“You look beutiful in this lighting, but then again you look beautiful in any kind of light.”

Monsta X - Shownu/Hyungwoo - Festival Fair

To end this day of wonderful experiences Shownu would take you to a festival fair. Probably one of the best places to close off your birthday for this year. Getting cotton candy and roasted almonds while you stroll past the many different booths and activities. Every now and then trying one yourself. In the end shownu would win you one of those huge chocolate bars that would be half the size of your body and that you probably need half a year to finish. Of course classics like driving with the bumper cars or getting sick go round and around in the cups can`t miss either. Speaking of going around I can see the two of you laughing while “riding” the horses on the merry go round together with shownu being so tall that it looks like the horse is about to be crushed. And how could I forget the amazing view the two of you would have at the top of the ferris wheel. WIth fireworks lighting up the sky above you your birthday ends.

“Don`t worry about the hight, I`m here if you`re afraid.”