chocolate and carrots

Things I’m currently in love with:

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One song: Ivy - Worry About You
Two movies: Rogue One and Trainspotting
Three series: The Clone Wars, Higher Ground and Vikings
Four people: Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Hayden Christensen, Ewan Mcgregor, Keanu Reeves
Five foods: fruit salad, orange juice, chocolate, milk, carrot cake
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All the amazing amazing amazing food I got a Vegan Soulfest in Baltimore on Saturday. This was like one of the best days of my life. A vegan festival filled with Black people. I was in heaven! It was an awesome event, I enjoyed it way more than the 2 vegfests I’ve been too. There were tons of vendors selling tons of stuff but I’m a sucker for food so that was priority #1

But yea everything was delicious. I brought a lot of it home because I couldn’t eat that much food in one day! I got lots of mac & cheese and vegan chicken, a rib sandwich, a cheese steak, chocolate chip cookies, carrot cake. The mac and cheese in the last 2 pictures is my fav, it’s from Sweet & Natural and the drumsticks above are too good for this world. I had way too much fun throwing money at people… Black people :))))


While Phoenix may be the most considerate member of the welcoming committee, he is, unfortunately, a little scatterbrained. 

we had so much fun writing franziska! thank you for the prompt, everyonelovesedgeworth


New video! In honor of #EarthDay this Friday, we made a 5 Layer Earth Cake on Nerdy Nummies! 

The signs as cakes

Aries: Pound Cake

Taurus: Chocolate Cake

Gemini: Cheesecake

Cancer: Angel Food Cake

Leo: Triple Chocolate Cake

Virgo: Vanilla Cake

Libra: Fudge Cake

Scorpio: Molten Chocolate Cake

Sagittarius: Carrot Cake

Capricorn: Lemon Cake

Aquarius: Ice Cream Cake

Pisces: Sponge Cake

brickerbeetle  asked:

Carrot, Cheesecake, Chocolate!

Carrot: Do you have a crush on anyone?

I’m playing breath of the wild right now, and holy shit, I would date THE HELL out of Link, haha.

But in all seriousness I’ve been dating the same guy for almost 10 years now, so crushes don’t really exist for me anymore. What are feelings? 

Cheesecake: Favorite Song

FUNNY STORY, the whole reason I gave the Hamilton Soundtrack a chance a year ago is because Satisfied is such a fucking excellent song. 

But in terms of what I’m listening to right now….Florence + the Machine have a bonus track on their album called Which Witch…. and holy shit. Why is this a bonus track? Songs that are like 90% percussion are my everything. 

Chocolate Cake: Aesthetics (man these take a while to make)


Romantic composers as muffins:

Beethoven: stale, but somehow still delicious
Schubert: plum
Weber: oatmeal
Robert Schumann: raspberry
Clara Schumann: lemon poppy seed
Felix Mendelssohn: cranberry
Fanny Mendelssohn: pumpkin
Hector Berlioz: chocolate
Verdi: carrot
Paganini: red velvet
Fryderyk Chopin: banana nut
Johannes Brahms: walnut and coffee
Ferenc Liszt: triple chocolate
Charles Gounod: cherry
Rossini: cinnamon streusel
Grieg: yogurt
Faure: chocolate cherry
Saint-Saens: orange sugar
Strauss: chocolate and strawberry
Bizet: cheese
Tchaikovsky: blueberry
Mussorgsky: the muffin tray
Cecile Chaminade: vanilla buttermilk
Antonin Dvorak: Apple cinnamon
Beldrich Smetana: peanut butter and banana
Richard Wagner: flour and a cracked egg on the side

You recieved: WHITE DAY PRESENT FROM @ask-chiefsabo

“Thanks for the cookies and carrot choco, I know how much you like sweets so I bought you a box of white chocolate Macaroons with carrot flavored inside~ I hope you like it.”

Happy white day, Carrot


wowowowowow thank you so much! it’s delicious~


Care package #2 Easter!!! (Some bunny 🐰 loves you)
This is only the second care package I have made for my SO and I am having so much fun with them and I thought I would share with other MilSOs to help with ideas!!
What is in the care package:
(Not Easter related stuff)
Card (it reads “I love you so much ❤️ …it’s kinda gross)
“Wreck this journal” book
Pictures (of me and him)
Gum (his favorite kind)
iPhone 6 case
“Tattooed & Employed” tee shirt
Midnight lotion (bath and body works)
Midnight body wash (bath and body works)
(Easter related stuff)
Plush bunny
Easter PEZ
Bunny money chocolate bar
Reese’s “carrot”
Chocolate bunnies (kissing 💏)
Easter brownies (little Debbie)
Wind up hopping bunny
Chirping chick
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