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33 & 46 Derek Morgan

33. “You’re really soft.”

I’ve done 33 for Derek already… here’s the link

If you want me do another version of it, just let me know and I’ll think of another scenario for it…it shouldn’t be too hard ;)

46. “Can I kiss you?”

You and Derek have been friends since the dawn of time. You grew up with him and know him like the back of your hand. You used to have the biggest crush on him, but repressed the feelings because you were scared that he didn’t feel the same, you didn’t want to ruin your friendship, and he always treated you like one of his sisters (the worst feeling in the world). You stayed up with him for hours on end while his was coping after his father was shot and you made sure he was ok…his father’s death was always a hard topic for him and you know he misses him dearly.

His sisters and mom love you and treat you as part of the family. His sisters both knew that you saw Derek in a romantic way, and really wanted you to say something…but never pressured you to. They never told Derek either because they felt that was something for you to tell and not them.

Fast forward to present day, you and Derek are still closer than ever. You stop by the BAU often -thanks to having a job in close proximity to his- to visit your best friend and the team loves having you around. Penelope has always had an interest in you and loves the stories that you tell her about growing up with her ‘chocolate Adonis,’ which you found out was one of the many nicknames she has for Derek. She is always asking Derek about you and wonders why her dork of a best friend has never made his move on you. 

You had been in a long term relationship with a guy, but after awhile, feelings changed and you guys ended up breaking up. That had been a few months prior and Derek felt that it was about time for you to get back out there. So of course he convinced you to go to the bar with him to unwind a bit and mingle.

That didn’t necessarily turn out as planned because rather than mingling with he multiple attractive guys that had actually come up and tried talking to you, your focus remained on Derek…as did his on you. You guys had an amazing time just reminiscing and knocking back shots here and there. When the two of you were feeling buzzed, you decided to walk back to your place and planned on getting your car in the morning. Derek decided to do the same and of course had to do the gentlemanly thing and walk you home. 

Sober (Y/N) would have just hugged your best friend at the door and wished him a good night, but slightly buzzed you decided to invite him in to talk a bit more. You both sat on your couch and you rested your head on his shoulder.  Soon the topic of relationships was brought up and Derek just wanted to make sure that you were ok (even though the break up was quite some time back). With him right next to you, of course you felt fine, as the old feelings for him started coming back to you. You told him that you were completely over your ex and that you felt happy before asking him why he isn’t seeing anyone. In the spur of the moment he pulled you in for a kiss, shocking you…but as the kiss went on, you ended up kissing back. After he pulled away, you could feel your cheeks turn red but you didn’t care…instead you commented that he didn’t ask if he could kiss you. So of course Derek gave you his signature smile before asking, ‘can I kiss you?’ You didn’t have any complaints so he brought your lips to his once more. After that kiss he explained that you’re the reason why he hasn’t been seeing anyone. For the past few months he really had been seeing you differently and fell for his best friend, but he was a bit anxious of what may come of it. It worked out pretty amazing though, because you felt the same way.

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