BUT OMG THE PHOTOS FROM WEEKLY IDOL I CAN’T. VOICEMAIL I CAN’T. MATO STYLE I CAN’T. B.A.P is seriously ruining us this whole week. 
this is so bad too I have school now oh gosh ;AA;

Anyway, thank you to all my lovely followers and the fellow babys here. I know I don’t talk to all of you, but know that I appreciate you so very much. I love you all. Seriously you don’t know how much you all mean to me. Thank you everyone~

Goodnight baby family!~
Let’s all spazz for Weekly Idol!!!

2:00 AM OMFG 
I need to get off xD

Today is B.A.P’s comeback!! I can’t wait. What will they be wearing. And what will the choreo be like omg. So excited ;u;

And PS, again, if you’re voting B.A.P for every day on MAMA, send me a message. I’m taking a headcount. I’ll reply to you when I wake up in a few hours. Thank you to everyone who messaged so far :D

Goodnight Baby Family~

Ok gonna log off ;O;
I hope the 1st baby day concert goes well~

I’ll be busy tomorrow, so I probably won’t be online as much, as a heads-up.

Also another reminder, if you’re voting for B.A.P on MAMA, please send me a message if you haven’t already. I’m taking a headcount of the voters here. So far we’re up to 191 babys! Spread the word c:
I’ll reply to you guys when I wake up in a few hours. 

Goodnight Baby Family~