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Something in the weird category: let's assume you can live forever, but for every extra year you live past 30, you forfeit a year of your earliest memories (so if you live until 31, you'll forget, say, all your memories when you were 5; when you're 32, you forfeit all your memories when you were 6, etc. etc). How old will you allow yourself to live until? *gives you a chocochip cookie*

wow 30 is pretty young for a cut-off date o.O i’d say it’d make more sense, if you can live forever, that the cut-off would be closer to the time you’d actually die … unless you mean live forever by stop aging? so you don’t age past 30 … in that case i’d say a year is a lot to give up … you’d lose everything up to when you turned 30 by the time you’re 60 … doesn’t really seem worth it tbh

besides, your memories and experiences are part of what shape you as a person; you kind of lose your identity when you lose your past, right?

this is a really interesting topic. thanks for bringing it up!

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