Managed to reel in a big-ass tuna and I got to watch the bros jumping into open sea for my trouble. Prompto and Ignis’ little nod cracks me up.

This time Iggy doesn’t have to be kicked in to join the fun. Oh how he has grown.

N: “This fish sure looks delicious!”

G: “Well, Iggy? Don’t you got something to say?”

I: “I hate to disappoint, but I already had a recipeh in mind: there’s no tuna dish superior to sushi.”

P: “Well, arigatou in advance, Ignis-san!”


I already posted Noctis by himself, but decided to throw in the whole series directly now since I worked on the other characters too. Once again, this technique was inspired by Oliver Valsecchi’s photography.

Many thanks to my friend @nightyswolf for the majority of bases she did for the models ♥

@wondrousmoogle @missyunie

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Roads were made for journeys, not destinations.

Why does it have to end like this