Spent all day breeding and racing chocobos in ff7

We started with our first chocobo Grace, joy in our hearts and hope as our guide.

Our mission was to create a perfect gold chocobo, however the cost of this mission we never saw coming
A price too high…

We raised grace into the perfect champion racer, coming so far from her humble start living amongst wild monsters, grace along with her mate, oobie gave us zake and jack our blue and green chocobo and then eventually our black chocobo, volg

Together we went through hardships and turmoil and faced our enemy Joe in the racing ring.

Time passed and soon our trial was over and our gold chocobo child was born, we couldn’t be happier, finally our mission over and our family complete

however… There was a cost for this…

For alas, our stables could only hold 6 chocobos and our gold child was the 7th

Someone had to leave…someone had to be released back into the wilderness…

Grace unwilling to sacrifice her children volunteered to go it alone once again, our eyes brimmed with tears, we never foresaw such a high cost for our endeavours.

Grace left us that day and in her honor we named the new child Grace too, in honor of her kin and the sacrifice she made.

Grace jr. Followed in her great grandmothers footsteps and became a legend, a racing champion with unbeatable ability.

Somewhere out there we know Grace is watching over her grand daughter with pride.

i just really love the concept of chocobo breeding

meteor’s in the sky, heading straight towards the planet, aeris is dead, the barrier on the north crater is down, everyone’s resolved that they want to fight sephiroth, and everything’s all set for AVALANCHE to go

but all of a sudden, cloud decides that the best thing to do at the time is chocobo racing. gonna breed chocobos together and enter a competition to have the fastest one.

AVALANCHE probably thinks he’s gone nuts